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Baking (Red Velvet Cupcakes) x Mookata x 49 Seats x Party x Weekly Updates

Hey people!
I'm back for past week updates.
Hehe so i became a baker over the one day holiday. I've mentioned in my previous post that i'm gna share with you my baking experience... so here it is!
I baked some red velvet cupcakes ^^ It doesn't look really appealing (cos i did the topping notttt really nicely hahaha and i did not put little hearts on top :( ) but it tastes really good!
I'm not trying to show off haha i gave 9 of my friends to try them and they said it was delicious hiahia
Some even thought i bought them :$..OK I'M BEING DAMN PROUD NOW HEHE
Anyway the weekly updates will come after baking part, so keep scrolling till the end oki

Firstly, my outfit for yesterday!
Jumper: River Island
Top: Topshop
With messy background at amk muahaha
I am a baker yesterday and i'm gna share with you my secret recipe hehe

Say hi to my pretty red velvet cupcake which looks rly plain without any topping on the cream cheese
(my fail swirl of cream cheese but it's the best part)

Want to know how to bake red velvet cupcakes? I'll show u in 4 steps!
I wrote the amount needed to be added in red & the amount given makes only a dozen of cupcakes (depending on your cupcake mould size)

Ingredients for the Cupcake part (Bottom part):

1. 2 Eggs

 2. 2/3 of cake flour

3. 1 teaspoon of baking powder, baking soda and vanilla essence & 1/2 tablespoon of red food coloring

Without this, there isn't gna be any red velvet hahaha don't add too much cos it's gna make the cake bitter.

4. 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder 
(Any kind of cocoa powder will do but i used the hershey one becos i like hershey chocolates hahaha) ok what nonsense

5. 1/2 cup butter & salt & sugar
(i'm using some korean salt (tryna act cool)... any salt will do)

6. 1 tsp vinegar & 1 cup buttermilk*
(*you can purchase buttermilk from the grocery store but if you are as forgetful as me, you can actually make buttermilk by mixing milk & vinegar and let it stand for 10-15mins)

3 Steps in making Cupcake (Bottom Part)

Step 1: Mix butter & sugar for 3-4 minutes till it appears fluffy. After 3 mins, add the eggs one by one.
It will look something like that after thorough mixing:

Step 2: Add the cake flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl.

Step 3: Whisk the buttermilk, vinegar, vanilla essence and red food coloring together in another bowl.

Pour the dry ingredient from Step 2 and the mixture from Step 3 into the batter from Step 1 and start mixing!

End product after mixing:

Cupcake mixture done! Time to place it on the cupcake papers. Easy isn't it? hehe

Time to do the frosting while waiting for the cupcakes to be done!
Frosting ingredients:
1. Butter
2. Cream cheese
3. Vanilla Essence
4. Sugar
Easy peasy, you just mix the butter & cream cheese for 3 mins. After that, add the vanilla essence  and sugar (amount stated in red above)
And you will get this! IT TASTES SO GOOD ALONE.

Pipe them on top of the cupcakes after it's done and here you go!!!!! ^.^
Pardon my cream cheese whirls :/ My art isn't good boohoo

haha i'm fucking retarded
heartshape kupcakez

YOU WANT SOME?!!?!??!!?

NO MUAHAHAHAH. Go try and make it yourself! It's simple :) Don't forget to multiply the amount of ingredients you're gna add in if you wna bake more than a dozen! 

Mookata in the night with morgan, jem, tess & nico! Finally meeting them after for so long. Have been missing out on school becos of intern nao :( Anyway, a great catch-up session with em' ! whoopie.

Jem! :)

Finally trying mookata! We had the one at golden mile, it was so yumz but so stinky rmb to bring perfume if you're gg anywhere aft that LOL. Thanks tessa for de perfume if not i will be like some walking bbq chicken.

Just that the steamboat portion abit small ah

Using pork fats to BBQ *FATTTTTSSSSSS*

With mai bros since year 1 ^.^ jem & morgy

LOOKS GROSS HERE LOL thanks to the great chef morgan hehehe.

The group <3 !!!

Dream/ Playhouse with the usual aftmath

Twin & nat ^^

with natnat :)

Jess always wanting to interrupt -_- *punch*

The girl behind me checking me out

Okay done for yesterday, back to past week updates ^.^

16/5 Thurs
Crazy food & shopping session with the shanghai aunt & cousin as well as my mom of course (this explains the crazy shopping part LOL) Oright so one fine day after work i decided to join them for dinz and ended up shopping spree buying 9 clothes at a go hahaha i'm so shopping-deprived for the past few weeks so...... 

Had Sweechoon > Blackballs > Geylang frog porridge (ew)

I'm not gna post any sweechoon photo becos i've already done it before many times (click here for my past dimsum posts)

I'm in the fitting room i look swag, no? hahahah lol

We r crazy hahaha but shopping rly helps to de-stress LOL.

Finaaaally. BLACKBALLS! Have been hearing about it from my friends so i went to try it! Sadly, the timing we went most of the ingredients were sold out so my blackballs not as interesting and colorful compared to others :( sobsob

Hi ballies.

First time in my life trying frog leg porridge AND IT'S GNA BE THE LAST. Mad gross...
The image of the frog croaking and GIBBIT-ING will just keep flashing in my mind LOL I will always imagine the throat there or wtv it is expanding and contracting SO SICK LOL. Anyway it tastes like fish x chicken x crab to me. I just don't find it nice la ...... hm different people different preferences i guess! 

20/5 Mon
49 seats for dinner.
Finally tried their zai tomyum seafood pasta and it's really awesome! I'm someone that loves spicy food & the tomyum was spicy enough for me :) The price was reasonable and the ambiance was fine, maybe more of a hangout place with friends. They've got seats outside too! 
Time for some food pics.
Ready to feel hungry?

The focus is on me ok ^.^

Heard that the wings were good but we didn't order them! Rmb to try it and tell me how was it ^^

Here's their signature tomyum seafood pasta yumyum U HUNGRY??!?!?!


Their really nice chix chop!! Worth it

Hehe, i think it's really a good place for a simple, delicious and affordable meal!
It's located at: 49 Kreta Ayer Road Tel: 62254332
For those that are taking train, you can take to Outram Park MRT Station & follow this map click here hehe i'm so nice to help y'all get the directions ready hoh LOL anyway they only open from 11.30am-2.30pm & 6.00pm-11.00pm Rmb to book especially during dinner time because the shop is quite small.. full house easily!

22/5 Wed

Event + TGIW @ zouk (I know guys.. what's new right hahaaaa)

With natnat :)

And i shall end off with



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