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Shokubutsu "我i健康自然美2013" contest x Chiso Zanmai x Korean BBQ Manbok Galbi x Singapore Grand Prix: F1 x BIG BANG

Hey guys!

I'm prolly having some post-bigbang syndrome aft seeing them on Friday.... *fangirl mode on*
Lucky for me, my Aunt gave me two F1 tickets so i brought nia along! It was such an awesome night :)
(And i believed those at Hardwell had a great one too! It's a pity that i wasn't be able to be there tho)
So here's a quick weekly update ever since i'm back from Taiwan and those that have not read it yet...

You can click here for Taipei Day 1-3 (Part I)
And click here for Taipei 4-7 (Part II)

Alright so here are some happenings for the past week!

So i somehow got into the Top 10 for the Shokubutsu "我i健康自然美2013" contest..
please do vote for me, C10 Tay Zhi Yan hehe Thank you, much appreciated! :)
As total votes will be counted as 10% of the final result.
How to Vote?
Key In: ID C10 (your IC number) (your name) (your age) (sex M or F) (your email) 
and message it to 1460 73388 to vote for me hehe.
Remember to leave a space after typing each detail :)
So an example : ID C10 9XXXXXXF Eugenia Koh 19 F

Each message costs 32 cents and thank you if you've vote for me ^^ mua xx
you can find this at i-weekly facebook page here or i guess in their magazine

Alright back to my weekly updates.......
The day before i left for Taiwan, went to have Chiso Zanmai with my godparents!

6 Eu Tong Sen Street | #02-17 
The Central, Clarke Quay
It's a Japanese Buffet and remember to make reservations before heading there. It's pretty filled up when we got there and i believe walk-ins will have to wait for quite a long time (since it's buffet some people will take their own sweet time to refill their tummy on & on)

The big signage leading us to the restaurant and my sis just had to photobomb. (She photobomb-ed countless times btw)

It's really spacious inside!

With the view of Clarke Quay hehe

Wide variety of Jap food and i'm gna flood you with them, enjoy!

Lucky us got seats beside the hugeass windowsill

Not being a fan of Jap food, i think that it wasn't worth it for me to go for a Jap Buffet as i don't eat delicacies like raw salmons, yellow tails, clams, etc. (Yeah and you must be thinking "Wow you're missing out on alot" rn hahahah! (It's okay i get that often when i tell my friends that i don't take salmon or raw stuffs) Their reactions are like 100 times more dramatic and hilarious.


And i'll be like 


Anyway, the price was affordable and the comments from my godparents etc were okay so.. worth to give it a try Jap food lovers! :) There's a vast variety of food there and they changes menu every month so do check them out at their fb page.

16 Sept, Monday

Finally a met up with my babes that just came back from US! 
The highly raved Manbok Galbi Korean BBQ with da tltbz + sam & zav!

Korean BBQ Restaurant Manbok Galbi
63 Tanjong Pagar Road

Manbok Korean BBQ serves authentic Korean food that you must not miss!!! It definitely can be on par with my favorite ssikkek korean grill bbq ^^ 

Not only do they serve high & good quality Korean beef/meat, the Korean owners there were fun and friendly! (handsome as well hahahaha). They will go around helping you to grill and cut the meat!

If you manage to spot the difference below hahahah! 

 Sam! Finally meeting him after donkey months

small and cosy bbq place and what fascinates me was that the shop doesn't reek of strong bbq smell! Really like those in Korea!!!!! Daebak hahahaha

Ordered 2 x SET C (Beef & Pork) 2~3PAX
There are 8 of us but we decided to order 2 sets and it turns out just nice for us. Okay maybe not for the sam & zav haha so i guess just order more for guys! :)

While waiting for the foodies to arrive, prezzies from the US babes! Gervi & Sheryl :)
Tokyo Banana for everyone. Super love the packaging, so pretty.

And the surprise gift they got back from US for the guys..............

A picture with zijun while waiting~~

And Gervina!!! (am super thankful for her!) 

Hungry us waiting for the meat but only the veges came :( hahahaha it wasn't a long wait tho because the restaurant is totally filled!

