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Korea Trip (Jeju Part I) - {Day 1: White Nest pension x Seogwipo Submarine x Cheonjiyeon & Jeong bang Falls} & {Day 2: Teddy Bear Museum x Jusangjeolli cliff x 국수바다 x Alive Museum x O'sulloc Museum x Neulbom Black Pork Korean BBQ {No.1 Jeju}

Hey guys! I'm finally back from my 2 weeks Korea trip (Jeju & Seoul) I had alot of fun and my weight gain explains it all :( Just a kilo but to a weight-obsessed person it's pretty much lolol. Went to Jeju for 5 days follow by 6 days in Seoul. This post will be on Jeju's itinerary first!

If you're someone seeking for relaxation, sightseeing and seafood, Jeju is definitely a place for you. What I like about Jeju?
1. Staying near the sea - you wake up to a beautiful sight of sea and if you're one early riser, the sunrise
2. Relaxation - you probably wouldn't think of anything else and enjoy your trip as much as I did. Unless you're a filled-with-worries freak then it will be the other case ʕ•͡౪•ʔ
3. FOOD - there are many seafood restaurants located around Jeju especially near the sea. That explains the freshly caught seafood that's being served on your plate. Not to my liking but my cousins love it, YOU TASTE THE SEA ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ HHAHAHAA, yea that's how exaggerating I can go for that.

Alright so here's my Jeju Part 1 itinerary, it's much easier to go by my sequence of attractions cos i go by how near they are to each other! Hope it helps for those who intend to pay Jeju a visit :-)

Incheon > Gimpo Airport > Jeju 
White Nest pension (stay) > Seogwipo Submarine >  Cheonjiyeon Falls (Famous waterfal in Jeju) > Jeong bang Waterfall

After 7-8 hours of flight & 2 planes finally arrived at Jeju!

Here's a super shag face of mine without sleep for 2 days.......... but say hi to my favorite drink in Korea!!! Strawberry milk that you can purchase in sg now as well!!!
It's better for you to hire a personal tour guide or if you prefer to go along with a tour to Jeju since it isn't easy getting around without a vehicle.  To save the hassle, we hired a private tour guide and he was pretty good since he can speak English, most of the things were done for us like ordering food, getting the tickets for attractions and even driving us around. Super convenient!!! Don't have to worry about anything, just eat see and sleep literally. His name is Andy you can google Andy jeju tour guide and he will prolly pop up.

Feelin' super excited to view the place that we're gna live in for 5 days, aaaaand white nest pension definitely didn't disappoint us! You can check them out on their website here if you're looking for a nice place by the sea. Since there're 9 of us, it was super worth it to get their biggest villa. Here's some visuals of white nest pension. Amazingly huge!!!!

We arrived to this beautiful pension and guess what? Most of the houses in Jeju looks like this! So pretty isn't it, unlike sg's boring hdb flats :/

View of White Nest Pension from outside > inside > seaview you get to see every day and night > bedroom

Here's how this beautiful pension looks inside~

Our super huge living room and most importantly, FREE WIFI!

And of course, a kitchen for you to whip up anything you want! They even have a microwave, rice cooker and utensils provided.

There are only 2 rooms so here's where the rest gotta rely on! Comfy mattress~~

A shared toilet with washing machine to do your laundry (so you wouldn't need to bring so many clothes) & there are toilets in each bedroom.

How the bedroom looks like, you wake up to the sea every morning ^.^

Guess where's our first station of the day........?
To get some breakfast of course! We touch down around 8am and most of were starving so we got to...
Paris Baguette
They are everywhere in Jeju, having it here tastes much better than in sg since it originated from Korea and much cheaper too hahaha

Look who I saw HAHAHA

Even plain hotdog bread can look unique 

Hungry ppl caught on cam hehehe

First attraction of the day,
Seogwipo Submarine 
Worth to go: 6/10
Address: 40, Namseongjung-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
First, I thought it was pretty cool since I've never been in a submarine before. And always wanted to try thanks to magic school bus (well, if you know that show, ♪(┌・。・)┌ hello friend )
Starting was cool but it got boring after awhile. If you're interested in going down the sea to see the creatures corals or whatever, go take up diving instead...... guess it'll be more interesting.

Feel a lil' cheated when I saw this cos I thought we've reached the submarine and in what way does this ship looks like a sub ma rine. So ya, we have to take this ship to another place!

Inhaling beautiful seabreeze while we travel to da submarine hehehehe

Here's the highlight of the whole journey, the submarine that we're going in to!!!

And that's me going down......

So... what do you get to see under the sea?
Beautiful fishes...


 More fishes...........


