Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shiok Maki/ Kripsy Kreme x Selfish Gene x Hookah!

Hey guys!

I'm squeezing out a part of my free time to update this space of mine... because school projects are consuming me so quickly. Submission dates are in less than a month and there are about 4-5 projects to go so, good luck to me!
You might be thinking "So busy with school stuffs but still got time to food porn?"
HAHA, yes you can never do without good food just like my blog can never do without food post.

Some of the pictures in school to kickstart this really short post of mine. SINCE SCHOOL IS SO BORING, there's nothing much to say too :( Just can't wait for the upcoming holidays in nov/dec yeah?

Just being really annoying ugly in lecture with da boys hahahaha forever irritating them with my popping dance. I'd go like: "Eh i'm gna do some popping" *Starts shaking my shoulders up and down wildy

To further allow you to experience what i go through almost everyday in school. Here's a 10secs vid of my lecture. IMAGINE ME GOING THRU 1 HR OF THIS. Yea i find it a miracle that i survived thru it :-) And if your eyes are sharp enough you can hear Asher saying some nonsense in the background ha i'll advise you not to watch it and just skip this part.

Ok so i finally make a trip down to the highly raved or mainstream KOH GRILL & SUSHI BAR or people known it as "shiok maki". 
I've seen it alot on Instagram like people taking of the shiok maki and goes "Shiok maki really shiok!" or smtg like that. But for me, i don't find it really that good or superrrrr special. It's just sushi that tastes good largely due to the sauce. (just personal opinion hehe) But i'm glad i tried it, at least for once! 

My outfit for the day & trying to act like i'm leaving the country hahaha

A candid shot by sam

Located at Wisma Food Republic! There is a teppanyaki store next to it and it's pretty good too.

With Sam!!!

And my three pretty ladies


Skewers Menu

Ordered one to try.
Dear jorgine told me that there is supposed to have some special sauce...
only after i finished it. LOL ya so it's kind of bland.

Bento sets at super affordable prices!

And here it is!! 
The first and second generation of shiok makis.

Aye, the actual Shiok Makis!!!! Looks better than those in menu isn't it?!

1st Generation Shiok Maki,
(Heavenly combination of charcoal grilled eel wrapped with lightly roasted salmon)

2nd Generation Shiok Maki,
(Cripsy prawn wrapped with lightly roasted salmon)

Guess which one i had? 
The 2nd Gen obviously hahaha since i don't take eel and i took off the salmon on top and gave it to the rest. I tried a little of it and nahhhhhh, i still can't appreciate salmon :/ I didn't get to try the 1st one but the others told me the 1st Gen was better than the 2nd one! (seems like it too)

Went to get the newly arrived Kripsy Kreme at tangs aftermath! Only had the original glazed ones because i heard it's the best while the rest are only meh~ And indeed, IT WAS SOOOO GOOD but crazily sweet as well.
Look at the queue......... i managed to gather some Singapore spirit and joined the queue but i managed to get my dozen of donuts within 5 minutes!!! WHY?!?! Cause me haz guestlist.

Part 2 of the queue. It's extended all the way to the escalator. It's crazy

Anyway, i was just spouting nonsense above, i got it within 5 minutes because of the Express Queue that was created by the staffs. You can go to the express queue if you're getting minimum a dozen of pre-packed Original Glazed or Assorted (they will pack for you the flavored ones by random- not allowed to choose) So lucky me happened to be the first few for the express queue and got my delicious donuts in a blink of an eye!!! Whoopie ^.^
So here's a picture i insta-ed
Look at the glaze cracking in the 4th picture, you know you wna have a piece of it ≧◔◡◔≦

Here's where the delicious doughnuts came from 

And the order form if you wna check out the price/ flavours before heading there!

Weekend Brunch

I'm gna introduce a really affordable and delicious brunch place to y'all and that is... 
*drums roll

Selfish Gene Cafe
Opens everyday except Tuesdays from 10am-6pm.
Located: 40 Craig Rd, 089678 
if you were to take a train, nearest MRT: Ourtram Park

Headed to Selfish Gene for the first time and i'm definitely heading back again. The price is pretty much affordable at Selfish Gene compared to brunch places like Wild Honey (which was pricey and i've encountered their not-so-pleasant service at the Mandarin Gallery outlet in the past.) 

My outfit of that day:

I believe i can fly~~~  

So i became a penguin 

i just realised that penguins can't fly only after typing the above.

It was already filled by the time we got there but
we managed to get seats easily since there were only 2 of us. 

I like the feeling when i stepped into the cafe! Cosy and nice ambience ^^

Tip the Barista?

Ugh, just me using my phone x2 LOL

Browsed through their menu and ordered mains reccomended by them.
Beef Sandwich

Artistic shot by me. HEHE

Ice Chocolate w/o cream

My Breakfast Plate 

Banana Cake
Indulge in their popular and awesome warm banana cake with drizzle of peanut butter, nuts and fresh bananas on the top. This is a must-order because it's soooo good!!! I don't usually fancy banana cakes but this definitely wow-ed me.

Order & pay at the cashier system. Self service so no service charge! :)
Total bill!

Overall: Happy Brunch Sunday! Super satisfied despite travelling further.


About time & Hookah!
Random chill nights with the girlies, caught About time and i rly love the film! It's so meaningful rmb to catch it i shall not be a spoiler! :)
Hookah after movie (Sheryl told me that they use this term Shisha in the US) So i shall act and use it too teehee.
Pics taken from twin cos i didn't bring my cam along IT'S TOO HEAVY

Shag picture that nia took and send to the pelicans chat LOL

Chilled at Nabins.
Haji Lane

yo twin (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

Copied her pundeh pose

Amelia & Zijun :)

Just chillin'~~

Alright, so that's all for this week and most prolly what i did over the past weekend.
Halloween is coming and i'm quite excited to dress up! See y'all at zouk :)  LOL If i do andddddd leave a comment for any queries! 

Till then,


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