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My 19th Birthday Celebrations (X'mas Party x Dream x Barracks @ House x Chalet x Au Chocolat)

Hey guys!!
(Camo outfit yesterday)
I'm finally back to update on my birthday week as well as for X'mas! It was hell of a fun week for me, did you guys enjoy your Christmas as well? :)
As usual, always being the last among most of my friends.. i'm finally 19th!!! Wanting to have a simple celebration with my close friends only for this year (and save the best for 21st hehe) so i didn't expect thaaaat much for my 19th. But.. it's in one of my best bday celebs list!!!! so yep, enjoy this post x

My 19th Birthday Celebration (25th-29th dec)
Actual date falls on 26th hehehe

X'mas day x B'day Celeb @ Dream
on 25th Dec
Before heading to dream to celebrate, had X'mas party with my family! Whoohoo, loving this this great festive season filled with delicious food, presents and games with love ones. Had home-made teppan and steamboat as usual (our tradition hahaha)
Here's a video of the food i had to kick-start this post, uhmmmm it was really good

Mad long sausage hahahaha 

From Xmas Eve's

During the night, 
met up with shiyun, jess, leonard and sebas at town (it was damn pack lol) before heading to Dream to meet the rest.. And little did i know, my twin and tltbz clique had a plan all along!!! >:( HAHAHHA

Alright so it goes like this: tltbz was supposed to come but.. on that day one by one told me that they aren't free, they can't come and all the excuses (lolol) so of course i was feeling abit sian since i only asked my close friends to come and they ended up not being able to......BUT (after the surprise) in fact... nia told me that they have a group chat all along planning to surprise me in Dream and they succeeded hahaha. Also thanks to accomplices reg, jess, natnat & sy.
Here's my hapy face for that night!!!

Birthday Outfit #1

This was taken a few minutes before they surprised me haha, and to divert my attention, twin told me that she needa take a dump when she was actly picking up the rest. (I was like thinking why did she poop for so long?!?! LOL) So my friends acting skills aren't that bad after all.. i see potential in you guys esp twin -_- hhahha but thanks for putting in the most effort, i appreciate it and thanks for being my photographer HAHA the pictures below credits to her xxx

Thank you girlies  (eugenia, regina, jessica, nat, shiyun, 
zijun, gervina, jorgine, sheryl, amelia) 

Many thanks to these awesome group of people, my favorite party girlies 

and those that said THEY'RE NOT FREE HHAHAHA,  

I was really surprised and happy cos it's my bday so i was smiling all the way LOL, they forced me to wear the tag about it says "Birthday girl, Free Kisses"
Don't misunderstood, I didn't go around kissing people ok LOL only my girl friends all got kissed by me muaxxx 

The mastermind of everything ❤.

With Jess ❤ 

Andriel & nia~

Bumped into weien so a solo shot with bday girl hehe and leonard epic photobomb LOL


I can haz kisses from jess hehe

And natnat 

Happy birthday to me hehehehee LOL

Had a great night, thanks girls and the guys (that i didn't manage to have picture with!) 
Here's two instavid nia & jess did for me (and managed to post in the mid of the surprise and commotion somehow LOL) It contains lots of my unglam so... ENJOY.

Taken from nia's insta Taken from Jess's insta

and my 2nd celebration begins the next day,

Barracks @ House on 26th Dec

Super awesome home-made Kimchi stew to heal me hahaha

Decided to go for dinner at Barracks since I've always wanted to try it. My birthday theme for dinner was "Rainbow" i wanted it to be pastel color block but changed due to complaints HAHAHA so i wore my yellow bare back dress that night!
Taken from amk 

Oh and, much thanks to Leonard for delivering my presents that i've left in your car and sending me all the way to Dempsey despite having to fetch your bro hehe thank you!!!
(Because he said i'm queen for my bday hehe so i canzzz)

And the cutie happy bd choco he gave hahaha

Barracks @ House
8D Dempsey Rd
Singapore 249672
Tele: 6475 7787

Located in the forest of Dempsey Hill, the surroundings are so pretty!


