Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coriander x Buffet Town

Hey guys!
Let me greet you with my fat face.

Mon 3/6
Sooo i finally met up with half tltbz + sam while the other half are enjoying their intern at Orlando (how jelly). I'm supposed to be there rn.... :( Anyway nia decided to join us last minute for dinner. Wanted to head to with a pinch of salt but sadly, it closes on monday ahhhhh. Therefore, nia suggested another foodporn place so an impromptu trip to the Coriander!

With my girls :)

Finaly reached the coriander!

Such pretty interior with some sort of beach designs and cute drawings on the chalkboard!

I smiled if not i will look sulky 

Picture with my fav poodle hehe.

Here comes the appetizers! Soup (below) and behold the main appetizer for the night................ (scroll down)


My first time trying escargot. I didn't have the courage to try it all along cos i'm someone whom is quite picky with food so i won't eat anything that disgusts me hahaha.
But  i ended up getting peer pressurized by nia (hahaha) it was her first time trying too. Anyway for those that don't know what it is... it's snail. LOL (Starting to feel guilty on those snails that i've stepped on before, and now i'm eating you... karma will fall)

ok it tastes like squid hahahaha but not gna have it the second time

Till then,

Next up,
Their really good Soft shell crab! Nom :)

Don't be deceived by this Beef Stew. IT'S SOOOO AWESOME - tender and yummy i can have another serving of it~

Chili crab pasta
I find it the more flavorful compared to the butter & pink crab ones but the rest said the pink crab pasta was the best. Go try and tell me my taste-buds are better than them.

Pink crab pasta
(I thought the crab was pink when we ordered, so i was quite disappointed when it arrived cos it looks like normal crabbie)

Butter crab pasta 
which was the least appetizing to me.. it tastes like pasta soaked in butter soup :/

And the fish that goes well with their "tomyum" sauce - health-conscious people will love this

We had a good meal there! Satisfied.

 Raspberry cheesecake for dessert!

The food was quite good and affordable overall.
It's located at 220 East Coast Road hm it may be quite a hassle if you don't drive because we had a hard time directing the uncle haha. Anyway, if you are to come here, there are lotsa other good food along the whole stretch of shophouses too! Go and explore ^.^

Tues 4/6

Next up.......

(Located at Raffles City, B1-44E)

Someone that loves cheap international buffet?? You should head to buffet town! It's really worth it, and the 4 of my reasons why i think you should,

1. The seafoods/ sashimis are surprisingly fresh 
Surprisingly because you can actually get free-flow of fresh seafood at the amount you're paying.
Let me give u one example of the seafood there...



2. They DO NOT have the normal buffet type of "fake" ice-cream
If you've realised, most buffet places served really bad ice-cream with no standards. But one thing good at buffet town is that their ice-cream isn't those fake flavoring kind, if you know what i mean. the taste of some cheapo ice-cream just tastes weird.....

They've even got local delights such as laksa, rojak, satays, carrot cake, chix rice, chili crab etc and they tastes soooo good. Nyonya, Italian, Jap, Chinese food and many more.
What's there more to ask for??

4. IT'S AFFORDABLE & relatively cheap for an international buffet.
Eat till you +1kg the next day!!! (Yeh i did sob)

Remember to make reservation 3 days in advance! You can simply complete a reservation form on their website or contact them at 6837 3793. It's wiser to make a reservation when you head there because the queue is never ending... as you can see

There's even a queue for reservation. LOL

You'll have to pay before you go in and you will get an uv chop aftermath haha isit we going club lol
The big version of the light thing to see if you've the uv chop if not out you go 


Quite spacious inside compared to a normal buffet place.

Uncle, what hao liao you looking at?

Our long long table with my mom there

Some fish head, salmon skin, shishamo... not that i eat them


Of course, there's sushi!!!

I think this looks nice so i took it

Woooooahh spot the salmon

First thing when you go for a buffet: Go for the seafood haha typical singaporean

I'm not cos i went for all these japalang first LOL

Delicious Crayfishesss



Rojak with one lonely sushi


Forgot to grab the sauce.... so it suck

 Variety of food

 My laksa without hum & beansprouts

My godpa's crabbie (smaller portion than mine HHAHAHA)

my papa tango peeled these and decorated them for me to take picture hahaha

The only satay i eat, chicken satay hooray ^.^

I love scallops without their curtains

Sashimis that might look appealing to u? hm

The person gave me crab in a huge bowl of chili crab sauce YUM

Especially when you dip them into the chili crab sauce oh my gad, can never get sick of them. 

From the teppanyaki section, squid

Carrot cake x Rojak

Not really awesome desserts - worth trying a mouth tho haha come buffet everything must try!

My strawbie & choc icecream with waffle ^.^ I had a hard time scooping the icecream myself so the i placed them on the plate and scoop them up to the waffle later lol fail 

The ice-cream effing good.

I shall end my foodie post here.
Hope all of you are hungry and blaming me now. HEHE TILL THEN.


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