Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hot Yoga x New Hairstyle x Ugly side of SG commuters x Cafe Pal x Bornga Korean BBQ

Hey guys! Sorry for the super delayed post. Been really busy with submissions.. school. :(
Here's what I've been up to lately,

Hot Yoga
Have been starting on hot yoga classes for almost 2 weeks.. It was crazy but always felt good after an hour of it!

Benefits of Hot Yoga:
1. Increases Metabolism
2. Improve your posture, digestion
3. Remove toxins
4. Weight Loss!!!!!!
For Hot Yoga, we did it in an enclosed room with temperature of 37-40 degrees (with high humidity) so you will sweat even if you're not doing anything. A good thing is that it burns 630 calories an hour. (When i run 4km i burn only like 200 calories?) But when I first started it i felt kinda dizzy but following after was fine! Have to let your body to be able to adapt to it. So i hope i'll be motivated enough to finish 47 more classes..!

During the past week I've decided to change my hair color to super light ash and it turns out gold :( So i redyed it the next day and cut it as well.
Here's my first dye:
It was tooooo gold, many of my friends say it would be better if it's darker :( What i thought so, guess I can't suit the series of blonde hair color! *sad

The only one that have got picture with my gold hair, HAHA SAM BE HONORED 

After receiving all the comments (especially Asher harping on how much he hates girls with light hair -_-) I've decided to go head back to my salon to make it darker.. and, I'm very satisfied with my current hair! Snipped off my ends as well so here's my current hair: 
I dyed my hair continuously 2 days and it's SUPER BAD for my hair & scalp T^T but, good treatment helps!

A clearer picture
So I'm back to the happy zhiyan again!! whoop

Friday 17/1
On friday, Jon's birthday dinner at Ssikekk Korean BBQ @ United Square with the guys!
HAHA everyone's unglam look at roy hahahahaha


Twin & her centre parting! 

Roy roy 

Just me annoying roy as usual 

Handsome JJ 

and Jon the birthday boy! 

Dream > Zouk (went to smell the air of zouk and crashed lol)

Saturday 18/1
And the next day something nasty happened to me haha thanks to the weak stomach so here's the story:
Ugly Side of SG commuters?
Recently there's a video going viral, by a Singaporean > Steph Micayle ranting on how is she not proud to be a Singaporean. Personally, I think it's an unwise move though. Well, i'm definitely proud to be a Singaporean. But talking about LEAST helpful country in the world, can Sg be considered one? Am i proud to say Singaporeans are helpful?
Here's the simple incident that happened to me in the train that day. My stomach was feeling unwell, I felt nauseous but I tried to hold it back till I reach my stop. Never did I think that my stomach actually gave way and I puked on the train (I was already trying to hold it I don't wna dirty the train lol I'm considerate) Well, this naturally drew attention from kpo commuters, and did they help? NO. No plastic bag/ tissue was offered to me AT ALL and all of them stared as if I'm hulk evolving. Alright back to the story, so i was puking on the train so I got out when it reach the next train station, of course feeling super weak. So I walked towards the lift filled with people and my stomach gave way AGAIN. The lift was packed and not a single soul bother to help..and guess what? When the lift door opens, all of them disappear without turning back. Feeling soooo helpless, I HAVE TO WALK ALL THE WAY TO THE TICKET OFFICE and ask for tissues & plastic bag. Well done people. 
But then again, how many of you will help in situation like this? -boiling-

Ok enough of ranting so that's my sad story ^ back to cafe hunting post. *poot*

 Cafe Pal
Located: Along Middle Road (behind National Lib)
Looking for a cafe with good ambience and serves awesome thai food & desserts, you guys should try Cafe Pal. Other than the service which was really poor, the rest of it was good. 

They are quite well-known for their bubble tea in the Cafe Pal bottle, however, you can only purchase it after you eat or as takeaway, you can't consume them in their cafe (and i totally see no logic in this) It's just a normal bottle that looks better than the glass cup and they don't even allow us to take a picture of it because we were dining in?! 

Don't be shocked when you enter because not a single staff will greet you when you step in so just tell them how many people you have

Zijun & I!

Here's their milkteas, the Thai Ice Tea was good while Matcha tastes a lil' bland!

Mini Toast Kaya $4
What makes this special is their homemade kaya! Something you can prepare it at home, but I will still order it here because the kaya tastes really unique. Creamy, fragrant and delicious!

Tom Yum Noodles $9
I like the tomyum noodles here, portion not very big but just nice and they are generous with the ingredients

Phad Thai $9
Was good as well!

Durian Sticky Rice $6
Durian lovers you will love this!

Mama mee Salad
Suprisingly good, spicy + sour sauce makes the overall refreshing and delicious.

Overall: Good food and ambiance but what's that without good service? Well, if you are prepared for such service go ahead to Cafe Pal! They are lucky the food make up for it so might be back for the food! (This time probably takeaway seems to be a better choice)

Sunday 19/1
Godsis birthday at Bornga Korean BBQ They have outlets at Star Vista & Vivo City. I went to the one at Vivo. The reviews online were nasty but decided to go and try it for myself! And I think it turns out better than what I've expected! Simple outfit for the day because it's project day too :(

Bornga Korean BBQ
Bornga is created by Executive Chef Jong Won Paik whom runs well known restaurants in Korea. So, if you're looking at authentic Korean BBQ, try Bornga. It operates like how kbbq restaurants in korea does. They have the pipe on top ensuring that you wouldn't walk out smelling like live bbq pork haha.
Located: L2 (Opposite Golden Village)

Side dishes!

This explains the different type of leaves being used, interesting

Premium Korean Pork Belly

One of their specialty, marinated beef hotpot

If you're feeling hungry... watch this! BWAHAHA

Not forgetting to wrap the meat with lettuce and the korean paste!

Reason behind:

Ala carte Seafood Pancake

Alright before i end this post, let me show you guys a really cool machine! It turns anything to ice-cream/ frozen yogurt! In this case, I used bananas & strawberries (the real fruit)
and watch to see what it turns out to be!

Will be back for CNY updates in the next post, and if you haven't read my 2014 first post it's here and the rest a the tabs above and on the right!

Till then,


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