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TAIPEI DAY 4 (Jiu Fen九份 x Shi Fen十分 ) + TAIPEI DAY 5 (Jay Chou's Restaurant Mr.J 義法廚房II x Wufenpu x Muse/Babe 18 + TAIPEI DAY 6 (Danshui 淡水老街) + LAST DAY x List of Food in Taipei

Hey guys!
This post will be on the remaining 4 days i had in Taipei. To be exact, 3 days (major sob)
And if you have not read my Day 1, 2 & 3 post, you can click here ^^

Our Itinerary for Day 4:
Jiu Fen 九份 > Shi Fen 十分 > Ximending Ya Rou Mian

Say hi to my new cap i got in XMD! Haha i'm not a cap person but the floral design caught my eye!
Spend our Day 4 a九份 (Jiu Fen) & 十分(Shi Fen). I like travelling to mountainous area because of the simple and tranquil life there. Not forgetting the clean air, such a nice short getaway from hectic and busy life in sg/taipei!

Just me sipping on to my fav strawb milk while waiting for the guys as usual hah

During our car ride to Jiu Fen! The journey was abt 45mins so all of us started doing nonsense to entertain ourselves.

We the fatty twins of singapore

Some sexy lips for you

The art of taking pictures while looking down hahhaha

Attempt 2

(inserts caption)

We were dancing and shaking our head crazily in the cab hahaha it was so hilarious. I bet the cab driver regretted the moment he agreed to drive us.

And finally Sean's big head appeared *TADA*

He stole my cap.

(fill in the blanks)
(inside joke hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha continue guessing)

Spot a guy digging gold...........LOL

Peace yo

With Roy!

Wo men shi Jiu fen de shuai ges



Ever wondered how it looks like behind the scene?

 handsome boys

World of Condoms LOL went in to have a look hahahah

Bad banana hahaha omg

Popular desert stall spotted just look at the queue! It's something like Blackballs. Chewy balls of different flavor with green bean!

The dry version which i've yet to try

Since it's cold it is really refreshing and thirst quenching but all of us were starving as it was the first meal and dish we had...... 

When you go Taiwan, XIANG CHANG (sausage) is a must-have! Their Sausages are the best!!! *thumbs up

An elderly couple doing this icecream popiah thing which is one of the popular snack in JiuFen, you have to try it!

My twin's sexy ass

Popiah filled with peanuts and icecream damn nice!!!

 A cutie group photo

And myy outfit for that day with my cap ^^

In the car otw to Shi Fen now!!! :)
Babe18 chop still there... LOL i think if zouk uses the same chop as them you can see my hand filled with permanent chops lol

Some 4 bucks ring i got from xmd hahaha

Can you guess what are those tiny things in the sky!!!

Look at the bridge! It's scarily pretty haha

Think they look cool? Think again.
THEY WERE WAILING IN PAIN HAHAHAHAHA but adjusted to it after a short while. *kids pls do not attempt to do this and lie on your bed afterwards cause it's rly dirty. All of them just had to lie on mine -_-

Isit we are lovers previous life LOL KIDDING
with le twin~~


 With Roy! And my really bad eyebags lol

Just roy tryna act cool HAHAA

SO, the main reason for a trip to Shi Fen is for the sky lanterns!!!
It's my first putting sky lanterns therefore.........AM VERY EGGCITED WHEN I GOT THERE!!!!

Firecrackers: *BOMMZAAZAZA*

Each color have got their different representatives.
Red: Happiness
Orange: Wealth & Fortune
Yellow: Studies
Green: Growth? LOL
Blue: Hope, Dreams
Purple: Romantic, Sweetness
White: Health, Peaceful
Pink: Happiness, Love
Peach pink: Romance, Chance
ok now call me genius tay for translating all of the below

"zai, buff & gao de nan peng you" LOL guess who wrote this. 


(I've always wanted to put the Sky Lantern with my boyfriend (like the one in the apple of my eye show)

Aiya but it only looks so nice and romantic in show lor. Super decieving, i've always thought it'd be romantic slow and cool because

In reality it looks like this:

Look at our wishes written on the Sky Lantern hahaha

Spot the excited me that have just finished snapping the arrival of the train.

Got some niu nai ji dan gao while waiting for the driver to send us back to Ximending!