Worth to go at least once if you're not intending to go for diving and curious to see what's underneath the big blue sea. The submarine actually goes down to 40m to see an abandoned shipwreck. Didn't get a pic of it since I thought it was just...... Well, do not expect muchhh!

Next, second attraction of the day:
Cheonjiyeon Falls
Worth to go: 7/10
Why? Cos it's BEAUTIFUL. 
Location: Cheonji-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 666-7
Admission Fee: Adults 2,000 won Youths/Children: 1,000 won
(If more than 10 people the price will be cheaper than quoted above)
You can spot these grandfather statues known as Dol Hareubang everywhere in Jeju, they are believed to be the guardians of Jeju, protecting the people there

who leaves Jeju without a picture with the famous dol hareubang?

Behold the Cheonjiyeon Falls~~~

Strawberry icecream that tastes like haagen dazs strawbie super loveeeeeee *.* You can get at any convenient store there

 Watermelon popsicle which looks good but doesn't taste as good lol

Got hungry after all the sightseeing so Andy brought us to this famous seafood restaurant! Sorry I've no idea what does it says in Korean words but the shop looks like this from the outside (the phone number is stated on the signboard):
Seafood lovers will love this place but the food isn't to my liking....... :l

They have menu with english words here and the chinese words read san wu sha guo??? I've no idea man. LOL Korean and chinese characters are mega chim

Having lunch with a good seaview

Side dishes

Abalone Porridge 13,000 won

Spicy Seafood Stew (Small) 35,000won
Amazed (and a lil disgusted LOL) by the whole raw squid and abalone that is STILL MOVING. They are really generous with the abalone since it's easy to get them here. 

Busy taking pictures instead of eating hahaha

Seafood Stew 12,000won

Sea Urchin Soup 12,000won

And the aftermath of the Spicy Seafood Stew that looks delicious after few mins of cookin'

Next, another famous fall in Jeju,
Jeongbang Falls
Worth to go: 8/10 (It's even better than the previous one ^)
Location: 37, Chilsimni-ro214beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
Admission Fee: Adult 2,000won Youth 1,000won

I managed to risk my life and climb to that big rock over there hahaha

Dinner time, which is one of my best meal in Jeju.. JAJANGMYEON
Tastes different from the Chinese one, but super love the jajangmyeon here. The noodles are hand-made making it chewy and even better! The sweet and sour pork completes the whole meal.
Staying in SG and not able to taste such wonderful jajangmyeon and sweet and sour pork?? 
Becos I've found a Korean restaurant in SG (opened by koreans) which serves really good jajangmyeon, sweet and sour pork and man du (dumplings)!!! The taste can be comparable to those I had in Jeju. And that restaurant is.... do goon do goon do goon................*drumrolls*
Tae Woo Ban Jum! you can read my reviews here. Will be going back anytime soon :-)


Teddy Bear Museum > jusangjeolli cliff > Lunch (Famous for cold noodles) > Alive Museum > O'sulloc Museum (Green tea) > Neulbom Black Pork Korean BBQ {No.1 Black Pork BBQ in Jeju (MUST-TRY!!!)}
Let's start with a Day 2 video~
Outfit for day 2

Off we go!

First stop for Day 2:
Teddy Bear Museum
I've been to the one at Seoul previously so wasn't superrrrrr excited (since they are more or less the same) but the one at Jeju is much bigger so more new stuffs to see!!! 
Worth to go: 9/10 (Especially for first-timer)
Location: 2889 Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Admission Fee: Adult 7,000won Youth 6,000won

Nana & Charlie Chaplin bear 

Only posting some of the bear pics, here's the disney bears!! Damn adorable

"Yaw, Einstein my brah" 

Selfie with einstein bear

I thought this was cute HAHAHA replica of some famous artwork

Korean drama lovers, here's replica of goong

Those who pay attention in history lessons will know this.

Somehow this reminds me of jj LOL


The teddy bear souvenir shop with LOTS of cutesy bears and I got myself one as well!

Wedding bears & steph!

 Just my husband and i selling some fruits

 Werking that gangnam style with teddy psy HHAHAHAHAAH


Finally chose this bear and got it for 21,500 won~

Next famous spot we went, 
Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff
Worth to go: 10/10
Location: 2663, Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
Admission Fees: Adult 2,000won Youth 1,000won
 The beauty of the Jusangjeolli cliff literally blown me away! It's really gorgeous and those coming to Jeju should go catch a glimpse of the beauty of nature!100% chop you wouldn't waste your time travelling :-)

Walk pass this ahjumma selling live seafood, the locals love it..

Are you ready!!?!?!



