Sunday, October 15, 2017

Visit to Estetica!

Here's a quick one on my first visit to Estetica Beauty Salon (Plaza Sing outlet) to try the customized facial treatment~! Especially for those that often have this debate with themselves over:"Do we really need to go beauty salons for facials or just having home facial is enough?"

No doubt doing facial at home is a cost-saving and convenient option that most chooses. But visiting a beauty salon now and then reaps it's benefits as well. Ironically, I was never one that would have visit a beauty salon due to the extravagant cost that I always deem as redundant. Jeez!
Surprisingly, after the consultation with the beauty expert it kinda changed my thinking.

There's actually quite a number of things you can't do at home compared to a beauty salon. From getting your face fully cleanse like freeing your clogged and dirty pores caused by prolong makeup application and the environment we are exposed to everyday to full extraction by professionals.

Upon arriving I was greeted by the posh interior filled with bottles neatly displayed at different counters, later brought into the consultation room.

One thing about the customized facial treatment is that they used a Skin analysis Machine and did a "scan" on different parts of your skin area. So everything about your skin will be revealed including your skin elasticity, skin texture, oil sebum, pigmentation etc.

The problem she noticed for me was that my skin looks very tired and the rest seems okay, so she recommended that I hydrate my face everyday and start putting sunblock to prevent skin pigmentation!

So the whole treatment begins after the consultation~~
She first trimmed my eyebrows followed by a facial steam session to open up my pores to search for blackheads and whiteheads to be removed. Fell into beauty sleep not long after she started applying the necessaries, essence and the customized face mask. You can view the whole process in the video

Have been using their products ever since my treatment till now and it's been for almost a month?
Tbh, I was skeptical on using their products at first as I have a skincare brand that I stick to, but after trying on their products for a month I really like it and I might stick to it as long as my wallet allows me to hahahahaha

I can say I really like how gentle their products are on my skin and here's a quick and honest review (in pink) on each of them.

Here are the products and descriptions, my verdict will be the one in pink :)
1. Ultra-Hydralusol SerumTriple hyaluronic acid action to lock in, preserve and replenish moisture into the skin, keeping the skin bouncy and supple from inside out.
This is my favorite product among all and this have to be applied during the night after the Skin Calming Lotion Essence. Skin instantly felt hydrated and smoother, love how rich it is since it's supposed to be for the night! Your body and skin rejuvenates during the night and it's important to have a rich supplement to complement it, so this really works for me. My skin really felt less dry after I used this lor!!! I've really dry skin especially I work in air-cond area for long hours.

2. Skin Calming Lotion Essence - A skin booster with anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and calm reactive skin. It multiplies the efficiency of your skincare regime and deeply hydrates for a soft, dewy finish.
I apply this essence before I put the serum or cream so as to prep my skin for the next step and to maximize the benefits the next product I put on has. Hm, some sort of like a toner I can say.

3. Anti- Stress Hydra Cream - Specially formulated to soothe and repair hypersensitive, fragile skin. Provides optimal moisturizing and repairing benefits for dry, dehydrated skin.
This is my second favorite and I apply this every day before I put on my make up and head out! This acts as a good moisturizer for me 

4. Exfoliating Scrub -  Removes dead skin cells with moisturizing effect. Skin will not feel dry and tight after exfoliation. Reveals skin’s natural glow. Using exfoliating beads made from natural sources, which are bio-degradable and environmental-friendly.
I used this only once a week as too much exfoliation for my skin will tend to make it feel dry so once a week is enough (for me)! Most of my dead skin came off and skin felt smooth after~~ weeehehee

5. Gentle Hydrating Cleansing MousseDense mousse made up of tiny bubbles that can deeply penetrate the pores to remove dirt, sebum and impurities.
My everyday and night routine will be inclusive of this to prep the skin before applying the serum, essence or cream. 

To make it easier for you, here's a break down on my day and night routine
Day: Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Mousse > Skin Calming Lotion Essence >Anti- Stress Hydra Cream
Night: Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Mousse > Skin Calming Lotion Essence > Ultra-Hydralusol Serum

Here's my take on their products and you can try it out for yourself, however do remember to consult your beauty expert for advice ok. You will need to see what type of skin you have, oily or dry and find the suitable one for you. I've a combination of oily and dry skin and the products above works for me.

You can check out Estetica facebook page here or Instagram here! Lastly, check out the latest promo they have for the customized facial here ~ Don't say bojio hehe

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hi guys, here to say that i'll be back after a long hiatus due to adjusting of my new working life and there have many things to settle, so i was really super busy for this past half a year. Will finish on my Melbourne trip and upcoming Japan trip really soon <3

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Melbourne 2016 Part l (Day1-3: Great Ocean Road, Eureka Skydeck, Brighton beach, Flinders, State Library of Vic, Hosier Lane, City Area)

Bello Wello! After a long hiatus, I've decided to update this space of mine with my Melbourne trip that happened last June!
Well, after the trip I can conclude that:
1. I can't take the cold
2. There's pretty much nothing to do there unless you go on roadtrips! - which we did but mostly daytrips as we wanted to save the hassle to check in to diff apt.

Aite, so I'm here to share my Melbourne experience which was overall fabulous.

