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Bffs (twin/zijun) b'day celeb x Tonkichi x TGIW/F x SWAP & $HOP VI "The Christmas Edition"

Hey guys!
Soooo my holiday is finaaaally here, time for some quick updates!
My first post for my favorite month! Yay which means my birthday is nearing can't waaaait :)
Favorite day because everyone will be treating me like a princess.
Here's a post (sort of) dedicated to two of my best girlfriends, twin & zijun! It was their birthday on the 4th and 5th dec (how coincidental, consecutive two days which explains the super busy me) kidding, anyway being talented in baking me (hehe) decided to bake some cookies for them! It doesn't look aesthetically pleasing but tastes great okay!! (my friends love it!)

3rd-4th Dec
Had a paper the following day but still, spend my whole noon baking my cookie monster cookies for them. hehe (Sadly, i forgot to take a picture of the cookie monster i made)
Here's some of the pretty ingredients i got from Phoon Huat (Super awesome place to get all your baking necessities!)

This time the cookies were successful because i used the right flour haha you can read up on my failed- baking gone wrong post here
You can refer to my baking posts at the right side of my blog! I'm gna tidy them up soon for you to better navigate (sry for the mess)

Here's the process!
Mix the ingredients
Ingredients as followed: (Always rmb to mix sugar and butter first!)
190g Sugar
225g Self Raising Flour 
4 Tsp Cocoa Powder
1 Tsp Vanilla Essence
1 Tsp Baking Powder
4 Eggs
225g Butter
Choc Chips/ M&Ms/ Marshmallows/ Sugar confetti 

Decided to do a cookie face... so here's how i did mine

Here's my creation! Cookie box

Did different flavors for each segment of the cookie box. 
1. M- Chocolate chips & M&Ms (both said this was the best)
2. Choc chip cookies containing melted marshmellow inside
3. Mix cookies

Surprised twin with her clique, jess and nat when the clock strikes twelve! And she said it was her best birthday surprise cos all her previous one all quite fail? (according to her) Hope she love the cookies i baked and the Victoria Secret 3-in-1 make-up bag! Spot the cookie monster i made in the top right pic below hehe
Happy 19th to you once again hehe hope you get what you wished for. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) i know what/who/where/which you're wishing for I THINK HAHA

A sweet instavid i made for her.

And part of her surprise (just her being her usual mean self decided to put my unglam as the cover pic. IS THIS HOW U REPAY MY LOVE FOR YOU?!?!?!! decided to be cool about it so haha enjoy laughing

My outfit for the night :)

With the girls, Monochrome theme!

With Tessa ^.^

And gina is back in the arena whoopie!!

And my shag face with jessssss

5th Dec
Survived through the last paper with few hours of sleep and headed for birthday lunch at Tonkichi with my favorite poodle che and the clique.

Birthday girl (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

Solo shots with zijun!
Zj & Jorg

Zj & me

Zj & sam!

& sheryl!! I don't have a pic of amelia & gervi with her in my cam hmmm

Sam mimicking gervi's ootd pose HAHAHAHA i.can't.even.

With samsam... what is he trying to hide? *raise brows* hiahia


With gervi & jorgine baobei
So here's the food place i want to introduce..! It's delicious :)
Tonkichi  とん
Located at: Orchard Central,  #07-06

They serve delicious tonkatsu as well, shall give it a try another time! Wonder if it beats the one by Ma Maison? hehe

How pretty the interior looks :)

Their Weekday Lunch Promotion (Mon-Fri) was very worth it! The last order for lunch will be at 3pm. Since we reached around 2.45pm so lucky us managed to catch it :)  They were happy since Thursday menu (it was thurs) looks good, there's this Chirashi sushi & soba set (which Sheryl loves alot - i think sashimi lovers will love this!) as well as Salmon Toji Set.
Furthermore, they have the Daily Set (only changes every month) which are the popular Prawn & Crouquette Set & Unagi Toji Set for $21, $23 respectively.  Since all contains Unagi and Sashimi... what do you think i ate LOL

I had to post this

Windows seating for family/couples available too! You can dine along with the scenery of Sg's busy Orchard Rd haha

The Starters for the Weekly Lunch Set
Chawanmushi & zijun claims that it was some Olive Leaves? (idk it's the only thing that tastes bad to me)

Daily (December) Promotion Set
Sam's Unagi Toji Set, $23
Grilled Unagi simmered with egg and special soy sauce in hot claypot. Served wth fresh sashimi, chawanmushi, miso soup and rice
He said it was super good!! However, the server forgotten about the sashimi. Remember to ask for it since it will be served separately haha cos we totally forgot about it.

Thursday Set B
Jorgine's Salmon Toji Set, $12.9
Salmon simmered with egg and don sauce, appetizer, chawanmushi, rice and miso soup
I tried the egg i found the sauce a little saltish compared to the normal saltiness that it should be, but they love this too!

Thursday Set A
Gerv/Sheryl's Chirashi Sushi & Soba Set. $15.9
Chirashi sushi, mini ho soba and chawanmushi
The bowl of chirashi sushi consists of raw fresh prawn, fat salmon, unagi, tuna, tamago, avacado, roes, cucumbers and that's all i think! Sheryl lovessss this, she was fanatic over her salmon... she was like, "LOOK AT THE SALMON, OMG SO FAAAAAAATTTTTT"  .. Me: .... -not interested IN SALMON-
But let's face it, such delicious bowl filled with sashimis for only 15.90 it's a steal!

This deserves a close-up shot

Okay, here comes my MEAL. Finally, presenting to you my Spicy Seafood Ramen Set, $18.9 (found in another menu) which tastes not bad. Since i ordered a set, it came along with their famous Croquette. I love the Croquette, it's filled with meat, potato aaand....ok i can't identify what's inside other than these two ٩(̃-̮̮̃-)۶ but it's nice so better to have it than having the noodles alone because i don't think the ramen was that fantastic!

Last but not least,
Amelia's Kuro Spicy Ramen, $16.9 (without set- means without the croquette)

So delicious, definitely coming back to try their ala carte and tonkatsu! And if you are on a tight budget, go for their weekly lunch promotion on weekdays, they're more affordable and worth it too :)
A nicer full view:

Total bill, 10% off with Amex haha

Hehe so Happy 19th zj once again hope you enjoyed your day with us and... watching Frozen with me beside you *.* See you at MBS for another celebration ya!

6thDec TGIF
Worst ever, should have stayed home to sleep and prepare and look pretty for Flea the next day... bad move this time round but still okay with my babes around :)

Regina loves me la hahahaha

Annoying Sean as always with half of my fat cheeks lol

Today! 7thDec
SWAP & $HOP VI "The Christmas Edition" Flea
I seriously think i'm an owl or dk what in my previous life. I survived the whole of today with only 2 hours of sleep again O.M.G but i appeared at the Flea looking like a zombie and this was what i wore. Even tho i felt super exhausted and left early but it was a fun time joking around with the girls. BUT i was damn annoyed with the rack. We took like 2 hrs to fix the freakin rack oh god!!!!

And it hit hardly on my eyes while i was trrying to fix it..... now there's a bruise at the left side of my eyes. BU MEI LE :(

With nia, shan and tricia at the flea by gushcloud

Alright will be back for more interesting updates!!! Since it's my favorite month of the year hooray

Till then,


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