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Mbs Staycation x Lady M Confections x Standing Sushi Bar

Hey guys!
Finally my post on the 2-days Staycation at MBS with twin (& thanks to her parents for room and delicious foodies ^^)
A short update for Thursday-Sunday (Apparently i've got no life during mon-wed due to school sigh)

Thursday 21/11
It was my first time staying there so i was a lil' excited because i wanted to visit the infinity pool badly and see if it was what i've imagined. On the other hand, my less kiasu twin don't even bother cause she's been here countless times hahaha. Arrived at MBS after school! (ohhh did i mention that i love staycations *.*)
Took some photos from her cam cos i was too lazy to take my bulky cam out at the starting :(

Yay it's time to check-in!

Huge mirror that comes in handy for girls

Can you spot us? LOL

The entire room! I think the room was awesome till we found a dead roach squashed at the balcony door during night time. It means that.....I've been walking over it all day without any single clue. ok can ☜(˚▽˚)☞

Here's the view from the balcony, pretty isn't it? You can spot Gardens by the Bay so clearly! *.*

And getting into the bathrobe... i'm all ready for infinity pool!

It was amazing up here!

Such artistic shot by me isn't it HAHA

Clad in my yellow bikini and sheer burgundy top :)
It's time to continue my workout after partying for consecutive two days sigh

Hehe i love this candid shot of me adjusting my hair 

Love this pic of her so i decided to post it on my blog
 my hot twin but i hotter HAHAHA joking

And i've decided to take out my sheer top!
I think this is my first bikini photo? LOL

Picture together :*

Trying to capture the background as well

A fail panoramic shot i took 

Last bikini photo to mark the end of my most exciting trip up the rooftop haha

Head back to the hotel for in-room dining! Both of us were really excited when it came to food as we didn't had lunch. Well, we had a hard time choosing the ones to order since there's a wide variety of food to choose from! It was crazy flipping the menu here and there.

We ended up settling for: 
Local delights - Mee goreng, Main course- Tandoori Chicken Burger, Soup- Creamy Clam Chowder Sides- Calamari Rings Dessert- Warm Chocolate Tart with Kinder Bueno alike sauce which tastes freakin' awesome

What amazed me was both their service and food were up to standard, equally good! Here's the friendly and nice guy that served us :-)

Crackers aside!

Calamari Rings
Huge fan of calamari rings so i love this!

Clam Chowder
Their clam chowder was served in a very big bowl,a lil' thick but tastes still as good :)

Tandoori Chicken Burger
Did not really fancy this as their patty was quite dry for me, but the fries was crispy and nice!

Mee Goreng
When you look up at their Local Delicacies you will spot food like Chicken rice, Laksa, Mee goreng, Hokkien mee etc. and normally locals wouldn't order them since they can get to eat nicer local food outside (that's what i thought at first)... BUT, to my surprise... the local food here is delicious. I absolutely love this dish, yum.
Well, picture doesn't do it's justice!

Warm Chocolate Tart
The dessert that most people ordered (according to the f&b operator) Nia loves this, i had a few mouth of it and she combed the rest hahaha but i like the "kinder bueno" cream that was supposed to have it together with the cake!

Here's the "kinder bueno" cream i was talking about.

Feasting in the room

Friday 22/11
My packed schedule on Friday:
MBS > School > A-mei Concert > Tessa's 19th at Wangz Hotel > Dream/Zouk > MBS
Had only less than 3 hours of sleep in the hotel before dragging myself to school with nia.... it was such a terrible feeling i'm almost half dead. Anyway, it was also the first time we went school together! hiahia

Getting ready for school

With the tired twin too, idk how many times i've complained that i'm tired in school LOL and the worst part is waiting for her lecturer to crap finish and let her off. -dying-

Bubble bath time! We were saying next time when we are taitais we will live the life -bubble bath with champange and grapes instead of a canon camera 

Sad to say, bubble baths are not what i thought they were....
source: x

After waking up from my nap and trusting twin to do the bubble bath...................

walking to the bathtub......................

half awake...........
and saw this

How on earth can you make a huge bubble out of this

Close enough? HAHAHAHA but the warm water makes it rly comfortable

Dressed up for party! And took this photo with the ugly lightings

That's how the concert sort of looks like. If only it's Big Bang.... i think i'll go crazy.

Met up with the rest at Tessa's bday! The guys did the deco and the pictures are taken from nia's cam cos i didn't bring mine along!