The Korean boss that was delivering food to us decided to smile for my cam when i was fiddling with it. Haha super cute one, he just grabbed sam's shoulder for a picture together! 
Not only that, he saw the guys' surprise gifts and gave us the ashamed & cheeky face becos' dear sam just left it lying on the table HAHAHA and it got all of us bursting into laughter!!

Mushrooms that looks like elephant ears LOL


Seafood pancake from the ala-carte menu, it was good! Be sure to try their Kimchi pancake, looks delicious too.

And here's the handsome server i was talking about hahahaaha *.*

Only one side of the table and it's already filled!!!

Nicely placed for us by the server :)

A few mins after attacking it.....


Helping the other side too, AND THE LAMP JUST GOT TO BLOCK HIS FACE ZZZZ hahaha


Happy couple! Sheryl & Weikang (A great thanks to him for our group photo at the end kang-ge!!!!)

Buff boys, Samuel & Zavier!

My pretty babes, Jorgine & Gervina

With zjzjzjzj <3

Can't wait to devour the Tokyo Banana so here i go....

The cute keychain found inside that got stoled by zijun SOB

Total bill was $181.50! I find the quality of meat and the thumbs up service worth the price :). I'm definitely going back to try the other Korean food they've got too!!!! Yum 

Great company, delicious food... what's more to ask for? :)
Photo taking credit to weikang

And a photo with my girlies <3 

 Hi lol

Welcome back to sg girls!!!
Gervina <3 

& not missing out our mama Sheryl! :*

Blur pic with zj but i posted it because i think she looks good here LOL if not ltr kp me say i post ugly pic hhahahaha

With samsam <3~

 Just Sam trying to show us that he can angle the cam very well......

 So here's his angle............ HAHAHA what do you think?!

A great night catching up with them of course! Always feel good to have them around xx

TGIW pictures for this week :)
With regina back with us! 

Me, Reg, Eug, Jess, Shiyun & Natnat! Muackkkks

Next..20 Sept, Friday

As i've mentioned at the start of the post, went to catch F1 with twin and i purposely chose yesterday's tix because of........ BIG BANG!!!!! (VIDS & PICS AT THE END OF POST) You wouldn't want to imagine what was i like yesterday....
who the hell was i?! wahaha

Waited for nia to knock off and a picture of my outfit for that day!
Giraffe Printed Top from Taiwan with Topshop Black Zip wrap A-line skirt

And..........pardon me and my super candid face.


I thought it was hilarious so i decided to post it on my blog!

*Shake dat ass* 

Last but not least, one of my fav image hoping to erase the above.... HAHAHAHA

Had a difficult time finding our gate.. so we ended up having dinner at Raffles City when we were supposed to head to Raffles Place. In the train on the way~~~

Nia introduced me Once upon a milkshake, she guessed i'll go for the Strawberry one....

The people working there wasn't very friendly and their attitude kind of sucky. The Raffles City branch
Anw, an advice if you're having it by yourself... just get the mini one cause it's really filling.

Us sipping~~

With our F1 tics!! ^.^

Happy Happy

My solo pic :)

Lucky us chanced upon this Ramen shop by random and to our surprise, it's pretty good & affordable for ramen 
Daikokuya Ramen Dining at Raffles City (Basement)

What we always do hahahaha behind the scene!

Delicious Okonomiyaki Gyoza

Dry ramen with pork that tastes delicious!!

Salad with ramen, equally good with the thousand island sauce hidden inside.


 And off for some F1 Action after dinner!!!! It was so hot i was sweating crazily but it was worth it teehee

Accidentally took a shot while checking my face hahaha 

Sitting at the Grandstand before heading to BIGBANG!!

The F1 car was so fast i can hardly capture it on camera. As you can see below there's a rly blur image on the tracks!! It's really cool

Well, this being the only thing i was looking forward to, BIG BANG!!!
Lucky us managed to enter the fanzone as we arrived pretty late. Literally went crazy when they appeared hahahaha it felt so surreal i swear.

Tried taking clear & nice pictures (like everyone else) but kinda fail so i chose those better pics from my cam hahaha! And instavids of my favorite GD and everyone else at the end <3 <3 Fucken dope!!! 


His side view and it's so perfect alrd omg

ENJOY!!! :)

From my instagram,
 And short instavids from twin's


Will post more vids & blog about one of the most delicious Tonkatsu in SG in the next post! :)

Till then,

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