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Korea Trip (Seoul Part I) -Day 6 (Namsam Tower x Gwangjang Market x Lotte World) & Day 7 (Bukchon Hanok Village > Tosokchon restaurant (No.1 in Seoul) x Ewha x Runningman haha's restaurant)

Hey guys i'm back to continue on my Korea trip (second last post) and this time it will be on the famous city,
Seoul! Definitely one of the best place I've traveled to, not my first but simply got impressed over again~ Board on the domestic plane at Gimpo Airport from Jeju to Seoul at, only an hour journey! We reached Seoul on the sixth day
* (you can read my post on Jeju Part I here Part II here)

(o´・_・)っDAY 6, 24 JUNE (SEOUL)
Myeong dong (Hi, Myeongdong guesthouse) > Namsam (N Seoul) Tower > Gwangjang Market > Lotte World
In the plane from Jeju to Seoul finally~
Fyi: you book your tickets online before the whole trip and not wait till you get to Gimpo Airport if not it's gna be very troublesome!!
My outfit for the sixth day. Oh, and we decided to stay in Myeongdong since it's a heaven on earth for woman and the subway is easily accessible. Furthermore, there are a handful of awesome cafes and delicious fried chicken in our vicinity! 

We opt for guesthouse instead of hotel since there were nine of us travelling, it was better for us to be in guest house. Why?
1. Super easy for us to communicate with each other We have a common corridor we used as our "mini-living room", as well as a shared kitchen with washing machine and refrigerator etc. We kept the beers there so we held mini gathering there in the night with korean beers and fried chicken!!!
2. The whole house belongs to us~ We booked the entire guesthouse and so, enough privacy :)
3. Cosy. (Look at the pictures below)
Based on point 2, convincing enough for me. Furthermore, better experience in a guesthouse rather than staying in hotel which is common like you stay hotel every time you go overseas...
4. OH, if i'm not wrong it should be cheaper than hotel too! :-) Why not save and spend on smtg else like make-ups? Clothes? Bags? 

If you can't stand coziness maybe this place isn't good enough for you. But, I love it here!
Excited to go and view our rooms!!!

 Total of 5 rooms - 4 couple rooms and 1 single room!
Room 1
I love how pretty the bed sheets and furnitures are. 

Room 2
 I chose this room becos of the cute bedsheets LOL. 

There is a mini kitchen and toilet in every room!

Room 3
 Single bedroom. Look at the fanciful decors, so beautiful!
Room 4
Two super single bed facing opposite each other with a kitchen and toilet as well

Checkin' out the places we are gna sleep in~~
Room 5
And back to my room, HAHAH luv the cute rabbits and small window curtain by the side
 One bad thing, mega mini toilet you can hardly move in it hahahahaha
If interested, you can contact the owner by email @ or via phone @ +821033990481 (info given by owner herself)

After checking out the bedrooms and facilities there, head to the first attraction of the day -
Namsam Tower
Location: 105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 
What can you do at Namsam Tower? (Well, here's a video of me walking from our guesthouse to Namsam since it's pretty near. & short snap vids of namsam)
Walking from our guesthouse to Namsam since it's pretty near.
My 2nd time heading to Namsam Tower, this time I didn't visit the Teddy bear museum there since there's so much more over at Jeju! But, a pity that I've never been to Namsam in the night sincethe night lights will make everything seems more beautiful!!
Couples in Korea usually go up the tower for the famous love locks. Also, the tower provides a paranomic view of Seoul!

Reached the place to take the cable car up the tower!

A round trip ticket. It's cheaper in group, 9 pax for 70,500 won

Hopping on the cable car

You can spot the Namsam tower from afar after you board the cable car, and off you go ヽ(・ω・ゞ)

After alighting from the cable car, you'll have to conquer a flight of stairs. On the way up, there will be Joseon guards for picture taking and a clothes station for you to try on their Korean hanbok. And guess what? 
I went to give it a try...
Curious on how do I look with the hanbok??

A selfie with it! I love how pretty they are~~~

Outfit of the day HAHAHA

My korean bloodline... HAHA ok jk.

With one of the stern-looking guard!

And finally, arrived at the Tower! Have to pay for admission fees if you wna get to the top. 
Admission Fees for Observatory: 
Adults 9,000won Children 7,000won

Happy girl!

