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Korea Trip (Jeju Part II) - {Day 3: Jeju Minimini land x Sungmi Garden x Manjanggul cave x Jeju Kimyong maze} & {Day 4: Jeju Folk Village Museum x Seongsan ilchulbong x Jimjilbang x Korean beef BBQ Neulbom} & {Day 5 (Last day): Mysterious road > Golden Fingers Jap restaurant x NANTA x Choeng Shun Leng Myeong}

Hola guys! Back to finish up Jeju's itinerary.. and I'll leave Seoul for the next two posts.
You can read my Jeju Part 1 (Day 1 & 2) here

Fyi, you can take won divided by 800 and you will get the amount in sgd
For eg: 60,000won/800 = 75sgd

(o´・_・)っDAY 3, 21 JUNE (JEJU)
Jeju Mini mini land > Sungmi Garden chicken restuarant > Manjanggul cave > Jeju Kimnyong maze park > Beef Stew for dinner!

Starting Day 3 with a tiny pretty flower

and the only bad weather day (lucky for us it didn't rain during the days we having the most outdoor activities)

 Jeju Mini Land
Worth to go: 7/10
Location: 606, Bijarim-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 
Admission Fees: Adults 9,000won/ Teenagers 7,000won

Spotted some of the famous artpiece/ places! Hm, pretty cool to see all these famous architectures in a miniature version. Not gna show you guys all but picked out a few nicer ones. 

I don't have to go Paris to see the eiffel tower, i canz see it at mini mini land 2 lol

The Trevi Fountain (So beautiful and it's 3/4 of the original size so can you imagine...)
There is a legend saying that if you toss a coin behind one's back into the fountain it will assure the visitor's return to Rome, doing it twice will bear the fruit of love, while thrice will lead to separation or divorce LOL hmm twice for me hahahaha!!!

Since the rain got a little heavier, went indoors and got ourselves ponchos for only 2,000won each wahahaha. Sg people should start having ponchos on rainy days, so much more convenient like you don't have to worry if your brolly gets overturn or fly away~~~I rmb I used to love rainy days when I was a kid becuz I get to wear cute raincoats.. lol
And here's something that caught my attention,
Illusion Mirror
It was supposed to make me look thin, and I guess it did? I wished i was the one living in the mirror hahaha so i'll be living in self delusion everyday...well ...

Hugging huge bear while my face looks a lil' shag most prolly from the weather it was super chilly since it rained, furthermore mini land is located around the mountainous area. 
Went to this really good restaurant nearby that serves delicious steam chicken for lunch, and it's really super good!!!

You can see strips of white meat, that's the chicken slices to be thrown into the soup as appetizer 

Soup that makes you feel rly healthy

Order two big sets which contains all of their signature dishes
And this is the signature steam chicken I was talking about! Stuffed with green beans and potato and the meat extremely tender! Thumbs up, must visit :-)

Their unique type of porridge which tastes like green bean porridge to me. Each of us have a big portion of it, so don't be afraid leaving the restaurant not feeling full!

Really spacious, they even have rooms on the other side (which can't really be seen from our table)

And where to find this place? Well, here's the name card, with the location in Korean words........ and number!

Satisfied girl :D

And a super cool place we went to after a satisfying lunch,
Manjanggul cave
Worth to go: 7/10
I think it was quite worth it to go since I've never been into a cave before and I've no freakin' idea that i'd be soooooo cold. Pls be prepared before heading there unless you can handle 14 degrees, good for you.... but I can't so I was pathetically shivering with just a pullover wowowowow kudos to myself HAHAH almost died (」・ω・)」
Location: 182, Manjanggul-gil, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Admission Fees: Adult 2,000won Youth/Child 1,000won

Beautiful place hehehe

Since it was raining that day, PONCHOS ON! 

That's the entrance of the cave, looks pretty cool uh?

The sight you will get once you enter. It's really dark inside (cave....duh hahaha)

Practically what you will be seeing for the next 30 minutes. The whole thing takes up to about an hour? Going in and out in the same way~

Super cold and slippery steps as we walk further in...~ It actually felt like some anaconda or huge spider or dragon will be coming out anytime like those in the movies lol

Took an artistic shot of sil's lonely back
"One man" 

& a selfie of the four musketeers whom are always ahead

Do you think this is stunning?!

