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Nakhon x Mookata

Heylo guys!
I'm back for the weekly updates. Words can't express how much i'm looking forward to my taiwan trip.. exactly 2 more months to it!!!
Anwy i had the itinerary done up too and it's filled with lots of food places of course, me can't waaaaait!

Guess where are we?!
Keep scrolling till the end!

Before that, i'm gna talk about my favorite food of all time! For those who have been reading this boring space of mine... i think you will know what is it........ I've blogged about it at least 2 times haha.
And that is Nakhon!!! Funny thing is i've tried many thai food in sg but nakhon is always on my top-list. I think i will love bkk but sadly, haven't been there yet. DON'T LOOK DOWN ON ME.


Reasons why i love the food there:
1. I'm someone who can take really spicy stuff.
Their tom-yum never fails me.
2. Authentic Thai Food at reasonable prices. Simple as that.

Bedok Branch

All-time drink there, Thai ice tea!

Anyway, tried more foodies there (after several visits), i've came up with the Top 5 Must-Try Dishes! (As shown below)

1. Pineapple Rice
I've never liked Pineapple fried rice because i find them dull, like plain and boring so it doesn't entice me at all. My first time trying them there, it was surprisingly good and i like it!!

2. Fried Grouper w Sweet n' Sour sauce
I seldom order this at Nakhon because i don't eat much of them and there will always be wasted leftover of fish meat. (I can't eat a fish clean) But my sis's bf enjoyed it very much so it was cleared till bones. Literally bones It's a huge portion for 2 people, so it's better if you go there in a group! I've always like eating in a group because you get to try more food unless you've got a twin like mine, DIFFERENT STORY. I think we can eat a group's portion. 


3. All time fav- Tom Yum Seafood Soup (Clear)
Their scallions and the flower leaf thingy are FREE. Look at the generous amount they gave...
I had a hard time scooping them out
The Tomyum was flavorful and spicy enough, that's one reason why i like it so much!

4. Belachan Kang Kong 
It's like a must-order for me when having Thai food.

5. Pandan Chicken
They say "Save the Best for the Last"
Yes, and that's the reason why this came up last! It's the best among the other dishes. A sad thing is that it's slowwwwwly reducing in size. Sob

Click here to see more dishes i had at Nakhon 

On my way back aft the filling & delicious meal with my fatty tummy resting on me hehehe

Next up,
Just a random photo of me after an event at Sentosa..
It was such a tiring day, i've to work on a SUNDAY. Who wakes up at 5am on a freaking sunday?! Me :(
I'm not crazy who wears thick wooly pullover to Sentosa.. i changed after that ok.

Remember my post on Corianders? When i went there i saw lotsa food places and told myself that i'm going back to East Coast Road for more Foodhunt...... so i went yesterday! But the sad thing is i didn't try anything new. Wanted to eat at Alibaba/ Nine-Thirty Awfully Choc but somehow we got attracted to Mookata! 

The first time i went for Mookata i had the one at Golden Mile. It was better there because the food portion was bigger but you get stinky and smelly more easily since it's in the shopping mall.
If i'm not wrong there are four Mookata branches, one at Tanjong Pagar (Mooja),  Golden Mile and one more idk where, with the last one at East Coast Rd which is the one i went with Natalie. (It's located just opposite Katong 112 shopping mall)
Heard that the nicer one is at tanjong. But i think golden mile & the one we went also not bad, should try it soon to prove it tho

A picture of us again ^.^

While we were walking to East Coast Rd, i spotted the famous laksa, it smells damn good, i'm gg back for them.

Took my ootd on my way there HAHAHA


Opposite of Katong 112 (There's lotsa food to be found in this whole stretch of shophouses)

Yay and we've reached!

Have you ever wonder what has the cutie pig got to do with the name Mookata??
Let genuisyan tell you, 
Moo actually stands for Pig!!!! 

They served 3 levels of chili. From the least spicy to the most spicy one. I started with the most spicy one and i think it's not really spicy so i didn't tried the other two. It was really a good combination ^^
Who goes without spicy Thai chili during a Thai BBQ?!

Wide variety of choices for you to choose from their Menu!

We ordered the Set for 2 (i've circled it below)
However, there are some ingredients which we don't eat. For example: Pork Belly. So you can actually change it to another ingredient which is given in the Set for 2.

After choosing what ingredient you want to change it to...
You write it in their Remarks Column below! :)
We didn't change to beef at last because it wasn't in the Set for 2 combination, we had it changed to chicken instead!

Waiting for the foodie,

and here comes the foodie.

The portion is a lil' small tho...

What's so special about Mookata? (Traditional Thai BBQ)
They actually uses Pork Fats to generate the oil so you can start bbq-ing your food away!
It's fattening but SO GOOD. Once in awhile you must pamper yourself.. (but i'm pampering myself almost every single day help my money are flying away)
As you can see below, the pork fats will be left to cook in the middle so the oil will dribble down evenly!

Lesson learnt: Tying up into a bun won't save you from getting your hair bbqsmell-free

Lucky we had rice if not given only the ingredients....it wasn't filling. Had dessert at Honeymoon dessert aftermath!
What i always order there:

Caught Blind Detective with nat after our fatty meals, it wasn't as good as i thought but some parts are really funny. BUT IT'S A MUST TO CATCH IT because it's a Andy Lau & Sammi Cheng film! I super love it when they partner together for a movie.


Alright i will be back for more updates!
My next post should be interesting because it's about something that can change my whole image.

Till then,


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