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Alkaff Mansion x Fullerton Int. Buffet x TGIW x Antoinette x TWG Macarons x Itacho Sushi

Hey guys i'm back for this week updates!

This would probably be the last time i'm blogging from work because my intern's gna be over!!!
Hoorayyyy! I smell freedom & taiwan alrd. Just thinking of it makes me excited hahaha ^.^

12/8-14/8, Mon-Wed
Had a 2-day conference at the Fullerton and it was definitely a good one because i get lotsa nice food to eat. LOL who will think of having fine dining while running an on-going event?! Went to pretty places like Alkaff Mansion and Fullerton Bay Hotel roof garden, it was a pretty good experience despite feeling exhausted every single morning -o-

FACES of mine to kickstart this post
(I've pieced them up so that you wouldn't have a hard time skipping all my faces HAHAHA so thoughtful of me~) Idk why do i look so happy i was so tired i thought i was dying zzz

Alkaff Mansion
"A fine dining restaurant on a hill within a historical mansion offering authentic Italian cuisine."
Located: 10 Telok Blangah Green, 109178

The Italian food served was beyond words TOO. EFFING. GOOD which means it's not cheap of course! I heard per person was about 167++ USD (ard that price) but if you're looking for venue to hold events especially weddings you may consider this place because the scenery there is definitely a plus point. :)

Once you walked in you will be greeted by beautiful sculptures, gazebos, water fountains and many more hehe.

The outdoor seating with a bar at the front where the live band performance takes place!

To second floor for the long awaited dinner!
Bar counter

The interior (second floor)

Behold the top-notch italian cuisine *drools*
The main character: Salmon
Gave it a miss as usual hahahaha i know, my loss. But IDK HOW TO APPRECIATE SALMONS.

Oxtail Ravioli
The oxtail was really soft and it literally melts in your mouth except for the ravioli of course, it was my first time trying ravioli though. Damn good!

Not too sure of what fish this is but i believed it was cod resting on the bed of potato and carviar on the top!

Beef. AWESOME *.* It was perfectly cooked. So tender, juicy and yummyyyyy *still drooling*

Sadly, one of my regrets was that i didn't get to eat the dessert as i was busy wrapping up some work sob :( But it's okay because the beef and cod were already swimming in mai tummy. -self comfort-

Prepared to drool more? Next up,
International Buffet Lunch at Fullerton Hotel

hehe the jap corner ^^

Fresh seafoods

Salads for the healthy me jk who on earth goes buffet to eat salads LOL.

All these prawns are gna die on my plate.

Told ya.

Outdoor seats. You can dine while enjoying the Boat Quay view. But one major cons is that there will be LOTS of pigeons flying around and they are not your normal size pigeons, but gigantic and scary. Pls do not leave your food unattended if you decided to risk your life and sit outdoors. You wouldn't want to arrive back at your table seeing flocks of pigeons attacking your food.... trust me. When i left they started attacking the leftovers. I ALMOST DIED

(Points below) It says "Signature Hong Kong noodles" when i saw it. But no matter how i look at it, it looks like maggie mee with a few staple ingredients you would add in when you cook it at home... to me. TRYNA CHEAT ME OR WHAT?!!?! -oo-

LOL. I didn't finish them of course. Waste my stomach space.

Rmb to call me if you're going for a buffet because i'm the best prawn peeler HEEHE ok not smtg to be proud of lol

Finally, the best part of the Buffet... DESSERTS!!!!
I love Pear Crumble & Bread and Pudding. The Sesame Ball tastes like those you bought at some Chinese Dimsum place.

 More desserts! Yummi egg tart


Isit my life is complete?!

Last day of the event was on a Wednesday, sooooo TGIW after work! Hooray *.*


Shiyun ^^


 With the guys!

And girlies :)


And leonard hehe!


Some Tokyo Bananas for you? ^.^


17/8, Sat
Finally a solo date with twin! Off for some shopping x foodporn x movie session.
My outfit for that day :) As you've already seen it on my blog header haha

Outfit: Floral bralet x Love bonito's Chic Blazer

Guess where did we go for our foodporn date?

Yes, Antoinette!!!
Damn pretty right, there's another outlet at Mandarin Gallery. I prefer this outlet because it's looks prettier, can take beautiful pictures there.

Dessert bar!!

Macaroons which i'm gna try the next time!

While waiting for the food to arrive, doing what we do best.

Gnocchi Cabonara 
"With caramelized bacon, white wine cream sauce, poached egg and aged parmesan cheese"
Twin insisted on ordering this..... Looks good but you get sick after a few of it. Sigh i wanted to try my Seafood Aglio Olio but the naggy pig says what very common she very sick of aglio olio bla bla we ended up wasted one whole plate of this LOL ROLL EYES EVERYWHERE MEH

Boeuf Bourguignon
Burgundy style Red Wine Braised Beef
"Braised Wagyu brisket in red wine served with pomme puree and seasonal vegetables"
We liked the asparagus most hahaha but the beef was really soft and good.

Nougatine Sweet Crepe
"Filled with Nutella, salty caramel, caramelized filo, nougatine ice cream and vanilia creme Chantilly"
Super sinful but everything goes perfectly well together!

The bill was $87++ for the both of us when we ordered only 3 dishes... a little pricey but worth to give it a try! :)

Our shopping loots. Haha we got freebies from Shokubutsu because we were asked to join some "Natural Beauty Shokubutsu" Competition. And we were like "We are not natural beauty leh hahahaha make up where got natural?!"

Sunday 18/8
Super love Sunday, shopping day with the momsies & couzie!
Portabello mushroom wrap x Green tea frappe for Lunch

Got some macarons from TWG. I haven't tried the laduree one so idk what's the definition of a damn good macaron, neither am i macaroon's fan. I find TWG's one not bad and it is rly cheap! $2 for a piece. I find them rly unique because they are made of different tea flavors! So cool isn't it. hehe

 (From left to right) 
Brown: Earl Grey & Chocolate flavor 
This was the worst. We ended up feeding this to the bin.......:/

Pink: Black Tea & Blackcurrent
Hehe i like this because it's blackcurrent. Blackcurrent flavor never goes wrong?

Black: Napolean Tea & Caramel
Contains super sweet caramel, i like this too because CARAMEL NV NV NV GOES WRONG. EVER.

Yellow: Lemon Bush Tea
Tastes like ice lemon tea, refreshing taste, very different from others.

Blue: Grand Wedding Tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut
Coconut flavor was overwhelming, you can't really taste the passionfruit and i've no idea what does grand wedding tea tastes like hmm so it should simply be called coconut macaron.

Green: Matcha Green Tea
Green Tea Lovers will loveeeee this!

Had Itacho for dinner after shopping for 6-7hours. HOUMAIGOD

They are famous for this Salmon with Soy Sauce because it's going only for $0.40. But it was upsetting as it was sold out when we got there ard 6pm plus?! Shouldn't they replenish it knowing that it's dinner time?!?! Weird

Roasted Wagyu Beef

Yakiniku Beef Udon

My all-time favorite: Gyozaaaas!

Cha Soba for me ^^

Must-order!!! It's freakin' awesome. 

Because Shiok Maki is overrated. LOL JK i haven't got the chance to try it :(

Soft Shell Crab Salad

Stuffed Crab Meat

Shall end with all the wonderful delicacies!
Had a wonderful week, how about you? :)

Will be back for more updates.


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