Thursday, August 29, 2013

Outfits x Skinny Pizza x Phantom of the Opera x Making simple healthy Wrap x Zouk x P.S Cafe

Hey guys!

Since it's the holiday, you can see i'm getting lazy to update this boring space of mine. Ha ha!
That's cos i don't have the time too but i've decided to post smtg before i fly to Taiwan in like.. a few more days?! *.*

Random ootd taken at National Museum HAHAHA while waiting for Jess's after her fashion show.

23/8, Fri
From Dream to ECP prata shop 

Outfit that night

With pretty wenmin! :)

*photos below grabbed from nia
Teh Chino & Prata time!!!

Before they were told that their photos are gna be uploaded on bloggie


nia, tess and me HAHAHAHAA with milo powder on our teeth so we look like bogeys

Fun night with them :)

25/8, Sun
Happy day because it's finally Phantom day with sissy tay! ^.^
Had Skinny Pizza (boring) before we caught the Phantom of the Opera

 Squid Ink Pizza as usual!

Sis got super pekcek with the squid ink pizza (points up) ^ becos the squid ink stained her dress and there are a few patches of it and my way of annoying her further........
HAHAAHA annoying sister is me

Collected our tix hehe.

Awesome Casts

Hidden Live band which can be seen under the stage when you walk up hehe

The show was effing AWESOME.
A really great musical you will never want to miss it!
I love the Phantom & Christine's voices. They are so good that it gives me goosebumps.

And my simple outfit for that night,


26/8, Mon
Being such a nice friend (teehee), accompanied Ash to town to get his gift for his gf and a good mini catch-up session!
 Before heading out - having my own mini photoshoot on my bed LOL

-ok enuf-
Doing his gift seriously hahaha

Here's something random,

Do you always feel hungry at home but am super lazy to get food?

I'm here to share with you this rly quick & easy homemade lunch that i always opt for whenever i'm feeling hungry BUT LAZY as usual. And you're able to eat it after working out without feeling sinful at all!

Presenting to you my simple yet healthy wrap ^^! It's incredibly easy to make i think everyone could do it hahaha i got this figured out while i was lazing at home on tuesday.


Secondly, gather all the super healthy greens and add whatever you can think of! You can even add green pepper (if you like) and onions. I didn't so i added more cucumbers & tomatoes yum~

Cook the chicken the way you want it. I did a light marination and splatter some black pepper onto it. Haha, not much taste but it's healthy and good for eating clean i guess. If you prefer a heavier flavor, you can try making teriyaki chicken instead. It's simple and flavorful.

Not forgetting your sauce, i used Prego Sauce because there's leftover from previous spaghetti session. Hahaha it tastes good though, but not too much of it. At first i took a big scoop and spread it on my wrap -bcos i was greedy

Here you go. 



Next up,

28/8, Wed
TGIW with the usual and mia people! Lotsa people turn up that night and it was rly good to be able to party with them agn.


SO, Look of the night haha

Anyway, caught Kick-Ass2 with nia before that and it was.......... super not my kind of show? Wanted to watch The Intership but it was sadly, filling fast T^T. But it's okay, le twin's idea of watching a movie is purchasing a movie ticket to enjoy the seats in the air-conditioned cinema. Why? Because most of the time when ppl eyes were on the screen, hers? On the phone *faint
- .............. -

With da quadruplets *.*

All squeezing like crazy hahahaha!

With mai handsome jj bro!

And qt sean!

She loves me HAHAHAHA



Ben! The guy who lives below me and always threaten to burn my house.

My 3 handsome bros that are single. Girls, any taker? HAHAHAHA

Told you she loves me HAHAHAHA i'm straight ahem

And finally my samsam!!!! Been so long since i've last saw him~~ And poodle half seh face ahhahaha.

Some of the guysss

Zav and blur hs behind hahahah

 And a ridiculously blur pic with enjia LOL sob can't see my rabbit pose :(

Sam & Zijun :)

And what's a picture without me?!?! hahaha jk
My fave bro <3

ok shall stop spamming you guys w party pix hehe.


Second trip to P.S. Cafe. You can read my first post on Ps Cafe here. It's together with the 10 facts about me. 

Headed out with a puffy face because i didn't had enough rest :(

Sat outside b'cos we didn't make any reservations but outside looks pretty too! :)

While waiting for food to arrive.

Truffle fries which we regretted ordering.


P.S. Steak Sandwich
1. Bread was too hard.
2. Steak a lil' dry.
What's more to say? hehh this dish was recommended by the first and last.

King Prawn Aglio Olio
I love Aglio Olio, but this was a little too dry :l

The total bill was ard $95. I don't think it's rly worth it. I went because i got forced to choose what food to eat and i can't think of any SO since i'm craving for truffle fries i thought of P.S. but it was too much.

Mother of pockys, 

Oh and this is a very special post because the next pic is a exquisite and rare pic of me.... BARE FACE HAHAHHAHAHA. I only drew my brows and the eyeliner is almost non-existent. I'm not wearing any colored contacts on either. The best i can ok.

Bare face monster yan for u

Alright, miss me for a week guys!


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