Monday, November 11, 2013

S.E.A. Aquarium x Adventure Cove x Strangers Reunion

Hey guys!
So you might be wondering what am I up to? (Since i've missed a week of updates...............)
 S.C.H.O.O.L ๏̯͡๏  

Anyway, this post will be on (っ◔◡◔)っ First trip to the S.E.A Aquarium and a second one to Adventure Cove as well as picsy at school at the end. Headed to the both attractions in two consecutive days. Tiring... but we had to and it had lotsa fun!

S.E.A. Aquarium
My first visit there so i was feeling quite excited even though my friends were telling me how boring it was. (Unless i'm like a fan of fishes or marine lives) However, the overall experience wasn't as bad as what they said! But i admit that i'm not going back there again hahaha once is definitely enough.
You may ask what project were we doing why do we have to visit all these attractions.
Well, my project requires us to assess their service etc... but i think we just had fun there and projects didn't really existed LOL

1 Student tix for $28

They were forced by me to do this LOL

With sam sam

Asher found his new home.

Quite fail group shot due to over flash HEH

Sam secretly likes me keep taking secret snapshots of me la

First time see fishes ah?

This section allows us to touch the starfishes and some sea cucumbers?!?! We were told by the staff that  sea cucumber actually regurgitate out their internal organs when they felt threatened LOL AND THEY ASKED ME TO TOUCH IT.

Yes, so i did.
It felt hairy....

Jorgine & Amelia

Queuing up to touch~~~

I thought this looks quite disturbing.......... ok this is the only ugly picture (i'm sorry eels)
 i'm not gna post the rest of the marine life LOL some rly quite ugly

Jelly Fishes

And an instavid of jelly fishes and finding nemo. Pardon my voice HAHA

The water was a little murky? So it wasn't as attractive and beautiful :(

Was adjusting my hair....

Picture says it all

Sorry sam i just had to post these... HAHAHAHAHA
We've found his doppelgänger ٩(•̮̮̃-̃)۶
Resemblance much? 

HAHAHA ok done

The person cleaning the tank fascinates me more than the fishes in the tank,

so i asked him for a pic by some sign language LOL

My vain brahs

And end off this trip to S.E.A. Aquarium our Silhouettes!

Adventure Cove
We went on a Thursday and definitely a wiser choice to visit an attraction on a Weekday! The good and bad thing that day was...
Good: The queue was extremely short compared to the first time I went which was during the WEEKEND (killer I swear)
Bad: Well, IT RAINED.
Yeah, so I've got no idea to say if we're lucky or not. We waited for almost 2 hours for the rain to stop and for them to say there's no more lightning risk...On a side note, we managed to take all the rides due to the short queue. It was fun after all! ٩(●̮̃•)۶

With Amelia the sk8tergirl

Smiling for my cam

This is only one of the 12432423324235 photo of them showing off their "muscles" I got forced to take those muscles a thousand times. 

Really cute Sesame Street tickets we had and Asher likes it alot LOL -o-

Here we are!

The place where everyone takes the mandatory Adventure Cove shot.

Here's the start of the Lazy Pool. Anyway, a tip to save time (for those going there for the first time):  There are lockers further inside (where you can change and keep your bags too) Normally people will be showering and changing at the first changing room so be smart and just use the ones inside so you don't have to wait hahaha

 Here's the first changing room and locker you will see (the one I'm talking about)
-It's always packed with people 

Walking to the lockers inside and in the meanwhile, walking pass the Lazy pool's route.

Walking into the "Cave"

The Bay Restuarant
The place that provided us with shelter and food when it rained.   

What we did while waiting for the rain to stop:
Take photos/ videos/ eat

So, i flimed a"Feel the rain on your skin"  MV ft. sam & asher hahahaha (since it was raining)
Just watch it
It further proves that,
(from sam's insta)

Chilling at the Bay Restaurant while waiting for the rain to stop

Shall end Adventure Cove trip here!


Strangers Reunion 
Located: 37 Kampong Bahru Rd, 169356
(Closed on Tuesdays)
A foodporn date with le twin and weishan after school at Strangers Reunion! Heard they serve one of the best coffees in town (but we didn't order any since we ain't coffee lovers) but i think they've got one of the best truffle fries! Truffle fries are usually in huge portion and i'll get sick of them after awhile. But for theirs, i can never get sick of it! It's just so good ˚▽˚ 
We headed there around 4 plus so it was still the "brunch menu" and dinner menu wasn't available sadly I'm definitely heading back for their Dinner because it looks so much better. 

My skatergirl outfit that day

Face for that day ٩(̃-̮̮̃-)۶
Off we go~
I've got your sexyback

Taken from the outside of the cafe.

& taken from inside of the cafe!

Pleasant-looking interior design

They are located at CBD areas as well! Go check them up :)


With Weishan ^^

Weishan & twin!

Finally lorrrrr hehehehe


Lotus Root Chips
Survived on this while waiting for everything to come for a nice picture. Overall okay only! Nothing fantastic

LOL irritating her as usual

Magic coffee, ordered this mainly for the photography of the latte art hahahaha!

Ice Chocolate
Still chocolate > coffee for me

Buttermilk waffle w/ icecream & fresh fruits
MUST-ORDER! Their waffles are super delicious.

Here comes the must-order in every brunch,
Parma Ham Benedict
Since the Ham was a lil' saltish, all of them goes so well together. I like this dish too.

Eggs on Toast
For eggs on toast, you are able to select the type of eggs and bread you want.
We chose Scramble Eggs & Olive Bread
Maybe the combination wasn't right? It doesn't tastes as nice as the one above!

Truffle Fries
As I've mentioned earlier, i LOVE this. Can totally be compared to P.S. Cafe's truffle fries.

 Had 10% discount for some reasons :)

I'm going back for their dinner and more truffle fries & waffles of course! :)
And here's a funny (if you get it) instavid i did that day LOL


Random @ school, Casual Formal (casual coming from my footwear hahaha)

With 2 of my fave bros, ash & sam!

And i have to post this really good ayam penyet from my sch LOL


Went for to support Roy's performance at NYP ^^ (Front pics taken from twin)
pic with le twin muackz

Ben joins in~

With the main character of the night! The zai beat-boxer/dancer/singer, my multi-talented friend muackz

With the girls~

And the guys!


And my face for that day/night
Super love my hair after i tied a bun and let it down. Considering to curl my hair when it's a little longer. Should i should i? ^.^

Was rushing this post since I've to get out of the house and head to town rn :(

Till then,
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