Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hi people! This is a food post again!!! Hehe yes that's cos i love food... How i hope i can keep stuffing myself with food (eat and eat and eat and eat without getting fat) Anyway had my lunch at Royal China @ Raffles Hotel! The dim sums are nice but somehow i prefer Geylang 126 Dimsum hahaha cos it's a lil' pricey here! But their service is pretty good!

Foodie time!!!
Ok this is their Century Egg Congee, my must-have whenever i go to a dimsum restuarant...
 Next up!! Idk what's the chinese name for this but it contains Barbeque Pork (Charsiew)
 Hehe look at how shiny these buns are!!! Filled with yummy Charsiew too!
Carrot Cake!
 Liu Sha Bao! Super yummy!!!! My all-time favorite. It's actually Custard Bun with a lil' salted egg yolk inside.
 One of the expensive but ok only dish, Lobster noodles (?) Ok only cos the noodles tastes pretty normal, nothing special. Maybe cos the main character is the Lobstesy?
 Idk what is this but i got forced to try it & it's nice!

Nuff' of food pictures, *salivates* Will be heading to JB tmr!!! I will miss my molester bb, family & friends! hahaha okay la i go for like 6days only also not say a month or what.....hehe btw i can't wait for my Korea trip during Sept! :) I want to buy lotsa lotsaaaaa make up there! Anyway my mom finally got my pink contacts!!! I'm wearing Blincon Color lenses, no freshkons for me as they aren't suitable for my eyes. Will try on my pinky contacts later and show you guys how pretty the lenses are! :) Okay if i don't means this will be the last post of the week and you guys have to wait till when i'm back with more updates!
Finally i'm done packing my luggage, ok off to bed!!!!


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