Monday, July 15, 2013

TGIF x Gardens by the Bay x Little fat burgeryan... x Selling dress!

Hey guys! I'm back for weekly updates.
Rmb to scroll all the way till the end of the post cos i'm selling a brand new dress at a really cheapppp price!


A few selfies i took before the party~

As usual, guess where did i went for TGIF? ;)

So here's a wink for ya

HEHE So...wna know where??

OK, i shall stop being lame. Just ignore those captions above.. i did them for fun because i thought i had to..... act cute so ya zouk as usual HAHA
Accompanied my sis & dad to Gardens by the Bay on a Sunday.
Have been there before but didn't really blog about it so here am I!
We wanted to visit the SEA Aquarium instead but being such talented fortune tellers, we predicted that there will be a crazy queue since it's a Sunday so we changed our plans.
*(Keep scrolling till the end of this post bcos i'll be revealing some shocking images hiahia)

Had our lunch at Rakuzen becos silly me took out my camera without an SD card so i had to make a trip down to Harvey Norman to get one.
But it was worth the trip since i get to eat healthy and delicious jap food!
The place i went with valuable set meals. I ordered the tempura hand roll because i thought i was on a diet.. till their food came...

(ok la but idk why my appetite isn't v good these few days :( )

What we ordered:
Raw Squid 

One of their tempura with soba set meal which was very worth it. (Just look at the amount of food there is for a set worth about $18-$24 bucks?) If i don't rmb wrongly

One of their Rakuzen Special Rolls:
Dai Dai Roll
Not a salmon person so i gave this a miss.
The yellow thing that you see inside isn't tamago, it's actually mango!

Father's Teppanyaki Zen Set

Choose this Garlic Fried Rice instead of White Rice! It's so much more fragrant!

My tempura handroll 

With daddy tay

Gardens by the bay
First visit was an eye-opener for me but it got boring after awhile (since i'm not a person that fancy so much on flowers cacti bla)
Second visit was exciting because i went with someone i loved, it was still boring there.
Third visit is to accompany and spend time with my family
To sum up, there's nothing much at gbb and it's kinda boring. No idea why would people spend their money to purchase an annual pass for it. GIVE ME THE MONEY i'll grow the flowers and build giant cacti for you.
Sad to say, i'm not anthophilous. OK I MUST NOT JUDGE.A good thing there is that i get to take pictures of pretty flowers and pretty people (me, ok i'm just kidding HAHA)

Mandatory tourist shot with sis & papa tay ^.^

Queue to get the tix for both conservatories. 


Some of the few flower pictures I took at the Flower Dome. I think if i were to post all of them you will just click X at the top right of this page so.... i picked those pretty ones!

The picture below is pretty cool.


It's really yellow and white. Look at the background there's a tint of green. Which proves that i did not do anything to the picture!!!

Such good photography skills me haz isn't it hahahahah

I'm not sure if these are daisies but i love em' because they look like daises and i luv daises. 
I'm a fussy person when it comes to flowersssss.
So i will make it clear here.
I like one stalk of daisy/ bouquet of roses. HAHAHA DO YOU GET MY HINT? ^^ 
ok la i'm just kidding ya 

With my sissy in some flower cage lolol

Huge rose spotted

How to not take my face of the day when me haz got cam on hand!!! 

Cloud Forest
It was mad freezing here...we sacrificed for a photo! hehe

Anyway, before i end this post. 

And that is.........

Little fat burgeryan
(Potential to be a model at such a young age?....LOL)

(Many of my friends told me i look really different......... BUT isn't it supposed to be different. Imagine me at 19 years old still looking like THAT What the fook?)

Okay so i did a collage for you guys to make the comparison LOL

HAHAHAH Such a pig since young.......

okay last one ya
I've mastered the pedo smile since young
before it was cool

(you read it in a pedo tone didn't you)

xxx xxx

I'm selling this dress for only $15.
(i previously got it from tracey einny)

Brand new (w/o tag)
Free Size 
Chiffon Material

With a protective layer underneath

If Interested pls drop me a mail at:

Thank you!


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