Spot my sexy hunch back that looks creepy here LOL

Durian bday cake that's yummy 

Wenmin holding the cake awaiting for the arrival of the bday girl muahaha while jem and louis get ready to shoot the confetti

Waiting with the rest. -hi to my blur face-

Ya we messed up the entire room lol but we managed to somehow clean it hehe we r responsibru. And they accidentally popped some confettis into the birthday girl's mouth hahaha she was telling us and i laughed like mad *evil me* 

Pretty bday girl, Tessa :) 

With the bday girl hehe muack

Bday girl and bf! sippp

The girls (ok i look extremely big here, all of them were really skinny and small size *.* jealous) and spot retarded nia with balloons and a plaster on her chin

The guys!!!

Her bday prez from bf!

Didn't really manage to catch a glimpse of romero (lol) it was mad crowded.
natnat *.*

jess, nat, me, nia <3~

Saurday 23/11
Another day which i slept for only 3 hours? :( Head to Ash's place for project after checking out and some party in the night. Even though i'm as good as walking dead, i enjoyed myself. (Definitely better than this and next week - projects deadline and exams) oh how i miss the holidays.

And soooo....It's time to study!!!! Study partner anyone? ^^

nia & jess

 With jess ;)

Sunday 24/11
God-grandpa's bday > Hunger Games
Cousin got some cakes from Lady M Confections.. and they are so delicious! They're opened now at 6  Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594 Marina Sq. Be sure to try their cakes, you'll fall in love with it ;)
Even a person like me who dislikes greentea/matcha cakes LOVE their greentea cake. Haha, i've to emphasize on my liking for it because it's too good, you've got to try it yourself!

Gâteau Nuage

Cheesecake lovers will LOVE this. It's rich in cheese and the crust acts as a perfect combination.. *salivates

"Gâteau Nuage translates to “cloud cake,” and that’s exactly what this sophisticated version of the classic cheesecakes offers. Cinnamon-kissed graham cracker crust meets an airy whipped cheesecake base. At the top, a thin layer of sweetened sour cream – silky finish to a perfect cheesecake."

$70.00 – 9 inches

Green Tea Mousse Cake
I thought the green tea sponge cake goes really well with the green tea mousse. It's just perfect, not too flavorful and i can't seem to get sick of it after a slice!

"Unique must for any fan of Japanese green tea, our Green Tea Mousse Cake alternates a delicate green tea sponge cake with a matching, ethereal light green tea mousse. A lush cover of fresh whipped cream and fine dusting of green tea cake crumbs to complete."

$80.00 - 9 inches

I'm definitely heading to their shop to try more of their pretty cakes! 
Caught Hunger Games in the night and i'm super mesmerized by Josh hutcherson *.* (acts as pete in the show). Go catch it, it's great :) Before i end this post, here's the food i'm gna introduce to you guys..............

Standing Sushi Bar
8 Queen St, 188535
6333 1335 
(Rmb to make reservations especially during their promotion days!)
If you'll have been reading my blog, you will know that i do not take sashimi but i still gave others in Standing Sushi Bar a try with the guys and nia. Have been talking about our sushi bar date and finally we visited it on a Wednesday. They've got super worth it promotions like during Monday night, their sashimis are only for 3$!!!! Isn't that crazy sashimi lovers?! You can spam sashimis anyhow you like haha but it's more suitable for me to go on a Wednesday.
Since it's half price for ROLLS! (Appeals to me more)

Here's the promotions! It's on Mon-Weds after 6pm
Choose your days wisely ^.^

Special Rolls for Wednesday!

All the hungry guys..........

With nia & jj

 With roy *.*


(Heard that the queue was usually long) since we ended school early we arrive there at 6 when it just opened haha but there's a short queue alrd.

Frowning jon >: (

This was cleared within seconds after it arrived LOL

Garlic Fried Rice was damn good & fragrant :)

The Prawn King
Prawn with huge avocado and roes as topping
Usual price was $18.90, but since there's 50% off on Wednesdays, it's only for $9.30! How affordable and worth it

Crabby Chicken
I thought this was okay, chicken floss and soft shell crab. Not rly my type of combi!

Puff the Magic Dragon (beside the King Prawn)
It was my first time trying Unagi, and i liked it? I'm weird cos i don't take food that looks weird/gross? hahaha yup so an unagi virgin (lolol)

Till then


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