Monday, April 30, 2012


Hi guys! This post ain't gna be interesting or what cos not much photos will be up! I will blog about this restaurant that i went to two days back! It's a Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant.

I can say the food was not too bad and pretty much affordable! You guys can head down to Nex and give it a try. The main course we ordered. There's prawn, chicken, beef and yummy scallops! There were only 4 of us but we only ordered 2 sets cus the portion is really quite big for 1.

 These are the sides, salmon + teppan-ed beansprouts? haha and there'e squid but i didn't manage to
capture a shot of it. Didn't really take much too cause can't wait to eat!!! AUMP

On a side note, the first day of week has always been disastrous for me as what they call, ''Monday Blues" On addition, all my classes start at 8am except for one that starts at 9am which makes not much difference. Okay as i've said earlier i will be going on an immersion trip to Johor. And yesssssssss, that will be next week! I'm only looking forward to the activities after the long hours of lectures Yeah we go Johor to have lectures & beloved tutorials. Lol, not just 2 or 3 hours but 5 hours or so? Faint*
Superly hope my classmate's cousin will drive us ard to eat and play at night! So it will be less boring, and don't worry i promise you guys to upload more photos when i'm back from Johor :)
Oh, and i will be having SkeletonCloset's photoshoot on Wednesday.. girls please wait for the previews (i will blog about it maybe on thursday)! I assure you that the clothes are unique & nice! My friends have been putting in alot of effort in the shop! So please do support ^^. Okay i shall end off with my face!


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