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&MADE by Bruno Menard x Coffee Costa Cakes x Shinkei Japanese Restaurant x Meet-ups x Party!

Hello guys, a short post on Saturday date with the twin & my weekends before my upcoming X'mas post!!!! (Pls be excited for my b'day post and trip to kith cafe with natalie as well hehexxxx) Whole week is super packed & i can't wait!

Saturday, 14/12
Here's my outfit of the day- Off shoulder crochet top x Pleated black skirt. I'm trying to carry out a more feminine side of me haha! Went to support twin's audition before some food hunting & partying on a Saturday

Hehe i like this candid photo of me looking down from another angle! :)

Just snapping random pictures while waiting for her turn~~

Decided to go for some good food together after the audition! Since it's been awhile we had our solo food date so we walked all the way to Pacific Plaza and discovered....

&MADE by Bruno Menard
Pacific Plaza, #01-04/5/6
&MADE serves delicious burgers, shakes etc. You can create your own burger here as well! This whole concept was from a 3 star Michelin Star Chef Bruno Menard in Singapore. Being able to havegood burgers and your own customized burger, where else would you want to have your burgers at?!

Here's the eye-catching restaurant that can be spotted easily at the left side of Pacific Plaza.

The staffs treated us reaaaally nice!!! We chose the side sofa seat since we prefer a lil' privacy hahaha (so we can snap as many pictures as we want to)

Never see wine and empty glass before ah, like this also want take LOL

Me sipping onto their Strawberry Milkshake cos i can't wait! I like it :) They serve 7 different flavor of milkshakes, i wonder how does the caramel one tastes like?

i love their delicious strawberry shake!

So one of the specialty of this restaurant is under the "Craft It Yourself" burger section, we didn't craft our own burgers since we wanted to try their signature burgers. However it seems pretty cool y'all can give it a go! You can choose your preferred patty, follow by the sauce & cheese you would like it be dressed in and "accessories" which are extra ingredients you can choose from :) Take a look below!

Here's what i ordered, the server told me it's one of their popular burger. You can make it a combo with fries and soft drinks for only an additional of $3 for each and truffle fries/sundae for $6 each!

"Pork Fillet, bacon & chorizo patty, spicy yuzu kosho mayonnaise, shibazuke, shitake & white cabbage with a flavorful roasted sesame dressing"

The whole combination in the 3 little pigs were perfect! If you're someone that loves flavorful item, the 3 little pigs burger are just nice for you, the burger is rich in flavor attributed by the variety of sauces which complements each other so well! 
I chose garlic & vinegar fries for my set so an additional of 3 bucks! The home-made barbeque sauce that looks like chili to me haha was quite nice.

The only thing i dislike about this burger is that... it contains Shibazuke, it's a kind of Japanese pickle that tastes like ginger and a lil' spicy to me.. the taste doesn't appeal to me hahahaha it looks something like this:
source for picture of shibazuke: x
A closer view on the burger!

The 3 Little Pigs burger was more flavorful compared to nia's simple yet delicious....

"The most popular burger, a juicy dry aged beef patty top with caramelized onion, French Comte cheese and amazingly delicious caper and garlic mayonnaise"

She opt for Truffle fries and......... i've concluded that the fries here are okay only haha because i ate some fries that were hard and uncook. A lil' disappointed but lucky the burgers made up for it! I preferred her burger while she preferred mine though haha, it's not as flavorful as 3 Little Pigs burger but it tastes delicious in a simple way :)

It was a satisfying meal overall, i will definitely be back for more burgers or even craft my own burger!

Food: 7/10 (Burgers only)
Service: 9/10 (The servers were rlyyyyy friendly)
Ambience: 7/10

Hehe good hair day that day so it calls for selfies!

And picture with le twin 

Headed to Dream > Playhouse aftermath!
With twin & jess

 With regina!

Hehe always a good night with my ladies :*

Sunday 15/12
As usual, being super strong (hahaha) slept for a few hours and woke up early for projects :-( On a side note, finally get to meet my 2 bros   Haha super dress down to town day though

 Sissy Birthday
Decided to give the newly open Shinkei Japanese Buffet Restaurant a try for sis's birthday dinner. It was a lil' disappointing though. Before i go to thaaaatt, got a few cakes from Costa Coffee for her since all the rive gauche, emi cakes etc are too mainstream HAHA kidding, got that since we can't finish 1 full cake. It was surprisingly good!!!!

For those of you who have never heard of Costa Coffee, they are UK's popular coffee shop that have came to Sg! You can see more of it's outlets appearing, they are all over at town areas and even at shopping malls like Valley Point! Heard their coffees are pretty good. Sadly, i didn't try the coffee (tell me how was it if you guys have tried!) but i had the cakes.

They serves panini, wraps and even pastries too, a huge variety of food for you to choose from.

Apologize for not-so-pretty pictures because they were rushing to eat it :-( hahaha here's the best i can! One slice of cake was about $7-8!
Their classic cheesecake which i think was normal, the flavor wasn't rich enough!!! Can't rly get the satisfaction after having a mouth of it :/

However..... the Oreo Cheesecake salvaged it!!! I love this especially the brownie on top makes it so special hehe. I managed to finish this whole slice by myself *.* For those intending to have cheesecake, i think this will be a better choice than the full cheesecake above ^ 

Raspberry cake! Not a fan of raspberry but i got this as it was one of the more popular cakes on the shelf! It tastes good after having a few mouth of it. I think raspberry lovers will like it? :)

Went to town to meet Jj & Roy before heading to Shinkei for dinner.

Pictures with handsome j

 And poor roy got drenched so he was feeling v down that day despite my qt face there to cheer him up LOL haisssss

Guess who i bumped into after that!

Shinkei Japanese Restaurant
Located: Near Toa Payoh Library,
600 @ Toa Payoh, Lorong 4 Tpy
6255 5598

Saw Shinkei reviews on the magazine so i've decided to give it a try..the food was okay but i think the buffet price doesn't fit the food quality though. 
How does it works there?
You order from their menu and write your order on the slips provided, wait for the servers to serve you! How simple? :)

I've collage the food pictures together!
I think the fried squid and potato croquette were nice :)

Wanted to order Soft Shell Crab but they only have it in handrolls or maki!

The Garlic Fried rice was disappointing.. but the below salvaged it!

All these are good. Well, everyone loves the sweet potato roll! We ordered lots of that hahaha i love the yaki tori as well. They've got one section in the menu just for teppanyaki.

We can have teppanyaki beef there too! :)

Their special sashimi platter which i believe everyone there will order this more than once?! hahahaha but heard from my sis and cousins that they were not very fresh but still enjoyed them! :) Anyway they gave a generous amount of wasabi as you can see on the top will be better if it's grated though! haha picky me is picky

Happy birthday sissy love u most & there's another cake soooo fam celebrated a week in advance for me hahaha

Overall for Shinkei:
Food: 6/10
Service: 5/10 (Apparently the hot pot of green tea got toppled and spilled by the negligence of the server & the server ignored my sister's queries and entertained her by giving replies like: "Uh, ya ya ya" and walked away)
Ambience: 6/10

Alright shall end my post here, can't wait for my x'mas, chalet annddddd guess what am i doing on my 19th birthday? HAHA ok lah nothing much actually, wait for my x'mas and b'day post ya! 

Till then,


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