Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey guys!
It's July! I'll be free in 7 more weeks!!! I can't believe i've already endure like 4 months.... i'm amazing
Headed to town for some awesome foodie & Peemak with twin, jon & sean. The show wasn't scary but comedic and touching, hurry go watch if you have not catch it!! It's gna stop releasing soon i guess... since it's already out for quite sometime?

My face for that day hahaha haven't been putting this frame of mine for quite sometimeeeeee

Halo u likey my frame

Ok last photo of my face i promise LOL

I'm going to share with you a place that i went for twin foodporn date. A place that might not be alien to some of you. And that is,

Located: The Cathay (B1-17/18)

So what is Maki-San and it's specialty?
Well, i think it's pretty cool there because you can actually customized your own Sushi Roll and Salad!!!!
At first i thought it was quite a waste of money because i can easily make my own Sushi at home..... but i was wrong when i tasted their rolls!! It was soooo good. They've got wide variety of ingredients for you to choose as well!

On the way there with nia while the late comers didn't get to try the yummy sushi

You will see them once you go down the escalator!! 

Their interior designs are really cute!

How to customize?
The steps are shown below in the little menu below. (I will write them here since it's a little unclear in the picture (i'm soliii hehe)

1: Choose your size, Little or Mega san!
I think it will be wiser to choose the Mega san (more worth it) there are like 2 more choices of essentials + 1 special ingredient for Mega san for only $3 more. And if you can't finish them you can always takeaway because they are pack in really cute handy boxes, it's so easy to carry them along!

2. Choose your Wrap & Rice
Seaweed/Healthy Soy with Sesame Wrap
White/ Healthy brown Rice
I don't like healthy stuffs so i chose the seaweed and white rice. Isn't that what sushi is supposed to be like!!!

3. Choose your Essentials (Ingredients inside) > Sprinkle (Eg: Fish flakes, Chicken Floss etc) > House sauce!
I chose the Yuzu Sesame one because it was highly recommended by twin
And you're done! Just tick whatever you want to be in your sushi!
(They've got a separate menu for the salad one. Unhealthy me don't likey salad too bad hehehehe)

The cute boxes!!!! So priddy

If you have got no idea on what to choose, they've got their House Sushi! It's a combination they've came up with and it's on the wall too. Rmb to take a look, it's interestingggggg!

Close-up on one of their House Sushi. Looks really gooood isn't it?!

What i ordered:
Mega San > Seaweed > White Rice > Essentials (Roasted Tomatoes, Jap Cucumbers, Avacado, Crab Stick, Tempura Enoki Mushroom) > Specials (Teriyaki Chicken) > Sprinkles (Jap Fish Flakes) > House Sauce (Yuzu Sesame) 

While waiting for our number.... HAHAHAHA 


Super love the boxes! Heard some people will keep them as collection hmm~

Are you excited to see the outcome of my customized sushi?!!?! (Cos i was really excited)

It's coming up!!!!

 I can't believe i've came up with such wonderful combination HAHA it's soooo good i think i'm secretly talented

On the other hand, want to see what my twin came up with?........

Her creation which i didn't fancy because THERE ARE SALMONS INSIDE. But jon preferred hers because he likes salmon. But i still love mine ^.^


It's affordable and worth giving it a try! 
Healthy place for a meal, recommended to ppl on diet like me LOL except you choose the healthy rice lo

PS/ Have been contemplating to do the mainstream rainbow cake or strawbie shortcake.. WHICH?!?!!?!

Will be back for more updates.


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