Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TAIPEI DAY 1 (Ariel Le Cafe x Shilin 士林夜市) + TAIPEI DAY 2 (Ah Zhong Mian Xian x Wufenpu x Raohe 饒河夜市) + TAIPEI DAY 3 (DTF x Modern Toilet Restuarant x Club Luxy/ Babe18)

Hey guys!
I'm back from Taiwan and here am i for some updates since i've been gone for almost a week.
I'm doing a post on the first 3 days... because there are too many pictures i can't squeeze all of them into one post haha. I'll just post all the raw pictures since I'M SO LAZY TO PUT THE EFFECT OR WTV be prepared for some unglams too hahahaha.
And i'm super glad that i did not gain weight after 7 days in Taiwan ^^
(instavideo are at the end of the post)

Our Itinerary for Day 1:
Taoyuan Airport > Hou Che Zhan > Taipei Main Station > Shilin Night Market

I'm missing the feeling of Day 1 when all of us were feeling frenzy and excited to leave sg for taiwan!! :( Super duper miss everything that happened there especially the cheap and delicious street food, clean hotel room and the convenience of getting around in Taipei.
We cabbed almost to everywhere since there were five of us so it's relatively cheap too! We did take the subway since it's pretty simple (not as complicated as those in Japan/Korea)

Face of Day 1 (still in sg)

Some Penang Culture foodies at airport with papa tay & sis before meeting the rest :)

Met the rest, checked-in and YAY IT'S TIME TO GOOOOOO!!! Happy me smiling with my cutie passport hahahaha and presenting to you my weird airport outfit

 In the plane whoohoo all of us were so excited but EXTREMELY TIRED as well

Super love all of them! 

You can actually differentiate her camera's pics and mine becosthe lightnings are so different. MINE'S BTR OF COS HEHEHE


After almost 5 hours of flight.. 
And since we took the 1am flight.... all of us were in zombies state when we reached our hotel. In addition, we can't check in once we got there because the hotel only allowed us to check in at 3pm.
TIME WAS PASSING SO SLOWLY cos we reached about 7am plus so we have about 6 hours to waste ... and we were about to die of exhaustion.
So lesson learnt: Wrong move to go on a midnight flight if you are like me, someone that is not able to sleep in plane sob.

The Hotel that we tried was Hotel Puri. It's located in the midst of Ximending AND I CAN SAY IT'S RLY GOOD. You can take this hotel into consideration if your purpose to Taipei are like us: Shop, Play & Eat 
1. Because it's super convenient. (Since it's located in the midst of a hustling shopping district and the subway is like what, a minute walking distance?! How convenient!! Furthermore, there's a hi-life convenience store only a few shops away. and and and
Super plus point of this hotel for girls are.... THERE'S A MAKE-UP SHOP RIGHT OPPOSITE THE HOTEL!!! It sells lotsa makeups and 3CE Makeups are available there as well!!! ^.^ Heaven for girls hahaha

2. Excellent service. (The hotel staffs are really friendly, if you need to book a cab or suggestions to any nightclubs/food places practically anywhere, they will flood you with awesome ideas and they are really helpful! But one of them was over-friendly till an extent it scares both me & twin hahaha. )

3. Clean & almost new facilities.

Model for the hotel hahaha

Their Lobby!

Group photo... oh nooo i'm missing them & taiwan :(

With nia & roy photobombed HAHAHA

Super tired face cos we have not slept yet T^T

Since we've got 6 hours to spare before we check in.... 
We decided to go get some breakfast. However, since it's still early in the morning, not many shops were open :( We settled for some japalang shop haha

Hungry guyss


Potato Salad

Went back to the Hotel Lobby to rest because everyone couldn't take it. Roy, Jon & I went to the super nearby convenience shop to get some drinks.... and we ended up with TAIWAN BEER HAHAH

Who drinks beer early in the morning?! US LOL

Halfway about 12pm? Woke them up and went to Hou Che Zhan at Taipei Main Station. 
Went to Q Square and there's a really good cafe that i want to introduce you guys! A must-try if you happen to alight at Taipei Main Station. 

Q Square Location
No. 1號, Section 1, Chéngdé Rd, 
Datong District, 
Taipei City, Taiwan 103
Nearest Station: Taipei Main Station
(Head out towards the right and cross the over-head bridge)

Ariel Le Cafe
(Located in QSquare, 2nd Floor)
Must Try: Waffles, Coffee 

Really good Tiramisu which left us ordering for more. They were having some promotion for it so whenever we ordered tiramisu, we will get some lucky drawwww. We drew a free tiramisu and 20% off another tiramisu LOL which is quite lame cos we thought it was 20% off the total bill hahaha 

Sesame Mont Blanc

Some soydrink twin ordered with cotton candy on top. I will not suggest you to order this hehhh TRY THEIR COFFEEE instead

MUST-ORDER. This is one of the best here. Mango Waffles with Mango icecream too!

Shopped ard in Q square and went back to the Hotel to check in and rest before heading to Shilin at night!