Feel so good to be there even the air i'm breathing in seems sweeter LOL ok jk

Groupshot with my godparents & cousins <3

ok one last time I present to you beauty

And finally, it's lunchtime! The  thing I'm looking forward to every single day. Andy brought us to a famous noodle shop in Jeju which serves cold noodles, pork noodles (practically all sorts of noodles but they are famous for cold noodles) and enormous mandus (dumplings)

I tried to search for the location of the restaurant but all of them are in Korean words. Tried translating them but I can't!!! I've found various korean blog filled with pictures and korean words by googling this국수바다 If you're really interested in trying out this place, try calling them at: 064-739-9255 (get someone that know korean to speak to them cos don't expect them to understand english/chinese)

Even restaurants are thatttt aesthetically pleasing ~

Parking the carrrrrr camwhore with my new bear before alighting lol

Since this restaurant is located somewhere along the highway, it will be quite inaccessible so you can try calling the number above cos they have other outlets (according to my research)

This group of Koreans were judging us badly.....cos of the number of cameras appeared when the food arrived - bringing the singaporean spirit over lol

With nana :)

& her bf, darwin~
Stay tune for my next few blogpost as all of us got new haircuts/style in Seoul! Darwin & Sil transformation to kpop boys hahahaa

Side dishes!!! I love the yellow looking pancake cos it tastes like some curry pancake NICE LEHHHH

Spicy noodles to my liking,

Cold noodles!!! (Famous for this) - they lived up to their reputation...... muahaha

Huge-ass dumplings 

Next stop after lunch, 
Alive Museum
Worth to go: 9/10
Even Alive came to sg, people have to queue up to 4 hours when it opened, why not experience it without having to queue at where it originates! And it's really fun especially with fun people ^.^
Location: 42 Jungmungwangwang-roSeogwipoJeju-do
Admission Fees: Adult 9,000won Youth 8,000won

For those choosing between Trick Eye and Alive Museum, i will recommend you to forgo trick eye and go for alive museum. Why? It's bigger, means more things than trick eye museum. Alive museum contains five themes including trick art, object, sculpture, provence and digital art! 

Trickeye Art
Enjoy some of the selected visuals!

Sil: I can be ballerina too (hehehe)

I'm your angel ;) wahhaha

halp i'm dying

oleh oleh oleh oleh

 Barbie yan

Well, he does it better than me hahahaha

Other form of art~ -reason why am i not a art student-

Part I: Silvester's Meeting with Art 

Part II: Instead of where's wally....... Where's sil? LOL 

Part III: Making use of what he learn in NS, camouflaging

Part IV: Where's my ball?

Last Part: My godma joins in 

Teddy... Alive and the next stop is for all green tea lovers! 
Jeju's famous 
O'sulloc Tea Museum 
Worth to go: (If you love macha definitely yes > 8/10)
Location: 425, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
Admission Fees: Free
Osulloc is famous for their green tea shakes,drinks, soft ice-cream, & confectioneries (you can find many stores in Seoul) But this is the main one with the innisfree store where you will be able to purchase some limited edition innisfree items that can't be found in the normal stores.

Green tea leaves~~

Green tea field that looks pretty

Bought quite a few items here~

Some of the items I got from Innisfree

ok back to O'sulloc

 Tried the cakes at the myeongdong outlet cos they were sold out here :-( Wait for Seoul post~

And it's dinnaaaa time, had a great dinner at
Neulbom Black Pork Korean BBQ
 {No.1 Black Pork BBQ in Jeju (MUST-TRY!!!)}
Location: 2343-3 Nohyeong-dong Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Number: (064)744-9001

When you go Jeju, you can't miss out on their black pork! And where to get good black pork BBQ? 
Here at Neulbom! Even our Mr.Lee paid a visit to them, how can you skip those sizzling fat juicy pork?

Mr.Lee spotted

The restaurant is always crowded but good thing is there's another floor so fret not, the waiting time wouldn't be that long. It's rather spacious on the first floor.

Side dishes as seen in every meal

Here's the original black pork
 you can ask the servers for recommendations they are very friendly!

And the marinated black pork
(which most singaporeans preferred according to them)
I'm that typical singaporean i luv this

Some gifs that will leave you mouth watering

And of course, a video to entice you further ;)

And the total bill for 9 people adds up to...

Converting to sg dollars, 1 person is about $17, how affordable!!!! It's soooo good and for this kind of meat you will need to spend at least $30-40 plus per person in sg.

Back to our pension~~~

And i shall end this post with a beautiful scenery taken while I was in the car. So that's for Day 1 and 2 in Jeju, next up.... will be Day 3-5 in Jeju and the remaining days in Seoul!

Stay tune for Day 3 and more >>>>
Hope you enjoy reading this post! If there's any questions you can leave down a comment or head to my ask fm :-)

Till then,


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