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Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck x USS Halloween Horror Nights 3 x Versatility of Baking (Salvaging a baking gone wrong session) ☄


Hey guys!
I'm back for a short update. So it's the first day of school yesterday and it already suck. How am i gna survive for the whole semester.. Okay maybe except for my psychology lecturer who was kind of humorous in a weird way.
He was explaining some psychology theory like if you wanna date a girl out you would use nice words vice versa (so he did an example on me) He said to me: "You've got rly nice eyebrows and look like an air stewardess" (Cos my hair was in a bun) So i'm supposed to feel good and agree on the date.
Next, he went the opposite, negative way and told me: "But your nose is so small. Even Mickey Mouse's nose also bigger than yours" 


Tell me how am i gna survive 3 hours of psychology lesson EVERY MONDAY. Fml

Enough of my misery, any way the food place that i'm gonna introduce to you in this post will be

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck 
Located: Paragon, #05-42/45, 67327838
rmb to make reservations because they're always filled! 

The exterior of the restuarant

Our table was deep inside. There are seats at the bar too, quite romantic for couples!

Starter: Poached Prawn (100g), $40

Plucking the prawnsssssssss...and 

Hi prawn you're swimming in my tummyyy

Here comes the main character, 
Super Peking Duck, $68
It's soooooooooooo delicious. The skin is so fragrant and cripsy + the duck meat was juicy and tender! Indeed their signature dish

This was the best part,

To further entice you, here's an insta vid showing you the process of slicing the duck!

Duck is ready for you to savor!

You're supposed to wrap the duck along with the cucumbers & onions with the skin and sauce provided

Sauteed Beancurd w/ Mushrooms, $32

Vegetables w/ Eggs (Salted Egg, Normal Egg etc), $24

Peking Duck Ee-fu noodles (contains traces of duck from your peking duck previously^ ), $20

Last but not least, 
Squid coated in Salted Egg, $27

The total bill was approx $283. It's a lil' pricey but if you're looking for authentic Chinese food and delicious Peking Duck, you should totally dine-in here! :) It's worth it ^^

Next up,

USS Halloween Horror Nights 3

Before heading out, my outfit for halloween: Jumper heh

I must be a little insane to agree to go for USS Halloween, yea i'm someone with no balls i admit LOL.
But i didn't regret it tho, since it was my first time (i didn't join my friends last year) & it was with a great company. Totally enjoyed myself from start till end!
We went on12 Oct which happen to be a Saturday... as you know, going to an attraction on a weekends are like killing yourself slowly because of the......QUEUE.
And true enough, we queued for almost 2 hours before entering ONE haunted house. There were a total of 3, but luckily we managed to went in every houses!

It was overall a scarily good experience for me, be sure to be the one experiencing it ya!!! I can't really rmb which house was which because i was busy being scared. lolllll

(Some pics credit to nia's cam)

On the way to USS~

Love of my life LOL hahaha hi twin

The great company that night! <3
From L to R: jj, sean, me, roy, nia, jon

Trying to capture everyone

Blur but cool pic cos nia & jon both got two faces

My handsome bros~

With Sean & Roy ^~^

Sean bonds acting cute

Spot the scary nurse......

Ootd with nia ^.^

Spot a yawning jon LOL

muackksssss ♡

 With twin ^^

Hehe hihi again ☃

Roy ♩♪♫♬~

Doing sean's 007 face. If you wna know what isit... go read my Taiwan post LOL

More pictures of us below................. can scroll down fast if you're sick of our faces LOL jk

With Roy & his new hair ^.^


The taiwan clique whoopie


 Accidental shot LOL.

 Jon & Nia~
My favorite face of the night.

So i started to get twin to do the octopus face with me....



 Trying to go without the flash and it turns out like this...

2 houses down, resting before we head to the last one. Had the ballies of icecream

With jj!

Nia & Jon

Thighs looking humongous here

DRACULA trying to be funny, close his curtains and mess up my hair.

See how messy my hair was thanks to you

Headed to Mac aft everything at USS. And it was a fun journey making our way back. LOL. (pelican joke)

Spamming photos with twin while the guys went to buy Macs for supper!

 My sweaty look LOL

And remember i mentioned in the previous post that i'm gna bake?
End up i was lazy and decided to bake cookies since it was the easiest.
BUT it turns out to be a huge example of baking gone wrong..  cos of the wrong usage of flour :( I used cake flour instead of normal/multi-purpose flour for cookies without noticing.
Yess... so it did not came out as what i expected, not crispy and looks extraodinary weird but the taste was still good (surprisingly) If you've ever encounter such situation, let me teach you how to salvage it.... 

It works amazingly!
 The ingredients i used for cookies. Everything was perfect... till i add the wrong flour. Sigh

 And the cookies that gone wrong turns out like this....
I was sad so i started playing with the mitten that looks like some new Sesame Street Character.

Baking can be so versatile.....
From baking cookies to baking muffins by adding some milk!

Yes, thanks to the magic of milk i managed to salvage the weird cookies. 
Results of the day: Weird? cookies but tastes great and simple chocolate chip muffins. 
Additional tips: If y'all want to transform it into Red Velvet Cupcakes, you can just add some red coloring into the mixture and do your cream cheese topping! You can refer to the full recipe here

or i've screenshot just the cream cheese frosting easy peasy part here!

You can also try swirling Nutella on top of the simple choc chip cupcake! It will look great and tasty too :)

never fail to insta it......

Looks good with those overlays yeah?

Shall end here abruptly! Will post better looking cakes/muffins etc recipe LOL (people bound to meet failure now and then right....) & will be back for a more interesting post.

Till then, 

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