Spend 9 full days there so I'll be dividing my post into 3 parts! So here's part I <Day1-3>

Day 1
Feeling lethargic on the day we arrived as we landed "early" so we didn't manage to catch much sleep on the airplane. I'm an ultimate light sleeper and on the other hand, clement sleeps like a log, ok he can literally sleep anywhere. So arrived and first thing we got to do, settle the car and airbnb apartment. We got a humble apartment situated in South Yarra. Great choice if you're renting a car, but if you intend to go on public transport, think you should consider other convenient areas (preferbly nearer to the subway stations)

Oh not forgetting, we got Optus sim card from the airport & it's pretty worth it.
Flying with emirates, wide array of entertainment when I'm having bad insomnia lol

I'll let the pictures do the talking! Some shots taken once we got in the car, amazeballs

The mandatory touristy shot of the Flinders Station

Day 1 was more of settling down so we didn't do much, just exploring the neighborhood (Clarendon area etc) and getting used to the weather. Navigation got easier thanks to google maps so don't worry you won't get lost here.

If you intend to cook in Melbourne, Coles supermarket is found almost everywhere, pretty much one of my favorite place to be. Luckily I brought chef clem along with me for this trip :p Gave Crowne a visit before turning in (pretty much a daily routine lol)

Clems and his layerings, he was very proud of his great job of layerings............ On the other hand I was wrapped up like a dumpling because it's chilly af

Sighted this beautiful cathedral along the way, such beautiful architecture. Almost everywhere in Melb is like a perfect ootd spot coz everywhere looks so picturesque T-T

Bachang yan

Guess what was our first meal in Melbourne?? *hint: HUNKY DORY

yaz, datz right... fish & chips! The meals here aren't cheap but the portion makes up for it so I think it's reasonable. I think this plate of chips was $12? If you paid this amount in SG you prolly get half of what's in this plate hor......

Btw the shop name was Hunky Dory so I was expecting like hot dudes serving me fish & chips HAHAHA but no

Day 2 (Day trip to Great Ocean Road)

Started our day with a sumptuous breakfast at St.Ali Café. Came here after seeing some good reviews online, and damn they were right!

St.Ali Coffee Roasters
12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

Coffee was practically our "water" in Melb since a bottled water cost more than a cup of coffee. JUST GIVE THE CAFFEINE TO ME.

Guess how much was the most expensive bottled water I've purchased there?


Don't be deceived by the looks of it, it's really delicious! The round weird-looking thing is actually their sausage patty? (tastes like it)

After a hearty breakfast, it's time for our first day trip! Super exciting because I've heard so much about the Great Ocean Road (GOR) and all I can say is, pictures didn't do justice to it.
Anw for those interested on a GOR roadtrip, there are so many 2-3 day itineraries for GOR online. Just google GOR and they will pop up, so much you don't even know which link to click lol.

Since we took a day to explore GOR, we only covered the places we chose. If you're intending on going a day trip you might want to consider the route we took!
Here's our route: Moore Creek > Lorne > Apollo Bay > Twelve Apostles >Highway back to Melbourne City

We started our journey at 8.30am and reach our final destination of the GOR (twelve apostles) at 2.30pm

However, I'll still suggest staying there for a few days and explore, coz' there are so much more to see!

We came across moore creek while we were otw to Lorne/ Apollo bay!

Moore's Creek
The view from the creek

To Lorne/Apollo Bay

Grab a cuppa to warm ourselves up before continuing the journey!

Twelve Apostles

HAHAHHAA his grumpy face coz there's a sign that says "Beware of Snakes" so he kept urging me to walk faster but I took my time snapping pictures here and there, still ask him to stop and pose for me hahahahahha

Ended our day with Asian food for dinner coz I missed it so badly....yup it's only Day 2 I know..hahaha can never give up my local SG food for anything omo.
Melb gets dark early in winter so there isnt't much thing to do at night other than bars, clubs and casino. You might want to check out the bars in Fitzroy where the crazy amt of bars are located at. We went to grab a beer there too! Well, nothing beats having a chilled beer in such cold weather.

Day 3 (Brighton beach > Eureka Sky deck > Melbourne's town area (Flinders st, Collin st, Bourke st etc) > State Library of Victoria > Fitzroy)

Brighton famous bathing boxes

Not a fan of Brighton, I don't see any special other than these pretty boxes.

Wanted to explore the city area so we decided to park at Crowne (since it's a flat rate of $16 for a certain hours) and travel by our feet. Oh, just to deviate a little, the parking in Melbourne is FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE. The cheapest we paid was 1-2 hours for $3-4, THE MOST EXP one I think it went up to $5 or even more, super crazy and we got fined on our last day -_- will share with you guys more in Part 3 lol.

Okay back to the topic.. found our way to Eureka Skydeck before exploring the city coz we wna have an overview of it first!
 Very hardworking checking google maps, hehe!
 Eureka Skydeck

 Standing 293.7m tall, we had a breathtaking view of Melbourne City!

Exploring the city starts now!

It's very easy to navigate around the city area, there are free trams around as well. The free trams are a lil' confusing tho so we got help from a local there!

How the free tram looks like

diz clemzie titi want to disturb the birdies

We have McDonalds, they have Macca's

Sushi oh my god!

Super tired coz we walk and shop for freakin' long

 State Library of Victoria

Hosier Lane
That's about it for Part I, keeping it short but with more pictures!
Stay tune for Part II next with destinations like roadtrip to Mornington Peninsula (my favorite scenic place out of all )