A tour in our small hotel room haha

I miss their super comfy bed. A bad thing is that there's a temple located near the hotel so you can actually hear ppl chanting early in the morning sometimes LOL but since i sleep alot it doesn't really affect me la hahaha

Filled with lotsa movies channel!

Slept for a few hours then time to head to Shilin night market for dinner :)
Outfit for the night!

Shilin Night Market (Exit 1 at Jiantan Station)
(Recommended dishes in Shilin are stated after the pictures)

One of the highly raved street snacks in Shi lin,
Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang 大腸包小腸/ Small Sausage in Big Sausage.
The Small Sausage is actually made up of gultinous rice and some veges like pickles, while the big sausage is the normal pork sausage!

 Another popular snack, 
Qi Shi Ma Ling Shu (Cheese Potato)

And the must have, JI PAI!!!! 
Chicken Cutlet

 My fave among all the other street snacks in shilin

 Shilin is really big, there are also all kind of games which you can't find in a typical pasar malam. But the concept is more or less the same!

This is how they prawn:

Some highly recommended dishes you gotta try in Shilin:
刀削面, 猪肝, 蚵仔煎, 大腸包小腸,  大香, 蕃茄沾姜汁
炒花枝油抄手等, 生炒花枝羹, 十全排骨

I love my minion hehe so qt

And i shall end Day 1 post with  loots of Day 1

Next up... DAY 2 IN TAIPEI!
Our Itinerary for Day 2:
XMD Ah Zhong Mian Xian > Wu Fen Pu > Raohe Night Market

Outfit for Day 2 :)

Went to have the popular "Ah Zhong Mian Xian" for lunch at ximending before heading to crazy shopping at Wu Fen Pu

While waiting for the guys to be awake..... 
During the whole trip the most difficult part was waking all of them up omgggg. I think i'm the best alarm clock in the world. Still walk to their room to wake them up (since our room was on the first floor and the guys were on the third floor.. i've to go an extra mile to take the lift when i'm so sleepy) and ring their bell like a thousand times before someone EVENTUALLY gets the door lol!

You may ask, what about my twin? 
ALSO ANOTHER PIG HAPPILY SLEEPING. Sighpie sad life i've got hahahaha

Yummy pudding you can get at any convenience shop

Here it is!!! The must have Ah Zhong Mian Xian.
Just less than a few mins walk from the hotel! ^.^

Happy us with our meesuas!
Mine is the one without intestines and oysters hahaha bleh

They really lived up to their name!

Warning! To Chili Lovers: The chili sauce seems mild and innocent lying there.. but in fact, IT'S REALLY SPICY.
Don't end up like me & jon.. we added 4-5 scoops of chili into the bowl and almost died (just look at the amount of chili i've spammed below) 
Jon ended up having free lupchiong lips

Attempting to take a group photo in the middle of Ximending before leaving for Wu Fen Pu!

In the Jie Yun (their term for MRT) otw to Wu Fen Pu!

Mini guide on how to get to  五分埔 (Wu Fen Pu) using their subway,
Take to Hou Shan Pi Station, Exit 1. Walk along Zhongpo N. Rd. till the intersection of Zhongpo N. Rd and Yongji Rd. Wu Fen Pu starts on the left and the shops open ard 2pm. Try not to go on Mondays as their new stocks arrive on Mondays so the store owners will be pretty busy stocking up. Go on Tuesday like us! :) The perfect timing! 

Heaven for both sexes! Filled with clothes, clothes and more clothes. Never-ending shopping, even the guys love this place!

 Attention on Jon's sexy ass

So all of them decided to show me their sexy asses.

Shopped for almost 4 hours before heading to Raohe Night market for street foodies as all of us were tired and hungry after some crazy shopping.

Raohe Night Market is only 5-10 mins walking distance from Wufenpu!
From Wufenpu, walk to Songshan Railway Station (not metro) and look out for signs pointing to Raohe Night Market. 

On our way to Raohe!


Some disgusting mochi LOL

These scallops are good! The person grilled it followed by splattering the different seasonings onto it. We chose the mixed seasoning since it's the popular one.

Different Flavors.

Japanese Okonomiyaki was really popular among Taiwanese. Worth to give it a try because it's different from the one you taste it in SG.

All the hungry pigssss

The name of this stall caught our attention. It says "Yong Chun Quan" so we decided to give it a try and it turns surprisingly good!

Vege, Fish, Pork & Beef to choose from :)

Wrapping the goodness up!!!!! Can't wait for it to be in my tum

This looks cool so decided to give it a try too. It's flour with red bean & green bean inside. Tastes not bad since it's cold. Good for dessert!

Cripsy Pork Strips which all of us got to bring back sg. 


Super shag photo with jon hahaha 

Ordered two because we were too greedy HAHAH the portion we ordered is enough for 10 ppl.

One of the best Lu Rou Fan with spareribs soup 

Looks simple. YET DELICIOUS

Filled with seafood so poor sean can't eat itttttt.

Egg in egg

There are 3 flavors, Chocolate, Butter & Cheese.

