Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bella Pizza x Rant


I think kitty-kat photo will be responsible for this...........

Anyway hi guys! Did you miss my presence? ;)
 So this week foodporn place that i'm gna feature will be....

30 Robertson Quay 
Singapore 238251 

They serve Authentic Italian Pizzas 
which taste heavenly.

Don't be mistaken, Bella pasta is another shop of theirs.

Decided to go Italian and head down to Bella Pizza with sj and fy on a Sunday. And i was taken aback by how good their pizzas were! They've got different kind of pizzas ranging from red, white, folded and there's even the sicilian boat pizza. They serves pasta too but unfortunately we didn't get to try it because we arrived too late (ard 2 plus) I will definitely go back again to try other pizzas that i couldn't that day because my stomach didn't allow me to.

We chose to sit outside so that we won't be smelling like pizza after our lunch since the it's an open-kitchen concept inside. It's windy that day so i guess it's our luck!

We ended up ordering one white pizza & boat pizza to share.

White pizza: Pizza Cotto (Gorgonzola E Prosciutto Cotto) 

Sicilian Boat Pizza: Barca Siciliana Con Bufala E Prosciutto

Looks can be deceiving....

My eyes lit up straightaway cos the cheese started to ooze out when the knife went down. 


A random shot with fy

And an abrupt end here.


Some rants before i go because this is the only platform where i can pour my hearts out to. The food post above was actually done some day ago just that i didn't post it so you can actually see a great transition here. I don't want to talk to anyone because i've realised that i've been pushing away people that care for me by one and i'm feeling really bad I'm just afraid that i will get so used to these people caring for me..... and someday if they will leave, what's left behind for me will be pure emptiness, loneliness..and I don't like that feeling at all. I'm afraid of losing people, so i would rather push them away....i'm afraid of getting hurt cos i can't afford to get hurt again. I will just continue running away and the best way for me now is to choose not to feel anything at all..


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