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New haircut x Fridays x Ice Edge II x Smoothie King x Red velvet Cupcakes ^o^

I'm back for updates! And as most of you 've already know... i've got my hair snipped off!!! Yes i think i was crazy
Having the right and suitable hairstyle is really important to me. I think it will either act as your plus point or on the other end, make you look worse? Who will want to have a hairstyle that makes you look like crap? so here's some mainstream before & after pictures which you will always see after someone got their haircut hee!

Before (No effect):
It's been a week since i've gotten my hair snipped and blogging this now makes me miss it
i miss how i can easily just twirl them into a bun *sob*

But, i was quite happy with the outcome at least there's something new for me to look at now. If not i will get very bored of my face lol i'm weird I decided to cut it shorter and I'll leave dying of my roots to another time.
(Those that follows me on insta - @zhiyantay would have seen it. Well, there's this short preview of it at the side of my blog anyway. So here it is!



To be honest, I was quite happy with it because i received more positive comments than negative ones haha and I'm gna kill whoever that says that there is not much change bla bla. So after the haircut, the first thing i did was to... spam my cam. Yay to my new hairstyle!!!

Ok somehow, the more i stare at this gif, the funnier i think it is......

Time for some updates! Friday 26/7 
TGIF at dream > zouk

Outfit for the night hehe my short hair debut LOL
dress credit to twin -we've got a plan hehehehe


With the colorful shiyun ^^ teehee seeing them almost every week on party days but it always felt so long~~
I wonder who invented weekends to be that short. IF ONLY WEEKDAYS ARE WEEKENDS i think death rate will decrease significantly

and natnat!

With the girls at dream ^.^

Leonard and Andre with da girlz


One fine day, 
Catch up session w jem @ Mengs & Ice Edge for awesome dessert!

My all-time fave: Barchormee w chicken cutlet Craving finally satisfied, happy girl!

A pic with jeremy!

My first time heading to Ice Edge II and I'm going back to try their mains becos they looks rly good!!!
Directions: You just have to go opposite of Mengs and walk towards your left all the way straight!

I tried the Mao Shan Wang Lava cake on a separate day. A MUST-TRY.  But i was quite sad because the durian did not flow out as nice as i thought it will :( Picture didn't turn out to be that nice but it was really good and sinful and the icecream contains bits of durian flesh.
Here's how it looks like.

And on another friday (this shows how no life am i when it comes to weekdays LOL work week sucks)
Met up with twin & zijun for movie date turn to impromptu trip to dream and zouk w the girlies & the usual dream people. Le sweet camera entertained me while I waited for the late queens~ 

Can you imagine how sad was i waiting alone for both of them SOB This one really combo and stupid twin late already still ask me go get queue and buy tixs FIRST ALONE. I can't do things alone like if you ask me to eat alone i would rather packet it or not eat LOL. I think it's bad but..... i hate to be lonely la

While waiting for the queen eugenia

Anyway i've finally tried Smoothie King!
I've only got one pic of the whole shop and THIS COUPLE JUST HAD TO PHOTOBOMB ME.

IT'S RLY SUITABLE FOR HEALTH CONSCIOUS FREAK LIKE ME. For people that are on diet... this is the right place to dine-in. Calories are stated on their different smoothies and wraps. Easy for you to count ya. But needless to say, the portion was quite little (so given such small portion with the calories abit cheat feelings? lolol)
Nevertheless, it's yummy and healthy and they've got awesome smoothies!!!
I can't remember the exact name but i know what we got contained Strawberry + Banana and the other, Strawberry + Lemon I preferred the Stawbie x Banana one because it's sweeter, but the one with lemon was refreshing!

See that small box over there i made, the calories count are just beside each item.
Forgive me, when it comes to food it means business soooo i wasn't able to get a clearer pic cos i was too distracted with the food that have arrived.

The two smoothies with my Spicy Chicken Breast Soft Taco Wrap.
 Warning: If you somehow do eat the way i do & do not want to be seen eating like a dog in town (LOL), eat it straight when it just arrived because the whole thing was a mess after i finish snapping the pics and picked it up -_- When you let it stay for awhile the wrap will just stick to the base and thus, you will have to eat it unglamly like how I did. I got so pekcek i just stuff the whole thing in my mouth -O- ya my mouth that big

After a good meal, It's party time!



 LOL fail shots with leonard & sebastian inside


Sunday 4/8
Sunday was a busy day filled with errands for me to run!! And i've decided to bake my signature red velvet again hehe *.* ONE DAY, i might open my cupcake shop ok...... HAHAHA OK I SHALL STOP LOOKING UP TO MYSELF.

Had some spicy prawn aglio olio at Lenas after work recee. I posted it because i thought i edited this picture quite nicely hahaha. It was overprice and normal, the prawns were obviously frozen prawns....... and i paid $13.90 for spaghetti and frozen prawns. Well.

Next, the main lead of this post.
My cupcakes!!! I need to learn how to swirl the cream properly, all seems uneven to me hmm, but who cares if it's nice right? LOL And I bought little hearts to make them look prettier! ^.^
I will put the recipe up soon, meanwhile,
You can check out my step-by-step method of baking red velvet here: click here

Look at how pretty the colour is!!

Swirl the cream cheese at the top and add a heart to make it look prettier!

Placed them into cute boxes for my friends~

Macaroons shall be next ^^

till then


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