Another simple street snack that turns out suprisingly good! Quail Egg + Prawn

The display set which we were guessing if it's real or fake

Something you wouldn't want to miss when you come to raohe,

The one below is a waste of my calories hahahaha not niceeeeeee just plain hotdog and flour?

I miss the squid!!! :(

The first stall you will see when you walk in Raohe. But we got this the last because the queue was too long at first. 

We found a caucasian making the Hu jiao bing haha

This HU JIAO BING.... thumbs up ^~^

All the street foodies i mentioned above are all recommended EXCEPT the mochi (the first one) which was horrid. 
After a day of crazy shopping and tasting of awesome street snacks, all of us got so tired....... and mad. 

Sean & Roy

 The guys LOL

The girls turn LOL HHAHAAH
Stare at my face now. It will appear in your dreams tonight muahahaha ^.^

I shall end Day 2 with Day 2 shopping loots ^.^

And the aftermath of going wufenpu...when i got back to hotel.............
Crazy amount of heavy plastic bags

Our Itinerary for Day 3:
Din Tai Feng (Zhong Xiao Fu Xing branch) > Xi Men Ding (Toilet Bowl Restuarant) > Luxy/ Babe 18

Outfit for Day 3.
With my favorite Green Parka Jacket! Super love.

WHILE WAITING FOR THE GUYS AS USUAL. (Blame them if you keep seeing my selfies hahaha cos i've got ntg to do)

Headed to SOGO at Zhong Xiao Fu Xing where the Dintaifung is located at!
Take the subway and alight at Zhongxiaofuxing station

Happy girl with my favorite strawbie Häagen-Dazs. It's my favorite icecream hehe.

Jon's macadamia nut icecream

Tried their beard papa because there's............

Sg should totally have this flavor lor it's damn niceeee better than the mainstream vanilia

Dintaifung for our late lunch! It's relatively cheap comparing to dtf in sg. So we ate all we can since it's brunch hahahaha and a very late one.


Appetizer Cold dish

Original XLB

Wanton in Spicy sauce

DTF's all time pork cutlet fried rice.
I didn't tried the one in sg but heard from the guys sg one tastes better...?

 Sour & Spicy Soup

Spicy DANDAN mian

XLB with crab fillings inside. So qt there's this crabbie for indication

The noodle was good though! It was a little spicy for sean but the rest of us find it ok HAHAHA

My fave, with taro filling!!!


The total bill was 1,983NT so it's approx $86 SGD for 5 people which is rly quite cheap?!?! Normally just 2 or 3 ppl in sg DTF cost about 80plus or more? Other than being cheaper here, the taste is rather similar, nothing rly special! One of our really filling and satisfied meal though

Went back to Ximending for more make-up hauls and to the Toilet Bowl Restuarant before heading to Luxy & Babe18 in the night!!! 

Loots from SOGO.
(From Left to Right)
Benefit Lips Rouge / Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter / YSL TOUCHE ECLAT Radiant Touch Luminizing Pen

One of the best buys there. I think the price in SG is around the same though hahahahah 

More Make-ups i got from the shop opposite our hotel. It's called 86 Shop
You can go to their website and have a look! http://www.86shop.com.tw/
It looks like this from the outside

More Makeup hauls!

Caps gotten from XMD 

Modern Toilet Restaurant (Xi Men Ding)

Just me acting cute while shitting lol


You can write something on the card provided and throw into the bathtubs

Just cos drinkin' from the bottle is too mainstream. We love drinking from urinals now

Carbonara which tastes the best.

Spicy Seafood Pasta. 

Cheese sticks but the sauce stands out more.

We are all shitheads LOL.

After dining in the washroom, back to hotel to prepare for the night! *.*

pics w le twin before heading to lobby to meet da rest

Head to Luxy to have a look before going to Babe 18. 

With Roy outside ^.^

Super cool laser lights you will not get to see in singapore's club LOL

We were playing with the laser lights LOL

Babe 18 appeals to younger crowd i guess.. it's more of Sg's phuture hahaha.

Pictures time! :)
With jon & nia,

007, if you know what i mean

Group photo <3 <3

Da guyzzz

Try ALL the cocktails... if not you will regret because i can't find anyone that's not good! THE COCKTAILS ARE SO NICE!!! Can beat all of those in sg i swear hahaha
And at Babe 18, the drinks there are free flow. After drinking you can take your empty cup in exchange for another drink or just change for a band. The band makes it convenient for you so that you wouldn't have to carry your cup to the dancefloor. How thoughtful! hahaha

 All the different cocktails i forgot which is which

 Uh, invading the hi-life shop near our hotel after that LOL

The dry one was so good i bought 5 packets back sg hehehe.

And the highlight of Day 3, the way i sleep...............
 Tell me who can master the way i sleep?! What is kah kiao and sleep and i totally have no idea  till nia send me this pic the next day hahahaha

I shall end Day 1-3 here with a instavid i did before we head to luxy/babe18

Will be back to update on the rest of the days! Muaaaaa
To be continued on the next post


  1. how to get to club luxy / babe 18. if by cab around how much from XMD?

  2. I'm sorry I can't rly rmb but it's not really ex to cab from XMD! And I think it's easier :)