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2014 (New year resolutions x Countdown) x Re/store III Flea/ Bangkok Jam x Kith Cafe x Random

Hey guys! A proper post here to end off 2013 and kick start 2014 with a boomzaaaaa haha (i know i'm late hehe)
Regarding to my previous post, just expressing myself to this blog since i feel better typing them out. As I've said, great things happened in 2013. Some of the more significant ones: Lotsa events (spend 6 months of 13 for internship lol life came back after that), Taiwan trip (Part I/ Part II)Shokubutsu beauty contest, Staycations, Birthday Parties, Big Bang!!! (I get to see them rl gd *.*) and also not forgetting my 19th bday celeb!!! Many more~


And an instavid i did!

I know this is also late but... here's three of my simple and sweet new year resolutions i hope to achieve lol:

1. Cut down on partying and start leading a healthier lifestyle
It's crazy I've spend 2013 mostly on partying as well -o- Such unhealthy night lifestyle I need to stop/ lessen if not i think my health will deteriorate like mad and should start focusing on doing something more healthy. I've signed up for yoga classes for a year and was supposed to go for the first yesterday but didn't, so will share with you guys my first yoga class experience next week hahahahaha!!! I'm kinda excited cause it's definitely something new to me.
There are lots of health benefits of yoga from what I've researched on... so one step to healthier me? hahaha! 

2. Achieve something big/ nearer to my dream

3. SLIM DOWN - don't be lazy and start working out - kg!! - kg!!!!!!!!!!!! - kg!?!?!!
At least achieve my ideal weight of 46kg lah?! hahahaha i'll be underweight for my height but still.........
Did I mention that I've gained ALOTTTTTTTTT of weight during internship but I've shed off those extra kgs thru crazy crash diet and exercise lah haha (if not i'll still be drowning in my sorrows rn)

1/1, Wed
Here's how i spend my New Year Countdown:
Went to Sean's place with the bros and back to godma's place to join my cousins' game hahaha
Oh and pictures here grabbed from nia cos i didn't bring my bulky canon along HAHA good thing when she blogs too
Evil twin snapping all jon sean and roy unglams HAHAHAHAHAHA 3 continuous shots of unglam i promised jon that it'd be on my blog and that guy chipped two of his teeth cos he ran into a transparent door (brb laughing like cray)

Anyway, they had canadian pizzas while i look at them enjoying it cos i was too full from steamboaaaat :s

Circle of death loooo
Wanted to take pretty shots w nia under the firework. And when sean invited us over he was telling us how good the fireworks view will be from his house. Filled with high hopes, we expected the fireworks to turn out like this.....
And in fact, yeah the fireworks were so huge that i can't even
SPOT THEM LOL. So disappointing haisss but still, had fun with them! :-)

3/1, Fri
So new year means school is starting means.... project time. Gna be rly busy for the month ahead, wish me luck sigh. Headed to town to film for my project despite bad cramps :/ (only had an egg from morning till 8pm THAT BAD) and since I'm playing the reporter role, here's reporter tay haha
Thanks to my bros for accompanying me too 
& Ashy!
Dinz at Newton Circus before catching Jackie Chan latest policemen story (it's good, go catch it!!!),
and an overeffect picture of me and huixiang LOL we look dreamy hiahia

4/1, Sat
Sis bought back four fingers for lunch! One of my favorite fast food :-)
...... LOL aftermath of having 4fingers chickennnnn (i'm retarded like that bwahahah )

Head down to RE/STORE III to support gervi & sheryl's booth and i was surprised when i got there.... hahaha they pasted my face all over the wall behind them and that's like me..2 years ago?! and prolly the nicest thing they said to me: "You slimmed down leh!" (YAY HOORAY THROW CONFETTI sorry i just had to bold it hahahahahahahahaha)
Cute couple posing for my cam~
Solo pics with my girlies,
w Gervi,
and w/ Sheryl!
And not forgetting my poodle che! hehe *.*

Bangkok Jam at Marina Square for dinner! 
Located: #02-105B/C
Bangkok Jam is a modern Thai Bistro serving affordable thai & indochinese cuisine, my first time there and it wasn't too disappointing! Ordered two simple mains along with the must-have tomyum soup when it comes to thai food. I love thai food but i haven't had them for quite a long time!!! :-( so i was really excited to find out how's the food at Bangkok Jam.

Thai Ice Milk Tea, $4.80

Olive Rice, $11.00
They say "do not judge a book by it's cover".. Well, you don't judge a food by how it looks too! The Olive rice looks simple and boring, didn't appeal to me when it arrived but it's sooooo so good! Picture doesn't do justice to it. Simplicity at it's best haha

Seafood Clear Tom Yum Soup, $7.90
Always preferred clear tom yum soup to those red/(unclear? lol) ones. However, the waitress actually recommended the red tom yum soup and it's more spicy compared to clear. But zijun can't take it so we stick to clear! The lemongrass taste was a lil' overwhelming, i think.... nakhon one still tastes the best wahaha nakhon raving fan here

Seafood Phad Thai $11.90
Phad Thai was as good as Olive Rice. Mains were good!

Simple yet satisfying meal at Bangkok Jam was overall satisfying, will be back to try out their other stuffs! Overall wasn't that bad and it's cheap for Thai food~

Last but not least, a solo food date with Natalie to Kith Cafe (super overdue post)
Finally meeting up with her after donkey months so we never run out of topics when we meet!!!

Kith Cafe
Located: Park Mall #01-01E
Most people will visit Kith Cafe for their brunch menu, however, their dinner menu are equally good as well. Cafe with nice ambiance and whether you are on budget or not, it's a place you can go to when you're at town and have no idea what to have for lunch/brunch/din

Sat outside cos' we didn't make any reservations. Here's a pic of cutie nat in her new haircut!!!
And the lighting at my side sucks...or maybe it's just me hahaha
They are quite famous for the pizzas! Tried the Kung Pao Chicken Pizza, it was good! 
And the pasta as well was yummy!

While paying at the cashier spotted lotsa delicious looking pastries....

I shall end off this post with us,

"Friends are like stars, you don't always see them but they are always there"

Bye holidays,


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