Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot yoga + Chock Full of Beans + Updates

Sorry for being away for almost a month?
So I've mentioned about attending hot yoga classes and even the benefits of it in my previous post here. And
people have been asking me questions like where am I doing my yoga at? ( I've been answering this umpteen times), if it's effective for weight loss or that beneficial? So I'm here to do a post on it!!!
I'm a beginner for hot yoga, and have no idea that we were supposed to do yoga in a heated room with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The first few lessons were tiring because my body had to get used to the heat, so I often get light-headed... but got used to it now. There are different types of hot yoga: Hot Classic, Core, Hatha and i find it rather interesting!!! I'm doing the easier one which is Hot Classic which contains 2 fix set of 26 poses. Better ones can go for core/hatha.
And if you're curious about the poses I do.. here's something i got from googling so this appeared (website) HAHAHA imagine me doing all these......
BUT THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING and I love pose 13 the most.
The benefits I mentioned previously were:
1. Increases Metabolism
2. Improve your posture, digestion
3. Remove toxins
4. Weight Loss!!!!!!

After attending classes for long, I THINK SOME POINTS WERE HIT-ON!!! I can't tell if my metabolism increases since I lead another part of unhealthy lifestyle hahaha, but I eat more without gaining weight that easily! Does that count? The postures allow blood to rush through the body efficiently, removing all the toxins in the body. They say if you're trying to quit smoking go to a sauna for 3 days. Yoga helps as well!

Moving on to the most important and concerned point, Did i lose weight?
Since an hour class burns about 600+ calories, I should be able to lose weight, but sadly I did not managed to, and why? Because supper came after yoga classes so to people who are using it to lose weight, watch your diet and spam classes, I believe you will slim down and in a healthy way!
If you guys got anymore question feel free to leave a comment :)

Anw....... I got my hair dyed!!!! TO BLACK! I haven't have pure black hair ever since I graduate from secondary school and that is like 4 years of brown/red/gold hair hahahha. I guess I look different because none of my friends (that have know me during my poly years) have seen me in.... black!
Let's do a comparison.

Which is better?! I like my black hair now but there seems to be streaks of gold re-appearing which means, time to make a trip down to salon.........

Another picture HAHA

Impromptu dye-ing session and here are some updates.
Grad night

YES, I'M GRADUATING!!!! Finally after spending 3 years of my life in SP, which is one of the best thing because I met lots of nice and fun people. People that stay as well as people that go whom left me with good memories. Grateful to everyone that never fail to be there for me, you know who you are :') So what's the next step after poly?
Dress from Love Bonito.

Trip to Lola's dinner, lovin both lola's brunch & dinz!

One fine day after work, on the way to do my nails at The Nail Status! Got my nails done at $6 (normal express mani - super cheap, just show your student card & only $3 without shaping!!!) Did my gellish the other time here as well only for $30! (present your student card) Located: Far East Plaza Level 3 

Met nat & rs for some dinz before heading to embassy & zouk! Have been meeting this girl lately hehehehe

It's been more than months since I've touch Macdonalds & KFC. I used to be a fan of Macs fries but not anymore after reading so many stories about them online. Try googling them haha. I've been trying other fried chickens like Arnold's and Jollibee and concluded that Arnold's wins! (to me) Sadly, I didn't get to have a picture of the average-looking chicken which tastes surprisingly good!!! 
Arnolds - City Plaza (Level 2)
Jollibee - Lucky Plaza (Level 6)

And here's a picture of me without makeup except my eyebrows (which are a must and stay tune to my next post girlies hint: eyebrows)

Jollibee is special for their pasta, didn't get to try it but heard it was sweet. Got the normal 2 pcs chicken! Well, I still prefer Arnolds!

Last but not least, finally got some time to hang out with nia after not meeting her for long? Ok actually 2 weeks isn't that long but...... anyway, we went to chill at a hidden cafe in Changi Village. Quite surprised to find this gem in CV!
Chock Full of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Road 
6248 8839

Our main trip to Chock Full of Beans was for their fanciful 3D Latte Art which looks super adorable! However, the spags turn out good as well, just a lil' pricey for cafe. You will be greeted by the aroma of coffee once you stepped indoor, and that's what I like about cafes!
Hop on to the high tables and ordered my favorite aglio olio while she got her carbonara with eggs ben.

Love how simple aglio olio is yet super tasty!

Nia's cabonara with eggs benedict on top! It was quite good as well :)

Here's the highlight of the cafe, 
3D Latte Art!

We didn't specify the patterns we wanted it to be and were given both kitties, a female (me) & male (nia) hahahaha not a coffee lover though!
It's really cute esp the female kitty I had to take a picture with ittttttttt. Catching up over a simple meal there :)

hi twin

Tryna be gay HAHAHAHA

ok I'm really excited for my Korea trip upcoming June! I'll be away for 2 weeks and it's gna be an exciting journey to Jeju & Seoul! Wait for my blogpost when I'm back ;)