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Foodhunt (Dozo x Hill Street Bcm x Nene Chicken)

Hey guys!

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Alright, this will be a superrrrr foody post hehe pls bear with my foodhunt week.
First up, i'm gna introduce this awesome restaurant with excellent food and service. It's hard to find such a restuarant in sg (satisfying both service and food) but this restaurant managed to and that is......

Dozo Restuarant!

 Located: 491 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248371
6838 6966 (It's better to make reservations!)

They serves a multi-course menu (6 courses for lunch/ 7 courses for dinner) offering the best of Japanese with a fusion of French and European cuisine. It's a fine-dining restaurant with private and even function rooms! Before i head to Dozo, i went to research it online excitedly and there are people whom actually settle their wedding lunch/dinner there (mostly birthdays). So if you are worrying where to bring your mom/dad/bf/gf for a date.. Dozo can be the right place with nice ambiance. (with all kinds of rooms available!)

The private rooms are covered with pretty curtains and a sliding door and the curtain changes for every room! *.*
I thought the deco of this restaurant was really cool as they were different for all rooms. For example, the  private room consist of rooms like: Mosaic Room, Classic Room, Japanese Room, Modern Room, Ladies Room. Sadly, you can't choose the room as they are assigned to you according to the number of people you have! Go check them up at their web :)

Here's the private room given to us:

For Lunch it will be 6-course so you can choose 1 from every course excluding the cold dish only
On the other hand, dinner will be 7-course (includes everything)

Can you guess what's the thing i'm biting on?

There they are!
The unique-looking cheese sticks that are pretty addictive... hmm

(Background blurred out because don't wna expose their faces.... so here's a big face of mine)

First Course
 Here's the Starter,
Chef Selection of Assorted Platter
From Left to Right, Salmon > Scallop > Foie Gras
The server actually explained to us the order that it should be eaten. We start from the center which is scallops since they are the least strong in taste followed by the foie gras and lastly, the salmon which i believe are the richest in flavor!

Tried the scallops and foie gras, 
Scallops were great (although the foam looks disturbing haha) but i was never a fan of foie gras so....
i guess it was okay?

Snapping the surrounding of our room

Second Course
Side Dish
Tempura battered Soft Shell Crab on Truffle Mash
This was my side dish and i absolutely love it. The soft shell crab was cripsy and it goes really well with the mash potato beneath. If you're wondering what are those beside the tempura... they are just tempura battered apple, carrot and yam which tastes surprisingly good with the sesame sauce given. Totally love this!

 The side dishes the rest ordered:
Stewed Beef Tendon with Puff Pastry
Tried the beef and the potato (the round ball at the side) and it was good too!!! Didn't try the puff pastry though but the staffs were so cute they were mentioning that we're going to have this "Singapore Flyer"

Gratinated Escargots baked with Yuzu Butter
And rmb to eat the other one in the shell!
Foie Gras Chawanmushi topped with soil garden
Although i'm not a fan of foie gras, i thought this was nice!

Third Course
Bacon infused pumpkin Veloute
I had this. It was aweeeeesome. 
You will never go wrong in trusting me :)

Crab Bisque Cappuccino Style
You must be thinking why it is known as the Cappuccino Style... because we were told to drink it the way we drink coffee! Yes without using any spoon :)

Infusion of Cepes Mushroom with Truffle
You're supposed to chew the truffle before drinking the mushroom soup. I suggest this soup to Mushroom Lovers. It have got a really rich taste of MUSHROOMS.

Fourth Course
Main Course
All of us were boring beef lovers... so we ALL ordered the Beef Tenderloin on "Pu-Ye" and Granite Hot Stone! Just the fact that it was ordered by 4 people of the same table shows how good it was! It arrived a little raw so for those who doesn't really like your meat super cooked, it will be perfect for you :)
On the other hand, for those people like me who hates raw food, you can wait for it to be further cooked on the granite hot stone! *Sizzles*

To further provoke you guys... a close-up shot!

Fifth Course
I ordered the Dozo's Freshly Warm Chocolate with Ice-cream.. it was heavenly. I absolutely love it and highly recommend you guys to get this for dessert!!!

What happens after slicing the cake open...*.*
Warm chocolate flowing out omggggg

Milk Jelly with Sesame Ice-cream and Red Beans

Mine :)

Sixth Course
Last but not least, the different drinks that were in really good presentation and tastes great!
I had the Iced Mallow Apple Melody (Blend of mallow flowers, apples and guava juice)
It was presented in a really cute jar and cup! Tastes refreshing and it wasn't too sweet, my cup of juice :')

Iced "Genki" Blend 
(Healthy blend of freshly fruits and vegetables)
Well, it tastes too healthy and vegetables-ty for me hahaha

Dozo's mocktail of love
(Refreshing mix of apple, passion fruit and mint)
The mint was overwhelming so the aftertaste tastes like Colgate to me :l But the presentation was cute!

Overall, i think i made the right choices in every course muahaha, i had a wonderful lunch at Dozo! Oh, did i mention that the service there was excellent?! The staffs were friendly like super friendly, it makes us feel really welcomed dining there. And some of them actually jokes around with you too! :)



For Barchormee lovers, you're in for a treat! Twin brought me to a place that's famous for it's bcm and that is... Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles
Located: Tai Hwa Eating House, 
466 Crawford Lane #01-12

I shall start with an outfit that day~

Alright back to the pork, despite it's extravagant price for a bowl of bcm..i think it's super worth it because it's damn delicious. (which explains the crazy queue everyday)

Prices ranges from 5-10$ a bowl!

Ordered the 6$ one because it includes the wanton that tastes super good.

Rmb to order their soup, you can replace the meatballs with wantons or a mixture of both. 

Fridate at Town
A picture with Jorgine before leaving school for town with nia & zj

Headed to town with nia & zj for Nene Chicken and Thor (like finally)
I wanted to try Nene Chicken for very long since their marination are imported from Korea. You're supposed to eat it clean, meaning that: you're not supposed to dip any chili/tomato sauce (the people will not provide you with any of it even if you asked!) This is to enjoy the real taste of Korea Fried Chicken hahaha

We ordered the swicy, freaking hot (wanted to test my limit), snowing cheese and green onion.
I personally love snowing cheese and the freaking hot was not too bad either. Swicy is high recommended by them but we don't really like it :/

Order and pay at the counter first! 

Say hi to me ^^

Nia & Zijun

And the food arrived shortly! :)
Oh and there are gloves provided along with the food. Pls don't be stupid and mistook the bin there as gloves LOL which nia did. She was like: I think we can take this out and wear. And they very smart put layer by layer so easier for ppl

If you're wondering......
the "glove"she was referring to looks like this:

Can someone pls enlighten me in what way does this look like a glove LOL

Here's the close-up shots

Freaking Hot
(I can totally take this lor HAHAHA nia was the strongest while zijun was the weakest becos she gave up after a small bite LOL) Twin's fave.

Green Onion
And all of the onions ended up in nia's stomach...........

Snowing Cheese (Me & Zijun's fav!)

The fries that were meant to be eaten like that

Gna be in one of my favorite fast food list ya! Thumbs up

Caught Thor aftermath and i think that Tom Hiddleston is freakin. adorable. omg. 
He's Loki if you're wondering who is he

Shall stop here and i can't waaaaaaait for mbs staycation (which my next post will be about)!

Till then,

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