Had the famous "YA ROU MIAN" in Ximending.
It's highly recommended by me hahahaha because it's rly so good!!! We happened to walk past it so gave it a try since it was under my "LIST OF FOOD TO TRY IN TAIPEI"

Directions: Exit 6 of Ximen station > Rainbow Lobby > Walk straight into alley & walk to end > will see signboard
It's really easy to spot since it was one huge sign there!

For the duck noodles you can choose "beehoon" or normal "noodles" I will recommend you to opt for their noodles. Because the beehoon one tastes really bland and they are famous for the Duck Noodles after all!

The duck that got all our tum satisfied :p

Next up...DAY 5
Our Itinerary for Day 5:
Jay Chou's Restuarant Mr J French-Italian Restaurant II (Mr.J 義法廚房II) > Wu Fen Pu > Ximending > Muse/ Babe 18

Alert to all Jay Chou's fans!
The restaurant that you must go when you are at Taipei is.................
his restaurant of course lol. There's a few branches and they are all in different theme. We went to the one which has the "Secret" show theme. If you guys have watched the show...... (i rly love that movie and have watched them i think more than 20 times LOL i will play the show whenever i just got home. I RMB VIVIDLY N IT WAS CRAZY. I wasn't even a die-hard fan of Jay Chou.

Anyway, ya this show 不能说的秘密

Directions to the restaurant:

For people taking Subway: Take to Taipei City Hall, Exit 2, take escalator up to ground level, turn right and you will see many shuttle bus stops. There is a shuttle bus every 15 minutes from 7am-7pm, take the one to Taipei Medical University Once you alight from the shuttle bus (ask the bus driver if you are confused), walk to the right of the main building entrance (Taipei Hospital) towards the Library and you will see Mr J’s restaurant in a glass building
For lazy people taking the easy way like us (LOL): Cab to Taipei Medical University and follow the directions aftermath stated above ^ If you are lost, just ask around because everyone there knows where it is hahahha. 

Us walking to the restaurant 

The circular glass building!

Finally reached our destination. Make sure you don't go to the wrong one because they've moved quite long ago.

Jon never fails to make me laugh.
HAHA he's gna kill me

Scenes from the movie *.*

Even the servers were dressed up as the high schoolers that were in the show! 

Spacious building and spot the significant piano!!

WAH *.*

ok close enough

So we decided to do the look up pose cos we think we cool lol

A shot with twin & roy~

And a candid shot!

Such nice table-top settings and ambiance but they used paper as their "table cloth" lollll

Alien LOL

Blending in with the background hahahahahah

You will understand the below if you've watched the show!

Yes, i think i'm musically talented.
Just look at this

Here comes the garlic bread! And it was a total wipe out cos all of us were sooooo hungry. We waited for the food for close to an hour zzz. It kept our hungry tumz waiting & we suspected it was greatly because of Jon's middle finger picture lolol (shall not post as i might offend some Jay Chou's fans hahahaha)

Attempting to annoy roy with my annoying face,

but he ended up smiling along hahaha!

Sean & Nia

Lovin' my contacts. hahaha have been wearing this brand for almost two years!

This reminds me of the BAD BANANA PIC ABOVE LOL

Taiwan's milktea is da best!

Turkey ham & corn soup that took forever to arrive. 


My Spicy Scallop Linguine which was one of their specialty pasta.

I was quite surprised at this because it tastes good- beyond my expectations or maybe cos i was really hungry hahaha

Sean's Chicken Penne
I'm not a fan of super cheesy-based pasta so....

Roy's Mentaiko Pasta
I think this was pretty good! Worth to order ^^

Twin's Garlic Jumbo Prawn Pasta
Prawn lovers will love this, the prawn was so juicy and fresh, thumbs up :D But the pasta's base could've been better.

Not forgetting the Taiwanese Chicken Pizza when all of us were already FULL, very. We didn't managed to finish it so we ask for a take-away but silly us forgot to bring it along when we left. YES, TAKEAWAY BUT WE LEFT IT ON THE TABLE lol wasted!!!


Campception lol

Jon'Baked Salmon broccoli penne which arrived the last.

Chocolate truffle cake for our dessert.

Yes, the takeaway that we've totally forgotten about it :(

The total bill was 2,604NT which was about $113SGD. So one person is approx $22SGD omg it's so worth it!!! Given the quantity we ate and the quality of the food. A plus point if you like Jay Chou.

Went for some shopping at Wufenpu becos we can't get enough of it!!! I bought almost the whole shop down.... hahaha was crazily tired after shopping, went back to the hotel for a rest before heading out at night.

