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Zj's bday @ MBS x Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining x 2 items off X'mas Bucket List!!!

Hey guys!
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Zj's post-bday celebration on Sunday @ MBS
Went to get the helium balloons with Jorg before heading down. How can a party do without pretty balloons! Well, tug the balloons all the way to the hotel & luckily i wasn't alone lol (great idea for attention seekers hahaha) 

Half of the time i was freezing in the room while waiting for the rest to arrive.
A pic w jorg while i freezzzzeeee

Anyway, Monochrome theme for her party so i decided to get into my super comfy giraffe top x Topshop bottom. Balloons to fit the outfit! Talking about themes, i got to start thinking about one for my upcoming birthday which i've got no clue at all yetttt. Hotel/chalet related are definitely no thoughhh? I wouldn't want to die like my past two years bday either :/
 trying too hard to be artistic lololllllll

View from the room with the balloons. This just makes me miss my Staycation! :-( boo
You can read on my MBS Staycation here

I was giggling at gervi's smile so i decide to..........

 imitate her but failed too high lvl so i ended up making myself look crappy HAHA

Delicious peanut chocolate fudge cake Gervi baked!
It's sooooo good that i've gotta go get the recipe from her! 
She told me she might try a Strawbie Shortcake for my bday since it's my fave. CAN'T WAIT. HAHA YAY 

They were entertained by a ridiculous show that were showing at that time lol

Birthday corner, pretty cake and apples (the apples come into great use aftermath *raise brows*) by Gervina!

Birthday girl solo shots
Poor Alex had to book in so the first shot was taken with the couple followed by her friends julee & angeline etc etc

Bday girl w/ weikang & sheryl!

Bday girl with me!!!! hehe

Bday girl & twin!

Amelia & Sheryl with Zj


And i demand for another shot with her hehe :)

Jorgine & I!

My girlsss <3

 Kengyang & Yao

Guys that turned up! 

He just got to do this and left it in my cam so i had to post it hahaha

Hiding at the back since i was the tallest LOL HEHE

Lighting up the candles! Brilliant us forgot that there's no ends for the candles... so we decided to stick it on the side of the foil. Luckily it werks

Here's a gif of the birthday girl & the group pictures! 

Stop here and take a look at the transition which is quite funny
For this.. Kengyang growing taller and taller lollll

Twist and ky continues going up

Ok this is the funniest cos everyone decided to change their boring smile to something else... HAHAHA so stop here and look at everyone faces especially yao, ky, nick, jorg and evil me in action *smirk* 

After snapping thousand of pictures and Polaroids, it's time for the birthday girl to hunt for the present!!! Okay we actually replaced the Pandora inside with an apple and hid it HAHA. The actual present lies somewhere else!

Yeah so when she found the "Apple" Pandora bag, she got all hyped up and thank us till........... she opened it up LOL poor zj got played by us but anyway still managed to find the real pandora with our help! Played some games followed by circle of death. haha as usual, i suck when it comes to connecting of chinese words the category game. The category game- the person that picked the card will come up with a category for example, CAR BRAND. And everyone will have to name a car brand. So previously i made Lenovo become a "Car Brand"....AND NOW the new car brand that existed in my own world: Beetle *what the hell am i thinking* must be thanks to Sheryl's car. She named it "Peter the Beetle"
Ok i feel a lil' shy thinking back.

Here's a pic of bday girl that have found the present!

Hope you like the gift!

& enjoyed your celebration although i didn't stayover. I bet you had a great time looking at all the vids send in the groupchat hahahaha 

Birthday girl & her crazy amt of spammed polariods

And us!!!

Polaroid w zj


Food post of the week

Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining
Chanced upon Seoul Yummy at Square 2 so we've decided to give it a try! I've found gold in Novena. *.* Seoul Yummy serves delicious, simple & affordable Korean food coming along with good service. They are known for quite some time and have 3 outlets in Sg - Bugis+, The Central & Square 2. 
Address & number at the end of this post, rmb to make reservations as it gets crowded during weekends!

