Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hey people, impromptu post on a new year, ok not really since it has passed midnight. Supposed to be out partying with my friends but stuck at home for projects since school is starting and......... one bad thing when you're left alone at home at night.. You tend to over think and create situations in your head.
2013 have been good to me due to various reasons; I get to differentiate the ones that stays in your life and the ones that treats you as temporary happiness. Well,  I got closer to one of my bestest friend on earth which is also my twin and soul mate haha i think most of you would have known who she is, there's the overseas trip to Taiwan with favorite people and many other great things that happened to me. On the other hand, the start of 2013 wasn't that great, just when I thought I’d be blissful to fall in love with someone, things went really wrong. I've been reflecting ever since then, where did the problem lies? Fyi, I'm over that guy, I’m just pondering on what could I have done- or now to improve on myself since 2014 must (yes, I insist) start on a good note for me. What's bothering me now is that I’m finding harder to open up to people nowadays, which is super not my character?! Maybe I’m sick of being nice to people as eventually what I’ll get are just heartbreaks. "When you care less, you have lesser chance of getting hurt" which is very true. But how do people manage to do that? I've tell myself to care less tons of times but I just can't seem to do it. I'll turn out to be "acting" as I can't be bothered and that just sucks cos end of the day I’ll be crying or whining like a bitch. I'll be on the "loser/losing" side, which I really hate that feeling. Well, but still nothing beats the feeling when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging and you have to act like you don't care at all.


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