Selfies cos we r on time!! >:(

Walking down unglamly hahah

This huge word will probably catch your attention once you walked down the stairs but.... this is their kitchen!!! The restaurant is on the left

Here's the restaurant with really nice decor and ambiance

With samsam 

Nice menus

With twin that wore green to suit my theme! Sporting ^^

Outdoor seating, scenery really nice but filled with mosquitoes LOL

And she look really good in this green :)

My birthday outfit #2

Barracks is suitable for any kind of occasion, from birthday, anniversaries or even family and friends gathering because they have got different style of decorations. For example, the long table you can see on the right in the below pic to the cafe table top setting, they even have a corner designed to look like your dining in a tent! Scroll down for more :)

When i was busy settling down, gervi passed me a paper bag. I looked inside and here's the best strawbie shortcake I've received because they are baked/make by Gervina herself! Hehe if you're reading this, don't have to worry about the taste because it's the thought that counts and it's pretty & nice to me i love it, thank you babe (kiss)

Happy me with the cake and you can see the "tent" dining area is just behind me!!!

They are famous for the fries, we ordered their signatures, Pumpkin Hazelnut Fries & Truffle Taro Fries

My pretty babe, Jorgine!

A really blur photo of us tgt, limited photos :(

Amelia & Jorgine


With the qtpie twin

And here's a gif i made for sam & zijun, bickering with each other as always.... LOL look at sam's diao face HAHAHAHAH

Stood up for some solo shots, ootd with samsam & zijun hehe both my lovies 
Handsome sam 

Pretty poodle 

And a photo with baker gervi as well 

selfie with sam ♥.

my closest bro hehe muaxx

Thank you so much for the lovely strawbie shortcakes so much love hehe

sry ah birthday girl must spam selfies with them HAHA, with zijun again!

okay you must be sick of my face already, two pretty babes for you - gervi & sheryl 

 Here comes the food!!!! Ordered crazy amount of food but it turns out not as what I've expected :/ (expected more of course but overall still fine!)

Truffle Taro Fries $8
Majority preferred this as it was more flavorful compared to the pumpkin one (below) Crispy and tastes fragrant you can't stop with just a few sticks

Pumpkin Hazelnut Fries $12
This was good too.. but pumpkin lover eugenia koh doesn't like it :O

English Big Breakfast Pizza $25
Both of the pizza we ordered were delicious! Nuff' said?

Mozzarella Bolognese Pizza $26
I prefer this more though, we still can't figure out the white thing that was on top of the pizza, tofu???

Squid Ink Paella $30
You can't do this without liquid... it's damn saltish. Wanted to ordered squid ink pasta cos we wanted to get our mouth dirty black haha but they didn't have it that day so we ordered paella instead. For those that do not know, Paella is a kind of Valencian rice dish. Shared this main course with nia and she ate most of the capsicum and leaves.... as usual her aunty vibes when it comes to food hahahaha!!!

 Pork Ribs $29
Another name given by sam for this pork ribs is: Char Siew (those you ate at duck rice stall) Gervina and Zijun had this and the taste wasn't up to their expectations/price, meat was a lil' tough and nothing really special for this main

Roast Chicken $26
Amelia had this, i tried and it tastes not bad, the meat was tender enough! So much better than pork ribs...

Prawn Capellini $27 
I LOVEEEEEEE AGLIO OLIO. It's my favorite pasta, i don't fancy those tomato/cream based ones. A lil' pricey for aglio olio, but this dish was definitely worth the price!! Thumbs up

American Slider $26
Jorgine had this and commented "not bad" so, i guess it was good for her? :)

And here comes the surprise cake they ordered while i was in the toilet (LOL) Strawbie shortcake again (because they know it's my favorite cake ^^)
Finally a birthday gif for myself! 

