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EwF (Bugis) Reviews x Cakes (Rive Gauche)

Greetings from batman daughter,

ok lame. 
when you take ootd, you don't simply end it with one shot. So here's two more of me!!!

haha, my mini photo shoot at work lol. Pullover got from Korea!

One fine day at work when my camera & jorgine is around..........

Met Zijun for dinz aft work and we had EwF at the Bugis Junction outlet, Lvl 4. (I had to blog this hahahaha)
It can be seen once you go up the escalator... but i'm never going back again. 

It was such a disappointing trip there. My expectations were pretty high at first as i've read some good reviews on the food. So... why disappointing trip?

The service wasn't up to standard.
We were served with a table containing huge amount of water all over it. I believed it was left by the previous diners and not a single staff bothered to clean it up till we asked them to. (I regretted not taking a shot of it.) 
Also, i asked almost up to three times for bill (i rmb it was a foreign waitress) i got ignored. FURTHERMORE, I WAS LOOKING STRAIGHT AT HER AND ASKING FOR MY BILL while she happily went to clear the other tables, clearly ignoring me even after i got her attention. Maybe she thought that i was conversing with the wall.

I was disappointed with the nutella tart which i was expecting very much from it. It was good indeed
BUT, I WAS GIVEN A COLD NUTELLA TART. I thought it was fine and supposed to be like that so i didn't ask for a change till i I heard from twin & zijun that the nutella tart was supposed to be heated up by the staff (so the top (which is the nutella) will be melted and it will be crazily sinful and nice)
Now, let's play spot the difference game.
The picture on the left was the Nutella Tart served to me while the one on the right was the one twin had previously. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE


So to people whom are heading there, remember to inform the staff to heat up the nutella tart if they've forgotten........... which they shouldn't even in the first place.

I'm paying service charge for such service.

Enough of ranting, let me show you the food i had there. At least, the mains were okay....
We make it a set and it comes with Ice Lemon Tea & Egg Soup.

I felt like i was drinking fried egg oil.

Okay, this was not bad!
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich, worth the try.
Finally something decent 

Zijun's salmon

And lastly, lol
at first when it arrived i was still so happy becos it looks so dreamy and shiningly pretty lol -o-

To sum up, the service was below average, the food arrived after 45 mins and the price were much higher compared to the one at Orchard Central, so... overall, not worth it for me. I would rather go to the one at OC, it's cheaper, service better and i get the food much faster - it's a fast food joint i know. But no harm trying for A time because they've got items like the tandoori chicken sandwich and the nutella tart.
The food was okay except the service part.
Okay, i'm not being a bitch but just stating my experience there. Even such a nice girl like Zijun got pissed off. Can you imagine.....

Alright! Enough of this, 
next up......

Every year without fail, Strawberry Shortcake will be present during my birthday. It's my favorite cake and i will never give it a miss! Getting the right and delicious cake for birthdays are important to me as well! (I've no idea why but i'm a dying fan of Strawbie shortcakes...... hahaha)

So, i'm gna share with you one of my favorite patisserie today.. and that is, Rive Gauche
They've got outlets at Taka, Plaza Sing, T1, Jcube & Jurong Point.
Rive Gauche's cakes have never fail to disappoint me.
I've tried their Guanaja, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate hazelnut biscuit-based cake, Raspberry Pear Cheese and lastly, the awesome Cheesecake!!!
All cakes comes in a piece too, you can just head there and get one to satisfy your sweet cravings!
*picture credits at the end of  each pic

Guanaja is their signature cake which is a must-try!
"A French top quality of bitter sweet chocolate mousse with two layers of chocolate sponge and a bottom layer of crispy biscuit." - x

Pic taken from their website cos i can't find mine

It's really good. You should get this cake if it's your first time patronising them. Chocolate lovers will love it! Not too sweet and crunchy layer of crispy biscuits below, yummmm

Strawberry Shortcake
"Two layers of special light sponge sandwiched with sliced strawberries and freshly whipped cream. Decorated with fresh strawberries on top." - x
Had their Strawbie cake in the year 2011.. i still rmb because i was red head then LOL.
Some pictures back then hahahaha throwback #2011 DON'T LAUGH AT MY INNOCENT FACE (JK)

i know.... why did i even dye. it. red. I think it was the "in" thing in 2011 LOL having a red head hahaha and i don't have any make-up on.... i miss my complexion boohoo

Another thing i realized when i saw this pic of cake i took.... 
This is a photo i edited in 2011... LOL DAMN SHITTY. Luckily i discovered my talent now... HAHA kidding

But anyway, i still prefer four leaves strawberry shortcake hehe, but worth trying lo.

I can't find the pictures for Hazelnut Choc Biscuit based cake but i still prefer the Guanaja, think we got it cos we wanted to try some new chocolate cake. As for the Raspberry thingy, i bought a slice of it for someone.. i had a bite and i don't really like it.

Lastly, the star for today is the not-mainstream cake,
I really liked their cheesecake. There are layers of spongecake in the cheesecake itself and this is rare for cheesecakes isn't it!!! Tell me how often do you find spongecake fillings inside cheesecake. It's good because you wouldn't get too sick of the cheese. Moreover, the cheese isn't too sweet, the sweetness comes from the biscuit crumbs instead. So it tastes so good together! My new favorite from Rive Gauche! Super love

Oright, i shall end my short angsty post here. I'm still the happy-go-lucky zhiyantay just that i had to blog the above laaaaaaaaa.
 Will blog on Adventure Cove once i got my pictures. It was a fun day there despite the sunburn and queuing up for water rides!

I'll be back.


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