Group photo at N Seoul Tower

Queuing up for some churros before going up the tower

Got the original one, dark chocolate and bavarian cream. All were good, love the chocolate one most :-) slurps


Here's the love lock section, where couple lock their locks together as it symbolizes their love to be together forever and ever lol never be apart hmm something else caught my interest.........
A heart shape for my do min joo si behind (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

Off to the observatory deck, it was pretty misty when we got up there so... money wasted! 

AND I WAS SUPER PISSED OFF at the beyond bad service sales girl serving at this counter so much that I have to take a picture of the shop. Wasted my money going up this tower and have to bear with such nonsensical service just because I wasn't korean? Because her service to this korean guy in frontof me was so much better woo FILLED WITH SMILES.
Apparently, I spotted this shop selling gummies so i've decided to go for it before leaving this place. Got a plastic bag, filled them up with gummies and as you all know, the price is determined by the weight.. therefore, I wanted to know how heavy was it so I will know how much should I top up or stop at.
I went to the front where the ignorant sales girl was and hand signaled if I could use the weighing machine. She nodded, which means yes so I gently put my bag of gummies on the scale. And guess what!!! She picked up my bag of gummies and threw it at me, meanwhile hurling some loud Korean words. lol and it was literally THROW OK, not putting it down, BUT THREW AT ME.  zz I got so angry my money flew across her face

Hm thinking of it makes me feel agitated... LOL. Namsam definitely ended on a bad note for me phewww, so I went for some food therapy after that at

Gwangjang Market 광장시장 
Location: 88, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Getting there yourself?: 
(By subway) Take Line 1 Jongno 5-ga Station -Exit 8 or
Line 2/5 Euljiro 4-ga Station - Exit 4
Gwangjang Market is one of the oldest traditional market in Seoul selling items ranging from a wide variety of restuarants serving traditional delicacies to clothing stores. Always love coming back here for the good food you can't find just anywhere!

First stop - my favorite korean street snack...

Love the kimbap here, the bite sized ones are usually served only in markets

Next, Korean pancakes you can never miss!

Fragrant, crispy and delicious but super filling, make sure to share so you will leave your stomach  for other dishes!

Next, say hi to sundae
Blood sausage that I  didn't dare to try..because they are made using pig's blood ._.
They consist of potato noodles (korean tunghoon), barley and.... ^

Another stall which contains a variety of noodles.

Cold noodles - not to my liking ._. Love the one at Jeju :(

Haha camception

Another kind of cold noodles that tastes better

And homemade noodles with dumplings. I hate how there is a minimum order for each person in korea. That's the reason why there are so many bowls :-( Noodles make us too full to order our bibimbap boo

After a filling lunch, trip to Lotte world! It's my second visit to Lotte world, I still prefer Everland much moreeeeeeee. Accompanied sil, dar and na since it was their first time, so sat the rides and not cool to go on rides after lunch or during 4pm?! Not cool. Yea, the timing we went was pretty weird since we spend most of our time on Namsam and food.. our afternoon passed way too quickly :-(

Anyway, wrong choice to go lotte world with half of your day gone.... this was a mistake pls include lotte in the morning if you intend to head there!

Lotte World
Location: 40-1 Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Getting there by yourself?
(By Subway) Jamsil Station (Line 2 & 8), Exit 4 - you will spot lotte world once you got out of the subway station.. easy peasy!

Here's the admission fees information:

Selfie with pocari sweat

Cheaper for after 4 but really not worth it na!!!

There are both indoor and outdoor for Lotte world, unlike Everland which is an outdoor themepark!
More kiddy rides, restaurants and a stage with diff performances every day without fail!

They even have a ice skating rink indoor whee

Heading outdoor where the must-take rides were! The highlights of lotteworld is the Gyro drop and Atlantis Adventure (roller coaster), this two jaw dropping rides is a must-take wahahah 

Beautiful view outside with the castles seen in fairytales lol

Can you spot the gyro drop!!!

Fantastic four lolxxxxx

Going for the shorter drop first for warm up..

Piece of cake so.........

went to queue for gyro drop HAHAHHA both of our expressions cannot maintain

Spot me and sil feeling scared HAHAHA

Up up here we go~~~

It was super scary my heart stopped for 2-3 secs wahaha, but the view up there is superb!

Here's a video of us going up. Spot me (third from left wearing black & white)

Our seh face after the ride lol

Feeling super shag after the whole noon and night at lotte.....

Worth it to go? Yes!!! But not worth to go a second time for me ._. anyway, you can check out my namsam and lotte first experience under my travel/staycation tab @ korea trip 2012!

