Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day One-Three at Le Granduer

Hey people! I'm finally back from Johor. It was awesome over there except for the fact that all my love ones are in SG! Haha, so we went to Le Grandeur, Palm Resort Johor on the 7th with class 04! Anyway i didn't take much pictures except for the last day at the Gala dinner cause my eyes were giving me problems :( Photos grabbing from Gerv!

Here's the Lobby of Le Grandeur.

Okay, next the Front Office of Le Granduer

The room we had our buffets!

Look at the desserts, yummi!

 The Bar there. (There's also this poolside Bar which looks really cool)

Our Jap dinner from Sobasei Japanese Restuarant.

Comfy level:1000000000000000

Okay nuff of Day1, Day 2 leggo! Since there are not much photos during Day 2, i shall share wth you guys what we had during Fine Dining on Day 2 dinner!

Terrine of Duck bla bla bla.. The jelly thing on the top spoil the whole taste

Crab bisque with Prawn Cigar Roll (The Prawn Cigar Roll is somehow missing in this picture...)

Peach Sorbet! *) Salivatessssss

Poached Seabass as the main course
Last but not least, the thumbs-up! Delicious dessert,
Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Look at those cute little heart shapes!!

We headed to the Bar for a few drinks in the night.

Day 3:
Day 3 was more of relax as Mr Ronald wasn't there. HA. Just toured arounff the Front Office, HouseKeeping etc, and interview them for our project.

Le me with Gervina's Ferrero Rose

Le Granduer's Front Office

The Telephone Department!

The HouseKeeping office

We went to the Laundry Section to take a look at how do they handle/wash those dirty towels, bed linens, chair covers, etc.
Super big flat piece of iron for the Bed Linen

Ultra mega huge washing machines

Okay i shall end here. Day 5 will be up later!

Anyway bb made me something for our 6th month. Hehe love him to the bits! Will upload what he did later! Small but sweeet.


Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hi people! This is a food post again!!! Hehe yes that's cos i love food... How i hope i can keep stuffing myself with food (eat and eat and eat and eat without getting fat) Anyway had my lunch at Royal China @ Raffles Hotel! The dim sums are nice but somehow i prefer Geylang 126 Dimsum hahaha cos it's a lil' pricey here! But their service is pretty good!

Foodie time!!!
Ok this is their Century Egg Congee, my must-have whenever i go to a dimsum restuarant...
 Next up!! Idk what's the chinese name for this but it contains Barbeque Pork (Charsiew)
 Hehe look at how shiny these buns are!!! Filled with yummy Charsiew too!
Carrot Cake!
 Liu Sha Bao! Super yummy!!!! My all-time favorite. It's actually Custard Bun with a lil' salted egg yolk inside.
 One of the expensive but ok only dish, Lobster noodles (?) Ok only cos the noodles tastes pretty normal, nothing special. Maybe cos the main character is the Lobstesy?
 Idk what is this but i got forced to try it & it's nice!

Nuff' of food pictures, *salivates* Will be heading to JB tmr!!! I will miss my molester bb, family & friends! hahaha okay la i go for like 6days only also not say a month or what.....hehe btw i can't wait for my Korea trip during Sept! :) I want to buy lotsa lotsaaaaa make up there! Anyway my mom finally got my pink contacts!!! I'm wearing Blincon Color lenses, no freshkons for me as they aren't suitable for my eyes. Will try on my pinky contacts later and show you guys how pretty the lenses are! :) Okay if i don't means this will be the last post of the week and you guys have to wait till when i'm back with more updates!
Finally i'm done packing my luggage, ok off to bed!!!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SC photoshoot

Hi guys! As i said earlier i will be posting up SkeletonCloset's sneak preview. I don't have the professional shots one but i've those that the girls helped me to take! 
Before i left house (some shots of myself ^^) :



So here we are at the photo studio!!!! Setting uppppp:

Meet Jorgine!!! Okay practically the whole cam is filled with her zilians hahaha so i just picked out some of them!

Okay the dress above is my favorite and SkeletonCloset will be selling it!

The one on the right is SkeletonCloset's owner, Gervina! 

Not forgetting Sheryl (standing beside me)

Hehehe fooling ard~

Meet Jeanne, SC will be selling the top she's wearing.

SC will be selling this dress too! The uneven length in front and back makes it look unique and sophisticated!  she looks super good in this outfit.

Okay i shall end off here! Sorry not much of the preview pictures are up cos the photos ain't with me yet! Soon ok i pinky promise! Btw i caught Avengers earlier on, it's damn awesome!!! Those that haven't watch should totally go catch it! Okay till then,
Goodnight people.