Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hey guys! A super short post today since it's a stay home sunday!!!
Headed to town ytd and caught Man of Steel.. it was kind of disappointing, i think it's too draggy but i was so captivated by the main lead. Way too handsome... *.* meltsss literally



You will see dem fats gone soon HAHA dieting sucks


Headed to Sarang, wanted to give it a try long ago but there's always a looooong queue.
Lucky for us there isn't much people when we reached there ard 7 plus?
Located: Orchard Central Level 8

Stole all these pictures from nia cos i didn't bring my camera. Credits to her~

When it comes to Korean food, there will be side dishes!

Spoon pizza- You eat it with your spoon! I find it okay only~

Their tofu with kimchi paste if i'm not wrong. 

Rice cakes, wasn't that fantastic so it's the dish that wasn't that popular among us.

JJ's favorite. 

Korean Tanghoon.. this was super spicy i glup down dk howmany cups of water LOL

Kimchi seafood pancake

The food portion is a little small but it's really affordable and worth t give it a try!

Russel & JJ!

Me & nia

And i shall end this supa short post with a picture of us :)

Tata i'll be back.

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