All the new clothes were thrown onto my bed because i was busy trying them on and look at the mess I've made. LOL

This was how our Room looks like after we came back for 5-10mins LOL

Just lazy and untidy me lying on da bed hahaha

Wanted to try something new so we headed over to Muse.
Location: 12F., No.138, Sec. 4, Civic Blvd., Songshan District, City 105, Taipei
Sad to say, it wasn't as fun as we thought it will be. We are just paying to watch the Tai meis that were dancing on the stage. I've no idea what were they dancing either, just twistin ard hahaha. But they've got really cool bartenders *.*

 And so, the crowd miraculously appeared after the babes went up the stage! And da guyz started salivating HAHAHA esp jon

We ended up hopping back to Babe 18! And the promoters were really friendly.

Sean & Eug

Jon & Eug

Me & Roy 

With Eug & Sean

Hi Sean~~~
And i shall end Day 5 with a pic of me semi-seh with Roy HAHAHAH. It's been long since you've last saw me with my hair up yeahhhhh

Next up... Day 6
Our Itinerary for Day 6:
Danshui 淡水>  Back to XMD for some last min shopping hehe

I really liked Danshui and i think it's a destination people must go when they visit Taipei!!!! 

For those who are interested in sightseeing, i suggest you guys head to Danshui Fisherman's Wharf (淡水漁人碼頭) where the Lover's Bridge is located at! I've went there previously with my family (not my lover sob) haha it's just a place that is super windy and have got awesome scenery (with the sea surrounding you). 
We didn't head there this time round, we only visited the Danshui Old Street and waterfront (淡水老街) which is the popular tourist destination in Danshui!

It's easy to head to Danshui Old Street, you'll just have to take the Subway & alight at Danshui Station

Sad me on the subway because technically it's the last day :(

With twin hehe. choochoo

Got up really late so by the time we arrived at Danshui it was about 3-4pm. Grab some small bites found at the station cos all of us were starving~

The fierce me

The romantic twin that resorts to kissing her fish LOL

Try this bubble tea, the shop is called "50cent" or smtg. IT'S ONE OF DA BEST! 

My cutiepies


Always helping them to take group shot because i'm such a good photographer *flicks hair*

This is called

Accidentally took a shot of myself while changing the camera's settings and i thought i look  RLY FUNNY SO HERE IT IS. Just for laugh HAHAHAHA

Post this cos Jon finally looks okay


Twin's sexy way of drinking a bubble tea LOL

This is a REAL GUY!!! He was moving really slowly like a robot and kudos to him because he's really good despite doing it under the scorching sun! We started mimicking him and moves like robots too hahahaha

I thought this was funny LOL

Sean was busy buying his donuts!!!

A scenic view one will not see in sg lol

Happy Sean with his donuts~

Finally arrived at Danshui Old Streets after wasting time lingering around the Station scavenging for food.

The First Stop, Fried Chicken

As usual, the must have TAIWAN XIANG CHANG that is found almost everywhere

Twin & Jon

Splitting Sausage 
guys watch out if you cheat on your girls hahaha ok i'm kidding ya

Drinks to quench our thirst!!!

The mega tall mainstream icecream

Hehe me acting cool with my ribbon headband

Super like this pic hehe credits to twin

While waiting for the guys that MIA-ed 

i ruv her <3

And finally found them again

Climbing up to get a better view....


Trying hard to take a selfie with the awesome back view but Jon had to photobomb

A picsy with twin

The bunch of people that gave me so much new memories :)

I took these cool photos call me master hahahah

Jon with twin at the back flaring her nostrils LOL

Some Fried Prawn Dumpling we have to try cos many were seen eating them!

Walked for almost a few hours and found a dessert shop to rest our tired legs. Realised we slept alot during this trip and rest pretty early..... FAINT

A blur picture of me with a drawing that Sean drew and claimed that HE'S DRAWING ME. I think he got F for Art hahahahahah

Selfies of me cos i can't get enough of my ribbon headband 

Let me end off with Danshui awesome scenery and an instavid of me taken there :)

An instavid to conclude our trip to Danshui :)

Headed back to Ximending and discovered some heavenly BBQ that is rly cheap and worth it because there's free flow of haagen daaz. Took the BBQ pics from twin's cam becos i left mine in the hotel!!!

