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Cafe Hunting in SG Part II {PoTeaTo x Assembly Coffee x Omakase Burger}

Back for Cafe Hunting part II! Yes, it's all gna be on the top 3 cafes I rated in this month for this post as well as some updates before I leave for Korea in 10 days time. Haven't got the chance to due to work but now i'm all free and ready for my trip >:)

Aite, hope this post helps if you're currently thinking of where to head for brunch or dinner with your date/friends!

The first & must-try cafe that I will give will be to..
1. PoTeaTo
78 Yong Siak St
6221 2488
Lying along with other cafes like Open Door Policy, 40 Hands and even passing my favorite korean restaurant Big Mama, look out for this small & cosy cafe located at the corner of Yong Siak St. As derived from their interesting title, yes, it's all about their flexibility with potatoes and their interesting variation of tea! 

Well, to people like us (whom are not able to wake up in time for brunch) go for their dinner becos it's worth the try as well :)

Quickly placed our order and settle the payment since most of us were starving.. 
Here comes the first lite bites we ordered and the probability of seeing it in the full food picture is 0. 
 Poteato Chips $6 
Doesn't taste like the normal potato chips, definitely must-try and it's super addictive. You can't stop after one.

We wanted to wait for all the dishes to arrive to get a nice full picture and if is not for Shiyun's persistence in holding the basket to prevent the rest from attacking it, it'd be gone in less than 5 mins... but still, the basket of chips ended up empty and here are the culprits hahaha!!!! ok except nat

With two of my fav girlies.

Yes of cos i'm one of them HAHAHA a photo with the chips protector, shiyun hehehe  

The next side arrived not long,
  Poteato Dippers! $10 
(Their signature along with the Sweet Poteato which we didn't ordered cos the boys & sy didn't like sweet potato saying it's too healthy?!!?! What logic....) Poteato Dippers were good replacement though

Oh and protecting the sides from the hungry monsters till the extent of taking a photo with it (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ

 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: Selfies with my baobei ・゚✧

The guyssss~ & main culprits of the empty basket in the picture HAHAHA

ben, glen & bjorn!

And finally after waiting for dk how long... the mains arrived! 
Fish & Chips $16
Mixture of sweet potato and shoestring fries with awesome fresh fillets! Their sweet potato fries are really good!!!

Teriyaki Salmon $17
Didn't give this a try since I can't have salmon, but heard from them it was good as well! Love the food here as none of the mains here disappoint us.

Their recommended Cheesy Melt Beef Burger, $21 
Not really a fan of burgers, but the patty was thick and juicy and goes really good with the overflowing cheese on the top, burger maniacs should try

Didn't manage to wait for our aglio olios so make do with the ones that are here! Semi-full food picture :/

First time seeing sy taking a photo looking all elegant haahaha so must post

And once the photo was snapped, the two vultures attack hahahaha like 10 days nv see food ah

Sea Ocean Aglio Olio $14
My favorite pasta and their aglio olio tastes unique compared to the normal ones I always have. The pasta tastes abit starchy like they used some potato flour (not sure) inside but i'm sure it's different! Different in a good way but I got sick of it after a few mouth, ok the irony haha

as well as the truffle fries...
Truffle Fries $10
Tastes normal to me!

But this isn't normal, ordered a Peach Lychee Tea $6 and it tastes super refreshing. Will go back for their hi-tea hehe :D


Overall, good food and ambiance at PoTeaTo!!! Highly recommended to go and have a try since pictures doesn't do the food above justice. Head off to Planet after filling our tummmmmies

Nat & Ben~

w mai dawg~

Nat, ben & feifei (shiyun's baobei)

Love hanging out with them! Okie that's all for a poteato & planet night~

The second cafe I wna introduce will be,

2. Assembly Coffee (good place for desserts)
26 Evans Lodge
6735 5647
*Located along Hatched & Prata shop
One of the days when I finally got some time off work to meet my babies, so we've decided to go to cafe with scenic view around for sam the ootd maniac (so he can take nice ootds). And we chose Assembly Coffee since it was located near Botanic Gardens! Garden means trees and grass means nice view hmm?

My face and outfit for that day >>>

Self added flowers

The walk from botanic gardens and finding spots from sam's ootd was torturous, a pic with my babe 

"O $ P  $ FACE" HAHA

Some shots I took for sam, anyone wna hire me as photographer? My skills up there ok HAHAHA

Finally arriving our destination after a long walk at Botanic and I spot da familiar place ppl usually take ootd with whenever they're here

With my pretty baobei, zijun~

Hallo people, the usual thing i do while waiting for food

Douchebag HAHAHAH

& I'v decided to be one too HAHAHAHAHA

Desserts there are definitely da bomb here! Waffles-lover, their waffles are as good as those in Strangers (for me)
Horlick tart :) Heard the snickers tart was not bad as well.

Not a coffee lover but got this for pretty latte art! (what my twin will usually do - wasting money just for taking nice pictures LOL ahhahaha)

Their signature Salted Caramel Waffle $11.50 will leave you wanting for more!

Went to town for some shopping sesh and chanced upon this new froyo cafe!
Orchard Gateway (basement)
Wasn't intending to have froyo since we were already filled with desserts ^ but had them in the end cos the super kind owner was nice enough to help me charge a dead phone. :-) And I didn't regret trying them cos it was refreshingly good and they have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Definitely be back when I have cravings for froyo~

Rewards card given upon purchase

Variety of toppings ranging from jellies, chocolates, gummies, nuts & even your healthy fruits!

Payment by weight

And the froyo is all ready to be eaten nom!!!

We love froyos!


A pic with my bei


Last but not least.........

Have always wanted to try Omakase Burger but it's located all the way at the Turf Club which makes me, yes, lazy to travel. But guess what! They have finally open their second outlet at Wisma Atria.

                                                                  3. Omakase Burger
Wisma Atria
To my fellow lazy bums out there, it's super convenient now to get these good burgers! You can easily locate them since it's in an open area in the mall itself.
Heard the Turf Club outlet was better though, but I thought the one I tried was good as well :)

You'll have to place the order and payment at the counter before getting seats! (& collecting the food yourself once the buzzer buzz bz bz)

Got ourselves a combo set each which comes along with a drink and fries,
 Root Beer Float!

Sipping while waiting for our burgers to arrive~

 Here's my Deluxe Cheeseburger Combo $22.90 with Beef Tallow Fries (+$2)
Ordered Beef Tallow Fries since it sounded unique and different among the other fries they served. What appeared was just normal fries and I thought the fries were given wrongly since I was expecting some drizzles of beef on top or smtg cool. So I asked the server and what she told me was: "Oh you have to smell it and taste it, smell and taste like beef"
It tastes like freaking normal fries.
She's making me doubt my own tastebuds so I got rs to try and he agreed with me. In conclusion? I'll not order beef tallow anymore if I'm back. 

His Ultimate Cheeseburger combo $25.50 with Cheese Fries (+$2.35)
The Ultimate Cheeseburger definitely tastes much better than my burger ^, there were bacon, mushrooms and strips of onion to accompany the patty, which makes the whole burger juicy and delicious. And the sides? Cheese fries will never go wrong.

Know what I'm talkin' bout?

& have them with your hands!

Outfits x Party

Rave Republic

Last but not least, guess what? I'VE GRADUATED YAY YAYAAAAAAAY no longer a poly student, currently waiting for my uni! Quite excited for my next phase of school lifehahaha wait for my Guide to Jeju & Seoul soon!


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