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Shokubutsu i ♥ Healthy Natural Beauty Top 10 (Finals) x Jess's 21st x Cousin's Wedding

Moshi moshi

The past week was indeed a very busy week for me cos of friends' birthdays all coming at one go as well as the finals for shokubutsu i  natural beauty contest. Finally some free time today to update this space of mine! Got my hair dyed yesterday so.... say bye to black roots!!! Wanted to try a lighter color but it turns out to be slightly similar to my previous color hmmmmm

ok time for updates!! 

 28 Sept, Saturday
Headed to Grand Copthorne Hotel for the Top 10 (Finals) of Shokubutsu i Love Natural Beauty contest by i-weekly! It was a fun and awesome experience despite feeling tensed and nervous when it's my turn to perform and catwalk hahaha. But felt really relaxed after the  Q&A and solo performance.. had so muchhhhh fun with all the other pretty contestants too! ^.^ It was really nice knowing all of them through this contest.

Okay you can watch the last part of the dance i took during practice so it wasn't rly v perfect and my hair was in a mess HAHAHA. Instavid for fun anyway!

I've got the actual day perfomance in my phone... if you wna watch you can ask me to send you cos i paiseh to post here LOL

My hairstyle and natural make-up look done by the stylist before rehearsing with the rest..

With the grand winner, Shevonne! ^^

And meet Ms. fairy, Breana haha!

We are the only ones that danced and she was rly good!
Gina :)

With Breana & Yingwen camwhoring in the make-up room!

And the youngest and super bubbly contestant, Krystal :)
We are the same height buddies wahahaha super rare to find a girl that's about the same height as me ok!!!

Shevonne, Breana & Krystal

And Shevonne decided to photobomb us... Hahaha!!!

All of them were rly skinny T^T

While waiting for the results~~

Went to the ballroom while waiting for our results~ Hearing some makeup and beauty tips given by Taiwanese artist that came over for this event.
Just being girls hahaha

I'm C10 ^^

And a pic with all the contestants except for Shevonne becos she was away for the interview!! :/

Pictures below were taken by my cousin, sister, nia & zijun! Big thanks to them making time to come all the way down to support me bringing along bouquets of pretty daisies, and also to gervina & lichuang for taking time off to help and take a look at my dance! Last but not least, people  that've texted me to show their support as well as morale support.  (you know who you are) I rly appreciate it very much :)

Julie Tan, Zhang Zhenhuan & Elvin Ng, 3 of the 5 judges and 933FM DJs as Emcees.
They were rly friendly and pretty!

First walk.

Q&A and performance aftermath haha pardon my face. It was okay at first but horrid at the second qns they throw at me because my chinese really suck and it's all in chinese..............

Changed into out second outfit after the performances!

While waiting for the results, think they've got some performances to entertain the audience.

Thanks for coming down!

Had a really good time! And the two bouquet of pretty daisies and roses i received. Super  
I received a lifetime supply of Shokubutsu products too..... hahahaha 

Zijun & twin went to my place before we rushed off to Shiyun's bday chalet..
and i thought this was so funny i have to post!!!!! This silly girl dk how to use my makeup remover and ended up like one red head panda LOL

At Sy's chalet and mother prepared mookata and some Thai dishes! Grabbed two pics from nia haha

27 Sept, Friday 
Attended Jess's 21st in the evening after rushing and practicing the dance choreo the whole noon since i've got such limited time (It was before the contest)

 So...White theme for her birthday~~

Birthday girl and her kitty ^~^

Took this photo from twin cos i like it

 With my natnaaaaaaat who loves using my account to tweet herself... HAHAH

 Jess's pretty birthday cake!!

Hi jess i know what are you wishing for HAHA 

Group pic tgt ^.^

My girlies <3


Full group shot aft sebas, shiyun and andre came!

Twin's cam:

My cam:

A solo shot with the pretty bday girlie! hehe

29 Sept, Sunday
Cousin's wedding
My Outfit for noon:

Lunch buffet while waiting for bride and groom hahaha


Such a perfect image *.*

haha they say for angbao sake HAHAHA

Groom's brother

That's all for noon and preparation before heading for the wedding dinner at Trader's Hotel!

Spammed my cam with my selfies and outfit before heading out HAHAHAHA.

Light makeup & hairstyle for da night ^^


Outfit for the night with sissy

With momsie & papatay

Okay finally at the hotel HAHAHA

With my two childhood cousins~~ jun & fang!

Germs was eating a sweet............

With fang! Goodluck for ur As hehe ^^

Waiting for food to be served... all of us were dying hungry.

My arms look freaky long here it's scaring me

With sissy tay~

Germs germs


 Someone was like "Drink orange juice also want take"

 Making funny faces with sis to entertain ourselves lol

Soooo touching lor... makes me feel like getting married too.........(but to who LOL forever alone sigh)

Didn't manage to capture a clear front view :(

Trader's deluxe combination
(Smoked duck breast, vegetable net roll, California maki, chicken in bean skin, mini octopus)

Since the food arrive course by course, we make good use of the camera in every intervals hahahaha

Six treasure soup
(Fish maw, conpoy, crab meat, bamboo pith, mushrooms)

Sauteed fresh prawns with honey pea flavored in Chinese wine

Cripsy roasted chicken with crunchy garlic, fragrant leaves and spiced salt

The couple came out in another outfit for champagne toast

Braised jade abalone and Chinese mushroom with seasonal green

And go around taking pictures with different table!

Steamed live garoupa with Japanese shoyu broth

This is my favorite hehe

Braised ee-fu noodles with golden mushroom and silver sprout

Mango coulis with pomelo and sago

Family photo!

Idk who was the photographer, rest of the pics were extremely blur *faint*

I shall end off with a pic of me & gervi taken while we met up for dance. Love ya!

Will be back for more updates

Till then,

Happy TGIW guys!

September was a super good and well-spend month for me, October pls be better xx

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