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TGIW/F x Jem's 19th x Kkongdon Barbeque x The Conjuring x Big Mama Korean Food x Ikea

Hey guys! I'm back for this week's updates.

It's really sad that the long public holiday is coming to an end cos' it means work tmr..Oh well, just 12 more days to go! :)
So how did you guys spend your 4 days holiday?? 
Well, this was how i spend mine: Party, Eat & Shop resulting in a big hole in my pocket......

Wednesday 7/8
The start of the long weekend.. which means it's a must for TGIW!!! Had a  really fun night with the usuals (dream > zouk) did not take any nice photo and the only shitty photo i've got with twin & kun

 It was extremely crowded that night making it so difficult to get a cab after party. We ended up waiting more than an hour for it.. seriously one of the worst feeling i will never want to experience it ever again.  Feeling super exhausted waiting for a cab to arrive (snatching cab from like a million of ppl and the cab FOREVER CHANGING SHIFTS)
To add on to the misery, it started to rain. Heavily. 
So i started acting out a drama of my own - waiting for a cab under the heavy rain (the scene felt like i just got dumped by a guy and went to cry under the rain or smtg) UGH. While twin sat under the shelter cos her precious red hair can't get wet (fucking princess LOL -_-). Sigh, i'm too nice. ok sry enough of ranting 

Thursday 8/8
Jem's bday party at his place! 
Finally got to meet mai fave ppl, it's been long guyssss~
My face that day and i was really exhausted becos i didn't have enough sleep so pardon my eyebags 

Food for hungry us *.*

Singing k at his place!
I suck at singing so whenever i go k i will just sit and listen to my friends sing LOL SO SAD RIGHT. It's one of my biggest weakness sob hahaha *.* surprisingly no?

With my pretty ladies

Tessa was busy snapping pics and i thought that they will be nice and artistic pictures but what turn out was........ LOL

With Tessa. Luv her hair n top that night!

With Reg & Tess (like finally, it's been so looong)

Sacrificial shot - in order to get a nice shot of them MY FACE WAS CUT OFF HAHAHA 

Hi i'm back with dem. Spot the lovely couple behind hahahaha all of them ^ all swit swit come with couple, ME LEH. come with myself sob

With Reg & Wenmin!!! *.*

So pridddy

One of the sweetest couple i've ever seen hahahaha! Reuben & Celine (ok i sound as if i'm promoting them LOL)

 I've got shaaaaaky hands

Another sweet couple, nat & andrianto. Everywhere i go that night i see couples LOL. Million dollar couple also have hahahaha.

Tessa loves my round head LOL

Time to cut the cake before continuing the karaoke/mj/poker/banluck hehehe

Happy birthday boy! 

Group pic :)

Bday boy with cake smeared all over the face hahaha hope you had a fun night! :)

Friday 9/8
Had Kkongdon Korean BBQ at Amk with my godfamily before catching The conjuring & TGIF with the usuals!

Kkongdon barbeque is one of the subsidiaries by JPPepperdine.
I'm a big fan of Korean BBQs and i've blogged about several Korean bbq places like ssikkek/ blue garden/ soju bang etc etc and having tried authentic korean bbq in korea itself, i find Kkongdon Barbeque definitely worth to try!
It's located at the new Djitsun Mall in AMK! (5 Ang Mo Kio Central 2 #01-06)
For those that stay in amk, awesome korean bbq do exist, head there now! 

They've got really cheap set meals but only for a min. of two people!

Free side dishes at the side.

One of the set that have arrived with beef & pork!

Had two tables because there's 6 of us. Ordered a total of 3 set meal, cold noodles, oxtail soup and kimchi soup as well!

Chicken on the right and i must say the chicken was tender. (unlike the normal hard and dry chicken breast)


I got so excited i hurriedly took the pork up cos i wanted to take a nice pic of it. But a few secs later....

which i managed to capture it on my cam coolly teehee~

Eating like Koreans hahahaha jk trying too hard.
Anyway, it's like a must to wrap the beef with lettuce and red pepper sauce. It's so good!