If no, sad for you. Apparently, this is the highlight of the cave. It's the result of some lava formation, not really fan of geography anymore so.... Just admire the colors and coldness of the cave. 


Since it was freezing cold, my stomach works ten times faster and got a packet of chips to appease it.

Despite the rainy weather, we head to Jeju Kimnyong maze park, walking in a maze when it's pouring... ain't funny guys. 

But still, everyone managed to find the bell which is the main point of the maze

Hallo poncho girl here (・⊝・)

A restaurant at the city area which tastes fine to me... so here's their number and I think don't bother finding out ba cos their beef stew was a lil' pathetic...

Beef stew that looks really good but disappointing, I can totally count the amount of beef slices. Note: *slices*

 Every night: everyone glued to their phone

Not forgetting having takeaway in korea! Settled for bbq chicken and coke instead of chic beer~

Left us more satisfied :-)

Off to bed aft gulping down this awesome chicken :D Somehow it tastes better than those in sg

(o´・_・)っDAY 4, 22 JUNE (JEJU)
Jeju Folk Village > Seongsan ilchulbong > Jimjilbang (bathhouse/sauna) > Korean beef BBQ @ Neulbom 

Day 4 video showing how I start my day with the refreshing green tea mineral mist from innisfree and aftermath at seonhsan ichulbong

First stop of Day 4, the enormous Jeju Folk Village Museum
Worth to go: 6.5/10
Since it's the biggest folk village in Jeju, by right you ought to make a trip down. But by me, since I've tried to but failed to be appreciative of such stuffs.. I mean if going in for half an hour looking at those repetitive similar-looking traditional huts it's fine...BUT the whole course takes up to 3 hours. And there wasn't any performance or anything going on, I've got no idea why and it's super boring.... I'll advice first timer to go and have a look but shouldddd skip some of the courses and take the shortcut.
Oh they filmed some Korean historial dramas here too.
I'll minimise the amount of pictures and only post the more interesting ones.
 Location: 40-1 Pyoseon-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Admission Fees: Adults 8,000won Students (13-18) 4,500won

The overprice restaurant you'll see upon entering ._.

This is what you'll prolly see in the next 3 hours inside~

Spotted this group of people walking around spinning their head gear and look at dat little kid, so adorable!

HAHA, sorry zehzeh took a snap shot of you

All the huts look like THIS: 
Just that the signboard reads different name. All the pharmacy, farmer house, diver house, everybody house looks the S A M E lol

Gigantic (not light ok haha) chinese chess on the ground, prolly die of fatique shifting the chess pieces before completing the game....

Where they wash the clothes in the past lol

Woman diver house
Told you they look the same hahahaha

Haha capture a shot of a Korean family having fun tgt, so sweet~

Another traditional house which most prolly will be the last one i'm posting here

If you're wondering how does it look on the inside

A modern pose with the traditional houses HA!

Looks cool, sil decided to give it a try~

And that's him LOL

 Say hello to my new friend!
It literally goes "MEH EH EH EH" sounded super robotic no joke

Hey goatie a selfie with me? ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

so cute right somehow it reminded me of sam....... ok sry bro hahaha

Shall stop the folk village pics here~
Stopped by a roadside stall selling dumplings and handmade paus, super overwhelmed by how delicious they were!!!! Super good can be comparable to restaurant's standards or even higher than that. Yum (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Pork and chives dumplings + Kimchi dumplings = da bomb!

The humble and friendly store owner :-)

One of my favorite street snack in korea, KIMBAP!
It's similar to jap sushi roll just that it uses sesame oil and simple ingredients that complement well tgt :)

I LOVE THIS PAU the most. It's black sesame pau, smtg different about it is the texture and the softness of the bun......wa hoping one appear infront of me rn

The other smaller pau beside the gigantic sesame paste pau is the delicious KIMCHI PAU!!!!
ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Kimchi pau with a generous filling of glass noodles, kimchi, pork etc :-) Love this~

Ordinary chives/pork dumplings that can be comparable to dtf's dumplings lor!!!!

Kimchi dumplings freshly steammmmm

Generous amount of filling again, super satisfied with these simple quick bites!

After filling our stomach, it's time for some exercise at........

