Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SC photoshoot

Hi guys! As i said earlier i will be posting up SkeletonCloset's sneak preview. I don't have the professional shots one but i've those that the girls helped me to take! 
Before i left house (some shots of myself ^^) :



So here we are at the photo studio!!!! Setting uppppp:

Meet Jorgine!!! Okay practically the whole cam is filled with her zilians hahaha so i just picked out some of them!

Okay the dress above is my favorite and SkeletonCloset will be selling it!

The one on the right is SkeletonCloset's owner, Gervina! 

Not forgetting Sheryl (standing beside me)

Hehehe fooling ard~

Meet Jeanne, SC will be selling the top she's wearing.

SC will be selling this dress too! The uneven length in front and back makes it look unique and sophisticated!  she looks super good in this outfit.

Okay i shall end off here! Sorry not much of the preview pictures are up cos the photos ain't with me yet! Soon ok i pinky promise! Btw i caught Avengers earlier on, it's damn awesome!!! Those that haven't watch should totally go catch it! Okay till then,
Goodnight people.

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