Rainbow theme pretty successful, had fun with these awesome bunch of people xx

Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 9/10
And so i came home to a mini cake (from Rive Gauche) from daddy 

and an unexpected surprise from Hx, thanks for driving and rushing all the way down to my place in the mid of the night when you're super tired and even tho you exceeded midnight and my birthday was over >:( (hahaha kidding) i appreciate it and like your surprise even tho my reaction was rly bad LOL  sadly, i can't say the surprise here but it requires me to blow thousands of candles i almost died. hehe thanks for the gift as well bwahaha and since eveyday is my birthday pls rmb to treat me nice and stop being mean to me hehe :) x

And here are some of the gifts I've received ˘ ³˘

Items from twin eugenia koh jia tian:

She got me my favorite makeup brand, Benefit!!!

Opened it up and look at all these pretty little things yayyy super love it 

And a really nice customized bracelet she got from Sensibar as twin prezzies (we r gay like that LOL), do check them out at their instagram: Sensibar_sg

a VS pouch as well (HAHAHA)

Last but not least, her super sweet but words damn freakin' puny letter only for my eyes ...............This letter really CAN MAKE ONE SOBER PERSON SEH 

Gift from tltbz, amelia & sam:
My favorite lingerie brand HAHAHAHA 
I think i can open a La Senza shop w the amount of what i have

Gift from jess, nat & shiyun:
Thank you for the bag and shiyun for X'mas gift from bkk ^.^ hehe so swit esp natnat sibeh messy handwriting sweet letter HAHAHA

Gift from natalie & jeremy:
Thanks for the Givenchy concealer i love it!!! Tried these and it was rly good and comes in handy since my the ysl one i was using is finishing...

Gift from H:
Smells damn good don't worry i like it hehexx thank you

Gift from sissy & her bf:
And super pretty Tory Burch wallet in Magenta! Yay to new wallet hehe xiexie

Thank you all for the gifts it's the thought that counts as the saying goes!

Chalet (27th-29th Dec)
The following day was the chalet so i had to wake up super early and head to.. Aloha Loyang! 
Big penguin clad in 3 penguins tee

Here are some of the pictures taken there. One time i love about chalet is the BBQ FOOD!!!
The rooms area~

Our bbq pits

And the beach of course!!!! How to not take?!

When preparing the bbq food...
my godma making her signature stingray SUPER GOOD
I think i was too engrossed when the food are ready because i've got no photo of most cooked food LOL, only preparations hahahaha

Cheese Mushrooms...

which turns out like these after bbqing

Making belachan sotong which tastes equally good as well


We can haz redbulls

Velvet cake

My awesome marshmellows

Three musketeers bbqing marshmellow same position LOL

And a picture of my adorable nephew!!!

not much pictures for chalet (becos ppl look shity during chalet especially myself LOL) but i enjoyed myself anwwww ^.^

Au Chocolat (29th Dec)
Slept throughout the whole morning and noon before meeting Kyle for late bday dinner as he promised! I decided to have Au Chcolat at MBS, wanted to try Hai di lao but it was fully booked :( bwahahaha anyway pretty place with great food, thanks for the bday treat! :)

My camo outfit that night~

 Located at Level 1 #01-03

Pretty ceiling

 Frozen Hot Chocolate
Au Chocolat's signature dish.. MUST ORDER TO TRY!!

Berry Glitz
Soda with mixed berries

Truffle fries
One of the BEST Truffle fries, comparable to the one in Stranger Reunion, but what's more special about this is that they are not using the common fries!

Duck confetti (one of their signature dishes)
I thought it was okay, but he didn't like it because the meat was dry hmmm and the sauce contains tangerines LOL

Spicy drumlets
tastes like those that can be bought in supermarkets honestly

Homemade Garlic Pesto Pasta
Unique taste, i love this ^.^


One of my best week (continuously 6 days) in 2013. So 2013 is coming to an end, hope 14 will be a even better year because 13 sucks HAHAHA New year resolutions coming up soon. Thanks for reading and lastly, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes (you know who you are) & those who made an effort for my birthday (i love you guys most xx)

Ps/ i can't count the number of thank you in this post hahahaha
Pss/ Heart shape by me for you guys muax 

Till then,


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