Seongsan ilchulbong Peak
Worth to go: 8/10
Location: 284-12, Ilchul-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
Admission Fees: Adult 2,000won Youth 1,000won
*they open an hour before sunrise
But first, climbing up a peak?! 
Well, my godmother can so i'm sure you can as well! It's pretty tiring but once you reached the top of the cliff, it's the sense of accomplishment that leave you satisfied.

I was satisfied with myself as well after having a look at the beautiful scenery of nature from the top!
What's so different about Seongsan ilchulbong? Well, many said that it was the most ideal spot to catch the sunrise! That's why the other name for it is Sunrise Peak. Sadly, we didn't managed to catch the sunrise so make do with the scenery~ Can you imagine how early you'll have to crawl out of bed since the sun rise earlier there, if i'm not wrong I think it's at 5am plus. Couples should go catch sunrise together ahhhh it's gna be so romantic!

(behind) Yes, that's the one we are going up 

My tired face at the thought of climbing up, but it wasn't as bad as the mountain I climbed 2 years back in Korea. That one took me 3 hours and my legs almost gave way. This took me about less than an hour?

And behind me is where the women divers held their performance! 

 Nothing much, you just see heads popping up (women divers) and back into the sea, well that's not the highlight of this attraction anyway

Beauty on the other side

Quick glance of the women divers and started embarking on our peak mission. Our only couple for this trip, nana & darwin!

 yay selfies with a fab background :-)

 Going further up!

Reached another checkpoint and got this amazing view 

Not forgetting to take a seflie with it but....

Clearly the wind doesn't likes me :'(



How it looks like from the peak:
View 1

View 2 

View 3

Enough of pictures and views, going back down!

Dessert at Angel in us coffee since there's free wifi LOL, it's amazing there are wifi almost everywhere lol 

Went to take a look at the public bathhouse popular among koreans. They are known as jjimjilbang! They have it almost everywhere in korea~

With their signature towel roll~~~ hehheehe 
The people working there told us to have a shower in the public bathroom then head up for the sauna, but we opt not to due to some serious culture shock shat. Women were walking around nude lol definitely not a pleasant sight so we just changed and went straight up to the sauna rooms and gym

My qt godmother hehe

Blue for guys, pink for girls

The food you must have in jjimjilbang 

The girlies

And a happy me HAAHAHA. Went into the sauna for awhile, pretty cool. 

And the long awaited dinner,
The best Korean bbq beef in Jeju goes to.... Neulbom again! If you have read my previous post, in Day 2 we had the Neulbom Black Pork BBQ no.1 in Jeju and this time round, the korean bbq beef is located a the building next to it. It's under the same company and easily spotted if you are there, do lookout for the 2 different buildings! 
Here's the building of the one serving Korean bbq beef. Insanely delicious.

Location: 2343-3 Nohyeong-dong Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Number: (064)744-9001

Having private room this time round 

If only Korea bbq restaurants in sg start opening with private room, that will be great for group chat-ups and even business talks without any disturbance and enjoying juicy korean beef at the same time. The Korean beef here are slightly more expensive than the black pork. (but definitely cheaper those in sg duh haha)

Side dishes

All the goodness you want are here!

I'll let the visuals do the talking

Do you guys know the proper way of having a lettuce wrap?
The friendly server did MANY lettuce wraps and fed me... yea out of so many people she kept feeding me whenever the new type of beef gets done. Managed to communicate with her with my broken korean and she seemed a lil' impressed maybe that's why LOL oh and the amount of onions she put inside? No joke........

If you wna eat like how korean does,
Get your lettuce wrap, put in your beef, red pepper sauce, sauce that looks like sesame oil (will always be present), LOTS of onions (up to your liking) and RICE. Yes they add rice inside, and put the whole thing in your mouth. Best is the whole thing in your mouth. If you're on a first date, you might not want to visit a Korean bbq restaurant...hhahaha but for me I will just stuff the whole damn thing in my mouth lol HEHE

Marinated beef gettin cook! Prefer the normal one compared to those marinated. I love beef by itself without any sauce!

