Thursday, October 31, 2013

Group Therapy Cafe x Zouk Halloween Party 13'

Hey guys! ٩(•̮̮̃-̃)۶

One of my outfits to school!

So...before i go into the Halloween post, let me share with you another awesome Brunch place i've recently went to! (suitable to bring along a big group of friends)
And that place is...

Group Therapy Café
Located: 49 Duxton Road #02-01
6222 2554
Left early during SP Orange Day so we thought that it was a good idea to have brunch at the Group Therapy Cafe! To my surprise, it turns out really more than what I've expected! They just started business when we reached but there were already a few people so..make reservations if you were to go during brunch time (their peak hours) and during the weekend i guess? You wouldn't want to leave without getting your tummy filled!

It's on the second floor!

Greeted by this welcoming and pretty design once we stepped in!

Great ambiance for friends to catch up over a brunch :)

Since we were early, there wasn't much people. So lucky us got the spacious & comfy sofa seats ٩(̃-̮̮̃-)۶

Meet our very own barrista gervina ≧◔◡◔≦

✿ Roasted Almond Latte & Caramel Cuppuccino 
They are famous for their coffees, do try the lattes! 

While waiting for the food to arrive, a picture with Zijun & Amelia!


 Baked Chilli Crab Pie 
"Chunks of real crab claw meat cooked in chilli crab sauce 
and baked in a sweet shortcrust butter pastry"
I think this tastes quite unique as you seldom find chili crab in pies yeah? Worth to try if you're in big groups, everything's btr in big groups cause you get to try more mains! ^^ 

 Shepherd’s Pie 
"Lean minced beef sautéed with carrots, beans & 
caramelized onions, topped with a layer of buttery mash"
From my point of taste... i think this tastes better and more legit than the one above. The original is always the best isn't it? :)

Poached Eggs
on thick toast, smoked salmon, gruyere, hollandaise
So poached eggs are the must-try in every brunch places righto? But the poached eggs here wasn't the best for me. I had a hard time removing the salmon though.........~.~
But overall it was okay!

The best part of ordering poach eggs......

 Truffled Ravioli 
"Round pasta cases stuffed with wild porcini mushrooms 
and truffles, topped with tomato basil sauce & parmesan cheese"
Picture doesn't do justice to this AT ALL. It looks normal but it's dammmmmn awesome. Imagine the feeling when the hot and savory fillings in the Ravioli burst into your mouth~ *salivates
I can eat this a million times and not get tired of it!

 Grilled Ham & Cheese Panini 
with swiss button mushrooms, rosemary,tomatoes & mozzarella cheese
Another main that i like. The combination of the above goes super well together :)

✿ Pistachio & Cranberry Scone
"A wedge scone baked with chopped pistachios & dried cranberries.
Served with butter & raspberry jam"
This was my favorite dessert! The pistachios were the PERFECT component in this. Hehe super good! Comes warm and heard from the server that this desert was baked by them personally ^^

✿ 4-layer Carrot Cake 
"Moist carrot cake all studded with raisins, walnuts and 
pineapple and a cream cheese ganache"
This was Gervina's favorite. I always thought that she's got a weird taste in food.....ok la i think al the girls in tltbz taste in food also damn weird HAHAHA jk no offence i still luv u all

✿ Caramel Granny Smith Apple Pie (served chilled)
"Layers of tart apple slices packed together in a spiced 
apple sauce and topped with buttery caramel"
They were super generous in giving the apples!!! Worth to try :)

The three above were recommended by the server and i thought the scone and apple pie were good, (i'm not a fan of carrot cake i still like the hawker one better LOL) 
BUT she didn't mention this (points below)
For chocolate lovers/ sweet tooth people, you should definitely order this!

✿ Snickers Tart 
"A party of vanilla nougat, caramel & peanuts encased in a 
crumbly tart and topped with milk chocolate"
 The best part in every meal 
(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

Here's our total bill! I think it's really better to go in big group b'cos you get to try different mains and it's super affordable after you split the bill (haha) Look at their cutesy receipt plate.