Ordered the all-time favorite: Cold noodles
They did not add any ice so it wasn't that cold so we requested for them to add ice for us and it tastes better! So rmb to ask for ice if they did not add any, it actually enhances the taste!

Oxtail soup which tastes a lil' like maggie noodles seasoning LOL not to my liking but it was okay.

Our total bill! One person about $20? I find it quite worth it since it was a filling and delicious meal!

Caught the conjuring as well as dream/zouk at night.
My face for that night xx

The Conjuring wasn't that bad as i thought it will be. Maybe it was because the people in the cinema were laughing away (IT'S A HORROR SHOW BTW and i've no idea what are they laughing at. I don't find the doll funny at all. And as i typed this all the scenes are flashing back -o- ok fml) Dk was i lucky or unlucky because they actually made it less scary but i was sitting in between two scaredy cats leonard and stanley.. it was as good as scaring myself to death -.- LOL.

Overall, I think it was good for a horror show, go catch it if you haven't! 
Time to grow some balls!!! Party aftermath deng deng deng

Saturday 10/8
Virgin trip to jem and the moment i stepped in, guess what?!?! H&M!!!! They are brands like Topshop, Stradivarius, Sephora etc etc and there's Paris Baguette there as well! Really one gem in the West. I wonder when will a gem pop up near my place......

Anyway the main character for that day will be...
Big Mama Korean Food Restuarant!
It's one of the best Korean Food i've ever ate in SG haha i sound so exaggerating but it's effing good. They are opened by Koreans and the authentic korean food they served are really delicious.

So..why should you head to Big Mama?
1. Authentic Korean Food
You can hardly find such authentic taste of korean food here in sg.

2. Price is very reasonable given the portion size

3. The service is really good despite some of them having difficulty communicating (since they were Koreans)
This was something i did not and will not expect from the lady boss. We had the beef in the hotpot (the beef was depleting fast since i was there haha) but the lady boss gave us an extra plate of beef towards the end because she noticed the hotplate was abit burnt WITH ONLY A LITTLE AMT OF BEEF LEFT INSIDE our hotplate. And the plate of beef she gave was in such a generous amount!
(look at the picture below)
Rly attentive & nice lady or rather... the beef bought my heart HAHAHAH no la, she was really nice to her customers. All the servers there were friendly and nice :) Definitely heading back there again.

Location: 2 Kimtian Rd.
A few mins walk from Tiong Bahru MRT. Remember to make reservations because it's always filled with loyal customers!

If you have no idea what to eat on your first trip, check out their recommendations on the wall!

Small and cosy place to dine in! *.*

Side dishes which are really good. I love the japchae and the ikan bilis and jelly thingy at the far right was good but i don't like LOL

The hotpot
Bulgogi Beef - The marination was perfect

Tried their ramyeon and it was served in a cute cup ^.^
It tastes rly nice in the cup but i think it's just the korean noodles you can cook at home LOL

Kimchi Seafood Pancake

Suyuk (Highly Recommended by them)

This came and the guy serving us asked if we know how to eat it in the correct way if not he will do a demonstration for us! Nice and patient guy hehe :) (See, what did i say about their service! Super good oneeeee)

Apparently, the base can either be pickle (the one in pink) or the cucumber followed by anything you like (meat preferably) but the bean sprouts must be at the top of the meat. < The correct way Koreans eat them. So if you want to get a full authentic korean food experience... DON'T BE STUBBORN & EAT IT LIKE THAT TOO.

Soybean soup

 Hi kimchi pancakeyyy you are going in to my stomach

The generous amount given to us.

Meaningful phrase found on their wall hahaha. ^~^
which i think makes some sense?

Total bill!

Had a good meal there & was really satisfied with everything - food, service, ambience etc.
Rmb to make reservation if you're heading there!

 Sunday 11/8
 Trip to Ikea! It's been long since i've been there. It was sad because the standard of their meatballs dropped significantly :( Nevertheless, the wings and the desserts save the day!

Sunday is the dress down day!

Meet my Mr.Strawbie ^.^

AND MY FAVE SNACK IN IKEA. So awesome i got 3 tubes of em'

Shall end here! Will be back for more updates.

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