(o´・_・)っDAY 5, 23 JUNE (LAST DAY IN JEJU)
Mysterious road > Golden Fingers jap restaurant > Shopping!!! > Nanta performance > Choeng Shun Leng Myeong 

And finally, the last day in Jeju! Having spend 5 days in jeju is a considered alot since people normally stay ard 2-3 days? For me, it's just nice since we can take our own sweet time and this whole trip was super relaxing and carefree. Ended off our last day in Jeju with no attractions but more of free and easy day!
Here's my goodbye video to the beautiful Jeju~~~

Simple outfit for last day :-)

The first stop of the last day is to this interesting place called "Mysterious Road"
Why called Mysterious Road? Apparently, when you stop your car on this UPHILL road, the car will move uphill by itself and that's when your engine is OFF. Sounds pretty cool eh?
Have seen this on Korean variety shows so decided to go and give it a try! AND GUESS WHAT, when we reached the starting point, Andy turned the engine off and the car go uphill by itself!!!!
I was flabbergasted hahahah kinda creepy

When I say uphill, I'm talking bout' this
 Ello again

We were testing with our water bottles, it actually rolled uphill!!!! Sadly, should have taken a video of it :-( Quite magical eh

Good thing is, there are stalls selling various of street snacks and yes, gna get them cos we were starving

My favorite street snacks were the fishcakes & dobokki 

Have no idea how does a normal fishcake goes so well with the soup

"Yimu yi gor jusaeyeo"

 I always get fooled by corndog, they look so delicious on the outside but...
do not judge a corndog by it's looks
Since we have bee eating Korean almost every single day, my cousins wanted to go for something else so they chose... JAP! Well, not my cup of tea but just go along with the crowd since I'm the only one that doesn't take sashimi :-(

Golden Fingers Jap Restaurant, they do takeout at the number below~

Many locals love coming to the restaurant for their fresh sashimis at a very affordable price!

Here's meeee

Selfie for you?

With nana & darwin! Since we are in a big group, split ourselves into 3 tables making it easier to share a set as well.

Here comes the first side dish, soba!
Bringing the singaporean spirit all over to korea LOL instagrammers at werk

Unique kimchi fried rice you can only find in a jap restuarant in korea!

Assorted tempuras

Udon which I had most of it... since the rest that's coming up next are like


 and more SASHIMIS
the transparent jelly-looking sashimis are the local jeju fish, that explains the generous amount here. Well, my cousins were saying they tastes meh preferred the others

bleh meh bleh y do tis tu me

Here's the information of the restaurant~

Drove down to Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market after lunch. Interesting but most of them were selling more or less the same tourist stuffs, jeju famous hallabong, chocolates, fresh fishes, poultry etc.
Location: 1329-6 Ido 1-dong, Jeju, Jeju-do

Glowing pool of fishes

They have daiso as well. Got cheated to go in cos not all things are going at 2 bucks. :l


Nothing much at the traditional market so we went to this nearby underground shopping mall to spend our time till our nanta show starts!

And I spotted my babies HAHAHAH

Hi my dominjooosiiiii

Got a new lippy from the underground center and finally, off to Jeju Nanta Theatre!!!!

Jeju Nanta Theatre
 Location: Jeju Media Center, 837-20, Ildo 2-dong, Jeju, Jeju-do
Ticket Fees: VIP seats: 60,000won Standard seats: 50,000won

Cookin' Nanta is a famous south korea non-verbal comedy show which involves making rhythm and music using kitchen utensils and even food!!! They have various shows in Seoul and I've heard that they recently just came over to sg to perform! Hurry grab your tickets from sistic because the show is rly FANTASTIC, hilarious as well~

Smaller theatre in jeju compred to the one in seoul~

Group photo + Andy!

HAHAHA caught on cam

Early dinner at:
 Choeng Shun Leng Myeong

Here's the namecard with their number and address! You're welcome HAHAH jk. They served really good bulgogi! Worth to try :-)

We ordered another bowl of this and it totaled up to approx 1 kg of beef... LOL

Dumpling soup was a lil' bland tho!

And I shall end off with a beautiful scenery I get to see everyday from my pension.

Days spend in Jeju were fantastic, feeling regretful to leave... but the next destination was Seoul! So it sorts of balance my mood wahahaha. Wait for my next post on my second visit to Seoul after for like 2 years? 

I love Jeju whoop!!!! Goodbye hope you enjoyed this Jeju part 2 post :-) Leave down your comments if you've any questions!

Till then,

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