Me walking to our table feeling excited thinking of the amount of cows that's entering my tum

One of the unglam nia took, this is probably not the worst.
She loves taking and posting unglam pic of me but it's ok cos i'm cool like that LOL

Spacious inside!

The variety of meat i can hardly tell which is which

But the one below that's rectangle in shape is my fav COS IT'S BEEF!!! 

All along thinking that this was fish glue (points below), i asked them to try it cos i love it and it's a must have when having steamboat in sg. So smarty me went to cook it in the steamboat section and gave it to them AND Jon ended up loving it because he said it tastes like kwaytiao to him. BUT the epic thing was when i was being told by the server that these are skins used to wrap the beef AND NOT WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS, FISHGLUE LOL 
 (Taiwanese used them to wrap the meat and eat it like how Korean uses lettuce to wrap their delicious meat and savor it.)
How embarrassing *~*

I love the potato salad and tanghoon i had two servings of this!

Jellies that were really good too!

Feast for the 4 of us while Sean went back to rest since he wasn't hungry

Icy drinks i likey~

*sizzle sizzle*

With roy rocking our specs tgt hehe

And jon and eugenia rocking their cappps

Super tired and shag us haha

LOL overdose of beef

Free flow haagen daaz. This is life~~
Yes, my favorite strawbie ice cream for myself of course.

Back at the hotel
-satisfied happy face but it's gna be the last day here :( -

Just me struggling to stuff all my things inside my luggage and the big bag i bought because my luggage can burst ANYTIME VS. twin's surprisingly neat and tidy luggage

And the day that i dread of finally came.......... last day in Taiwan :( boo x100000

Last Day at Taipei


Twin is sad too LOL

Didn't managed to have my Yonghe DouJiang zzz one of my regrets. Sigh because all of us woke up rly late so we had to head straight to the Airport :(
And the typical meal you will have at the airport.....

Didn't get to eat my YongKang Beef Noodles :( so used this to make myself feel better but NOOOOOO i believe yk one is so much better zz

Meet the substitute we got for Yong he dou jiang.
So regretful siggggghhhh

And back to Singapore!
Took Vid & Pics with twin while the guys toh in the plane. So we just had to entertain ourselves with our face meh

We suddenly felt rich in the plane so we bought  pringles worth $3. THIS SIZE 


Goodbye Taiwan i'll be coming back for you one day~~

Before i end,
Here are some of the foodies i've not mentioned above and wanted to try but i didn't have the chance to... sadly :(
You should give it a try and tell me how is it!! haha
Nevertheless, rmb to try all the food i've mentioned above because all of them are so good i promise you!

1. Yong Kang Beef Noodle Soup
No. 17, Lane 31, Jinshan S. Rd., Sec.2(a few blocks from Yongkang St), (02)2351-1051
Hours: 11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-8pm.

2. Dazzling Cafe (Near Club Luxy building)
No. 11, Alley 7, Lane 205, Section 4, Zhōngxiào East Rd, Daan District  Taipei City, Taiwan 106  Recommended: Truffle fries & Honey Toast. 

3. Jacky Wu's Desert Shop (The Sweet Dynasty) 吴宗宪的店 (糖潮
Exit 4 Zhong Xiao Dun Hua Station

4. San Yuan Chinese Cuisine 三源
ATT4FUN, No. 12, Song Shou Rd, 5F, 台北市松壽路124F, (02) 7737-5088
Taipei City Hall Station
Recommended: Xiao long bao, Rice cakes, Steamed chocolate buns.

5. Aoki Sadaharu (Bella Vita) 
For macarons lover
*near taipei101

6. Hong Sao Beef Noodle/Taoyuan Jie Niu Ro Mian/ 红烧牛肉
No. 15 Taoyuan St. Ximenting 西门丁 
Exit 3 Ximen Station

I shall stop here and if you've got any queries, feel free to ask me at or leave down a comment!

You can also tweet me at @zhiyantay

Till then,



  1. Hey! Can I check how much you paid for the transport from XMD to Jiufen/Shifen?
    You guys hired a private cab?


  2. Hey there! From XMD to jiufen was abt 1000NT & from jiufen to shifen was ard 1000NT too! We took the big cab and it's rly worth it since there's 5 of us! It's easy getting cab too :)

  3. Hi.. may I know the address for the BBQ u had? or roughly where the restaurant is located at XMD.. Thks~

    1. Hi there :) here's the address!
      No. 36, Hanzhong St, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108, Taiwan
      Tel: 02-2381-0238