My simple ootd to brunch that day -

26/10 Saturday
also known as All Hallows' Eve
My friend was telling me "Halloween is a good season to dress slutty without being judged"
LOL i thought it was funny

So i went for USS Halloween few weeks ago (you can read the post here) but halloween did not stop for me! Headed for another Halloween party at Zouk on saturday :)
By the way, the Orlando USS looks way cooler (you can go check out their website damn cool). They've got walking dead mazes, insidious and many other scary movies coming to life. If only sg do the same!!!
Ok back to the topic...I went for Zouk's Halloween last year and regretted not dressing up back then! I felt so leftout (HAHA) since most people were dressed i decided to go for a mild dress-up this year and
i've decided to be a Vampire!!!
(Wanted to dress as the "mummy" with nia but it turns out to be a total failure and wastage of $.)

Booked a hotel at Furama with the clique before heading to party at night! ^.^

Was doing my Vampire makeup hahahaha
Pardon the smeared lipstick near my lips. (it was done on purpose)

With Zijun & Gervi and i'm trying to give the scary look LOL. 

The rest arrived shortly!
Trying to fit in everyone's faces Part I

Trying to fit in everyone's faces Part II
but still fail haha
With zj & sammm
Sam and his "HIGH ANGLE SHOT"

I was trying to cover the lipstick smeared beside my lips hahaha to look normal

 Blur shot of tltbz (missing of jorg!)

Climb onto the dressing table to do my makeup!!!

Here's some pictures from gervina's cam! Her camera's lighting looks better isn't it?
With her :)

Part of TLTBZ without jorgine again!!!! You must be thinking where is she...
Well, in the custody of the guy in this pic If you know what i mean LOL

And pretty zijun while i pose with my lollipop

Trying the joker mouth on Sam and it turns out like this.........
It's too funny. I can't.even.

A pretty picture of gervina and sheryl (in case you got tired of looking at my face lolol)

Gervina's creation, Her very own mini-bar.
I see a potential there ya??? hahahaha

Some vodka gummy bears for you? :)

It was about time so the guys and i started to change into our full costume!
Started to fiddle with the guy's Vendetta mask.

I can be Vendetta too!!!

With one of the Vendettas and Alex happily photobombing

Can you guess who's the Vendetta? 

I'm super satisfied with my own make-up that night looo hehe. Tried to go for a vampy look with black eye shadow and eyelashes which i normally don't put at all... so being super unskillful at it, it was fortunate that it turns out fine! I really like how my eyes look in the picture below ^.^ Teehee the b&w effect do play a part though!

So here comes

And what's a Vampire without he Vendettas?
(ok i make this up hahahaa)
From L to R: yaorui, weixuan, sam and kengyang!

One without my cape~
With yao and sam (if i'm not wrong LOL it's confusing)

And we got really popular after we dressed up LOL

Want a bite? LOL

 Walk over to Zouk to meet twin & jess since it's only 5 mins away from our hotel! Sadly, i think this is the only picture i have with her i've found in my pathetic phone LOL

The crowd was crazy at Zouk as usual

This group of people were dressed up in the same suit and they look rly cute in those wig, shades and polka dot outfit and they rly attracted lotsa attention! hahaha

We met ironmen along our way and guess what?! They actually made their own suit! Talented people~

 Went back to the Hotel for some belated birthday celebration and drinks! 
Blueberry Cheesecake that tastes surprisingly good, yum :-)

We were lighting the candles secretly in the bathroom LOL i was dripping wax all over the cake
And i didn't have time to remove the vampy makeup so here's a failure look down face.

Have to post this because i've limited photo with her that night 

A gif for the my pretty bday ladies!
(super belated bday celeb though hehe)

Did i mention that i'm really bad at remembering birthdays. Ok I swear it's far more than bad (hehe) I'm already trying my best to rmb all my close friends' bdays lor it's so difficult there's so many things to rmb in life omg. LOL ok i shall stop complaining and at least get the month right HAHA jk dear friends

Just bday girl's bf taking the shots for her~ *look at my evil smirk >*

Shall end with the halloween post with a Polaroid of myself and some of my favorite people 

 (っ◕‿◕)っKindly await my S.E.A Aquarium & Adventure Cove in the next post hehe

Till then,