(o´・_・)っDAY 7, 25 JUNE (SEOUL)
Bukchon Hanok Village > Tosokchon restaurant (No.1 Ginseng chicken restaurant in Seoul) >Ewha woman university (Shop) > RM haha's restaurant

Bukchon Hanok Village
Getting there by yourself? 
By subway: Anguk Station (Line 3), Exit 2
Start our day 2 in Seoul with the famous Bukchon Hanok Village. With a long 600 years of history behind it, there are still people living in the traditional village! Something cool: It used to be the residential quarter of high-ranking government officials during the Joseon dynasty
Get a map and it's free-and-easy for you~

I'll let the pictures do the talking

Well, hello morning rays

Self-guided tour

What you'll prolly see while touring around Bukchon and since it's a residential area, be sure to keep your volume down, be considerate! hehe

A school that looks pretty cool. Look at the building in the center!

And, of course not forgetting to pose hehe
And I wna intro you guys the most famous ginseng chicken shop that you must visit in Seoul!!! It's reaaaaally one of the best. Just google about it & you'll see all the good reviews and top voted by trip advisor, bloggers and many more!

On the way to the restaurant passing by the palace

After crossing the we are at

Tosokchon (토속촌)
(No.1 in Seoul!!!)
Location: 5, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu
Getting there by yourself?
By subway: Alight at Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 2, then
go straight about 170m and turn left onto Jahamun-ro 5-gil road.

We reached there early around 10 plus and there's already a long queue!! Btw, they start operating at 10~ The queue as shown in the picture below is considered as short... scroll further down to see the queue at about 12 plus (the time we finished eating)

 Waiting hungrily in the queue ._.

Finally heading in~~

 Leaflet in chinese if you understand

Huge seating capacity up to 450 pax!!!

Fyi, if you want to top-up or add extra ginseng you can ask for it and the ginseng will arrived in this small little bottle

Famous for their ginseng chicken soup, got both black and white chicken to try! Surprisingly the black chicken tastes more tender than the white one.

Healthy and delicious! Super filling since they are filled with glutinous rice and soup!!!!

White chicken for me without adding extra ginseng, just perfect for me :-)

After having a satisfied lunch, head out and guess what... there comes the
CRAZY QUEUE, it's crazily long so be sure to be early to avoid this!

Head to Ewha woman university st for some shopping since it is just nearby~

Guess what did we see along the streets of ewha?!?!?!!
We spot O'sulloc and we just had to........ since we didn't get the chance to try the cakes at the Jeju outlet as it was sold out, so here's the chance! Sophisticated-looking interior with rly great ambience and handsome/pretty servers!!! whahaha not only you get to enjoy the great pastries here, visually pleasingas well kekeke~~~~ ヽ(○´∀`)ノ

Soft and delicious........... slurps

One of the best patbingsu?!?!

TOO GOOD. Must-order. Must visit O'sulloc neh!!!

Green Tea Latte with caramelized biscuit and green tea brownie 

Some citrus drink with green tea ice-cream, only the green tea ice-cream attracts me tho~~ Practically ordered all those that we missed out at the O'sulloc museum!

Ordered this because black looks damn cool. But it tastes the same as the normal green one :l

Continued with our shopping after filling our stomach with a variety of green tea desserts!

✿ so we, shop shop and shop till night..... 
 There are too much things over at Ewha, girls you will love it and one day isn't enough that explains why we spend almost the whole afternoon at Ewha uni, oh and I did my hair there too - will blog about it in my next post!

 Being a running man fan....
we had our dinner at haha's restaurant! (but super no fate becos JUST THE NEXT DAY kim jongkook was there helping out at his restaurant.......╥_╥ faints)

Palja Makchang Geondae
Haha's restaurant @ Hongdae
It's a little bit difficult to locate though.. you need to have some patience to get there man.
Location: Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu 395-17
Getting there by yourself? By subway: Hongdae station, exit 5- walk all the way straight and you will pass by quite a few banks, turn left after hotel Seokyo, continue straight till you see Nanta theatre then turn right and walk straight, look out for haha's restaurant on the right. Alright hope this is helpful if not.... get a cab :-)

Spot 401 from afar and that's the one!!

Since haha is a fan of bob marley, that explains the design of the restaurant~~ So Jamaican~

Thank god for english menu

Their map to guide you but it's in korean ._.

What's served in his restaurant?
BBQ meat of course!!! Porkkkkk

And my loots from Ewha earlier on........

Shall stop here abruptly! Stay tune for my last post on Seoul~~ ヽ(○´∀`)ノ

Till then,

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