Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hey cookies!!! So, i've decided to start blogging once again! Had deleted the previous one cause i was damn lazy to blog... but now, i'm gna try to update my Blog daily okay. I'll be hardworking :).
Days had been great for me, especially those in Jan-April. Just had my SP SB camp on th 1st-4th and it turned out to be pretty much awesome! I like! Didn't really expect anything great when i was there on the First Day, but things turns out different and i enjoyed myself to the fullest during the three days two nights! Great friends and GLs haha :D.
School's starting soon and i just got to know my class - DTRM 1A/03. something like that...hope my classmates will turn out to be nice people too heehee, so eggcited *)
Anyway, went Kite Flying @ Marina Barrage today. Was fun though the weather wasn't on our side.

Anddddd, something random i'm gna say nao.I really wonder why do people only know how to cherish something only when it's gone..
I'm like that.. and it seems like everyone is too. For me, maybe it's cause i'm too satisfied with my life and i'm taking things for granted? idk :/ rah, unhappy talking bout this. haha.
Oky forget it, i shall stop here already. mmmmuuuuuuuuaaaaaks.

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