Two entrance for the one at Square 2! It's located on the 3rd floor (Oh btw be prepared, your shirt will reek of the strong food smell!)

Cosy restaurant to dine in :)

Here's their specialty, Army's Stew
 Since there's 3 of us, we decided to order Army's Stew Spicy Octopus & Assorted Seafood Combo!
$49.90 (without changing)

The combo was really worth it, although it stated for 2 pax... i think it's filling enough for 3 pax! The combo comes with drinks, multi-grain rice (can be upgraded to any ther mains for a top up of $8.90- super worth), appetiser & dessert!

We upgraded one of the multi-grained rice to Stir Fried Glass Noodles! (just because i hate healthy food)
Look at how healthy it is 

The Star of Seoul Yummy,
Army's Stew Spicy Octopus & Assorted Seafood 

If you've been to Korea, this isn't a rare sight in Korean restaurants, koreans love this! I love this too hehe, for chili lovers, the soup base is not as spicy as it looks but i thought it was just nice! Their "Assorted Seafood" includes: prawns, squid, clams, oysters, octopus, luncheon meat, korean fishcake, fish & their all-time kimchi. The ramyeon was exceptionaly thick though

How it looks like after tossing and cooking it! Delicious ya?

For those that're curious, here's the authentic stew i had in Korea back then! I dig the pictures up from my Korea post
It was so delicious and spicy, i miss koreaaaa now :(
*Sg pls improvise hehe*

Okay back to Seoul Yummy, the appetizer arrived shortly. We chose Potato Pancake! It's tasteless & blunt aloneso remember to dip into the sauce they provide - it tastes much better trust me :-)

And the healthy rice that got replaced by 
Stir Fried Glass Noodles w/ sides
Sides- Anchovies, Bean Sprouts, Kimchi

The full set

There is the choice of meat- spicy chicken/pork & beef. We had the beef and it was good, the noodles were flavorful thanks to the beef's marination/ Strips of carrot, cucumbers and mushrooms to complement everything perfectly as well!

Lastly, dessert time!
We chose the mixed fruits Bingsoo (the one that was recommended on the Bingsoo series) It was one of my wisest choice because.......... it's that good!!! I love the Bingsoooooo *.*
Those are frozen yogurt on top and not ice-cream!!! which makes it even more tasty The colorful bottom contains green and red jelly with mixed fruits and....... aloe vera. I LOVE this dessert!!!

With all that above, the total bill was $69.20...?! Definitely worth to give it a try! :)

Square 2
10, Sinaran Drive,#03-68, 6397 6939
The Central
6, Eu Tong Sen Street, 03-92, 6227 8802
201 Victoria Street, #04-11, 6509 6900

Alright and before i end this post...
Guess what? the 4th week of December is arriving!!!  Presents, logcakes, turkey and many home-made delicacies! Feeling all jolly now because my favorite festive season is finally arriving hehe :-)  Every year without fail there will be teppanyaki + steamboat as well, can't wait! And, after Christmas... will be my birthday! huehue that's why this period of Dec will always be my fave 

Since Christmas is around the corner,
I've came up with a Christmas Bucket List and here're two of them!

1. Bake gingerbread man cookies!
source: x
I've alwaysssss wanted to bake them since they are so qt so  that's what i'm gna do this year and some of my lucky friends will receive it ^^ Shall take some time off and bake some breadman, i promise it will turn out awesome! HAHA (i have lotsa faith in myself)

2. Spend more time with family 
Having preoccupied with your social life, studies or even relationships, how many of you do actually stop and take a look at your parents for maybe a minute, or even a second? Realising that they are no longer having the same amount of energy they had when you were 10 years old. Life is short, cherish when they are still around. I bet everyone do take them for granted at times even without realizing it since they're always supporting you even if you're wrong. 

Well, start spending time with your family because they are the most important people on earth! :-)

Shall end this post with my last meaningful parag here hahaha. Caaaan't wait for X'mas parties, birthday and chalet! yayxxxx


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