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Nam nam noodle bar x Cycling day! x Tonkatsu by Ma Maison


This post will be filled mainly with foodies since the previous post hasn't got any!
How time flies, there's only a week of hols left before my last semester starts..
Holidays are never enough!!!!!!! 

Oh well, food postssssss time~

Nam Nam Noodle Bar
So...most of you would have heard of the famous & affordable Vietnamese cuisine, Namnam! I went to the outlet at Wheelock which was easily spotted being located at the cross-path of Ion & Wheelock (Mrt Level)
They have got outlets at Raffles City and Suntec City as well! I will include the address and number at the end of namnam post.
Fun fact from their web: Noodle soups are called mon nuoc "watery dish" & they are never eaten as the main meal!

Any way, my simple outfit of that day! (Because i thought it's gna be a short night butttttt hehehe)
I super love my polka top because of the cute cut in the middle ^~^

Look of the day while fiddling wih my fave sunglasses!
And yay to my hair being able to tie up into a bun just like last time~~~

The Banh Mi & Hanoi Pho as well as other noodles were AWESOME. Looking for a simple, delicious and affordable meal? Nam nam is the place to be! It was my first time trying Vietnamese noodles... and it was unexpectedly delicious, rly beyond my expectations and i'm definitely going back for more :) 

When i said it was affordable... see for yourself! Value Lunch set available-

With one of my fav girl, shijia! 

muack xx

Since it was our first trip there, we got confused as there were no menu/sauces or anything served to our table & we weren't told on how to order/pay, we were just given this chit below (ummmm..)

You're supposed to fill in this chit and pay at the counter infront. Ps: Remember to take your chopsticks, serviettes and saucers before getting back to your seat. Cos i've seen other customers getting confused like where the heck are the saucer/chopsticks.......?! Do i eat the noodles with my hands? -o-

Yes, it's super self service hahaha, it's free of service charge though!

Sj told me that in Vietnam, they are famous for their coffee... so i tried the
Classic Ice Coffee with condensed milk $2.50

and it further proved that.........

I'm 100% not a coffee lover.
it was so bitter despite having condensed milk.. but i survived hah worth to try tho!! Go for the real  experience dining in Vietnam hahaha

Dry Stewed Beef Noodles $8.90
I particularly love the stewed beef!!! It's soft, flavorful and it's BEEF! MY ALL-TIME FAV MEAT 

After tossing and turning it....
(trust me, it tastes better than it looks!)

I really wanted to try the Quang Style Egg Noodle & Flower Crab noodle soup... but i was being a crazy beef fanatic so we decided to order another beef noodle, but now... in soup!!!! 

Pho Beef Steak Slices $8.90
You won't go wrong ordering any of their noodles soup. I love the soup it was good but i preferred the stewed beef ^ compared to the beef slices here!

Remember to try the sides (known as "Small Plates" on the menu!!!! We ordered only a side because we were so full.. and i love it. I regretted not trying each and everyone of it hahaha

 Fried prawn & pork rolls $4.90

Our total bill.

And you'll get this card from them, 7th item are free!

Nam nam locations:
Raffles City #B1-46/47 t: 6336 0500 
Wheelock Place #B2-02 t: 6735 1488
Suntec City #B1-131 t: 6884 5677

Did my daisy nails aftermath before some impromptu tgif...
And i was so upset with my nails cos i got scammed. So i'm treasuring my hand alot right now. Make a guess how much it was? (For a few daisies or rather, HALF DAISY painted on my ten fingers.)

Well, one of my finger NAIL value = $8. Ok now you do the math.  T^T

Cycling day!
Healthy Sunday for me cause i've decided to stop lazing around.. cycled from Ecp to Changi and negatively reliving some memories that i don't want to remember -_- But it was overall a fun yet exhausting cycling trip w my two sec sch bffs. However it left me & fy ended up getting food poisoning thanks to the stingray we had at Changi Village........... it was terrible.......but i was so sad because i didn't lose any weight LOL

Made a super lame instavid while waiting for the both of them to prepare so... hahahaha!!!!! 
ps: was having a bad sore throat so my voice is a lil' coarse. #badluckzy 

I think there's some curse between me and bicycle lor. Every single time without fail i will fall when i go cycling.... Past 3 different times i went with different people and i fell in a different way lol cool not hais

Pardon my face. hehehe with my loveys

I post this cos fy looks good here if nt later always kp me


And a candid shot by lousy photographer, lfyy

Some random shots with the guys!
solo shot with hump & yao

Next foodporn place will be

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

Location: Mandarin Gallery #02-35/6

One of the best Tonkatsu in SG, it's definitely worth the price because the pork are so juicy and delicious!!!
I will not say much, go ahead and try it..i can guarantee that you will not regret ^.^

 The variety parts of the pig ~oo~

Sweet/Spicy Tonkatsu for dippings!

It says that radish helps in digestion so rmb to wipe it clean before/after having your fried pork!

Rosu Katsu (Deep Fried Pork Loin)

Miso Katsu

Pork Cutlet with Cheese

DIG IN!!!!

Look at dem cheeseeeee oozing out~~

Total bill (worth the price trust me)

Alright shall end this short food post here abruptly hehe

 Will be baking anytime soon and will blog about it of course... so....
Cheesecake? Oreo Cheesecake? Strawberry shortcake?! Lime Meringue Pie?  In a dilemma cos i wna bake all of them.........

source: google

Will show it on the next post!

Till then

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