Monday, October 20, 2014

Korea Trip (Seoul Part II) -Day 8 (Everland) & Day 9-11 (Myeongdong x Dongdaemun x Ewha Womans Uni)

I've decided to stop being a lazy bum and finish up on my Korea trip (yea, finally zhiyan after going ona hiatus for a month sry guys hehe...)
Looking at my previous few posts on Korea makes me miss it a lot, well here's how I spend the last few days in Seoul. To think I was kinda excited to fly back to sg over there, I must be cray.

Here's a compilation of my guide to (Jeju/Seoul) Korea post, you can find them here:
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Seoul Part I 

(o´・_・)っDAY 8, 26 JUNE (SEOUL)
Can you guess the first stop for the day?

Shuttle bus station?

Having to travel a few minutes down...

And here's where we were heading to...
Location: 199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 
Getting by subway? Jeondae Station, Exit 3. Then take the shuttle bus to Everland. (Shuttle bus Operating hours 05:30-23:30) 
*You can check out the ticket price at this website < they have this discount coupon inside, print it to get tickets at a cheaper price!!!
If you've been reading up on my Korea post, to me Everland is way better than Lotteworld! 

The first time I visited Everland was during the Halloween Season, so it's pretty cool with the halloween theme going on while this time they go by the summer theme since it's June!

Can't wait to step beyond this again!

Summer Splash 

So tell me how can you leave a theme park without having cute head band on you?!!! Couple penguin head bands with nana, well, wouldn't have this on if i'm in sg but since it's REALLY common for koreans... especially the korean couples clad in matching outfits, I guess i'll just have to blend in with deh culture brah

Proper solo shot with the qt, wew kinda miss my black hair!

We got up pretty early so decided to fill up the empty vessels before taking the rides. (sound abit foolish to take rides after you eat. Ps: don't do it if you don't have a strong stomach like mine. All the restaurants in everland looks pretty good, the one we went serves international

Food were great!!!

Since we were too full to overcome the first ride, we went for something chill and I LOVE ALOT.
yg hologram concert!!!!
Not the real thing but it was helluva good, and being a big bang and 2ne1 fan I was just doing my usual thang

Coincidental matching outfits!

Walk into a room with huge screens around you, and my babies on it (~˘▾˘)~

Why are they smiling to the wall?!?!?

Here's the secret behind the wall, we were asked to take a picture of ourselves... as they will "insert" it into bigbang/2ne1 faces LOL. If you're confused, scroll down.

Sorry for the blur pic, the images were moving speed fast lol but this was what I meant


Here they are... well you are not supposed to take any pictures or video once it started but I managed to catch a glimpse of these. LOL

And there's this part where they will choose the fans and they do so by choosing from the pictures taken previously... and mine was chosen!!! So happy lor although it's fake but T.O.P hugged me ok.... see also shiok HAHAHAHAH

LOL, next 2ne1 wannabe 

Got ask to stop photography so no more pictures :-( Go check it out yourself oki!!! Next few chill shows before the thrilling rides begin! Check out the Pororo 3D Adventure catered for kids, LOL. We went in and came out without having any clue what's going on becuz it's all in Korean...

Pretty views for you~

Let the rides begin! 
Sry there isn't a picture of the ride but here's my "warm-up ride" definitely the way to start the ball rollin'~

Don't see these clusters of small chairs no up, it's crazy. More on spinning turning like crazyyyyyy crazy

 Pirates Ship
All time favorite?

Double Rock Spin
Involves a 360 degree turn and spin and what not... I TOOK THIS ALONE. :( It was okay, can't really see anything with all the spinning and 360 degrees rotation. I just went "woaah woaaaa wooooo" It was awkward becos there's this couple beside me and the girl was leaning against the guy shouting "oppa opppaaaa" and there's me like shouting to myself. 

 ok this is quite hilarious, spot the forever alone me bah. LOL


After having spun round and round, went to the chair lift station to get to the other end of Everland, since the entire place was so huge!

It was my first experience on the chairlift, kinda cool!

Off we go! Anyone aged from the youngest to oldest can get on it so don't worry, it's super safe!

Look what I spotted while enjoying the scenery on the chair lift.......
The T-Express
This is the highlight of Everland rides! Be sure to take this ride last, if not the others would have been "no-kick_ for you. The fact it goes 104km/h and you're riding on wood, goodluck
\(゚ー゚\) (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ 

There are few different themes inside, we went to the safari zone where you get close-up with tiger, hyenas and even big bears!

You're well-protected in the animal bus so don't worry!

what you'll prolly be able to see~~

Enjoy the visuals! ˘▾˘

Tigers and lions were roaming around freely!!

King of the animal kingdom!!! 

Huge bear, the bus driver will throw pieces of food to lure them over, most of them will stand and crowd around the bus. So you will definitely get a super close-up!

And my camera died while I was busily snapping those cutie pies...but yeah, prefer everland on a whole becuz there's so much more things to see and the rides are more thrilling as well!

Spend almost the entire day at Everland! 

(o´・_・)っDAY 9, 27 JUNE (SEOUL)
Nami Island (I didn't join them so didn't blog about it but if you need any info you can pm me :) > Myeong dong > Dongdaemun Night shopping!

The next day, which is also the ladies day becos it's shopping er day errr night! They went Nami Island in the morning & I didn't join them since I've been to Nami island before. The other time I traveled to Nami I had really bad seasick so decided to give it a miss! Bought Two-Two Chicken and caught korean shows while waiting for them to be back. Shopped around myeongdong as well!

My outfit of the day, :)

Streets of Myeong dong

Is this signboard familiar to you?? Yes, it's Yoogane!
They opened their first oulet at Bugis Junction and there will always be a queue... so didn't try it in sg but tried the authentic one over at korea. They had more ingredients here and the price was much cheaper than sg (of course!)

Never fail to order this~

They stir fry everything together in their red pepper paste and it turns out really good!

Ordered two of that above ^ and some extra sides like cheese deobokki which is pretty awesome and the total bill adds up to like ard $75 sgd... my friend had the one in sg, they ordered one and I think the bill came up to be like $40 plus or more which is expensive? 

 You shopped for makeup at myeongdong and they have this MCM outlet there with hot guys pulling the door for you so do check it out too HAHA. For the night, wehad some retail therapy at...


Both gender will love this becos there are freakin lotsa clothes! But guys be careful as they isn't much guys (compared to girls shopping) they usually quote you super high price. Make sure you don't get tok!!!! Must visit malls in Dongdaemun: Hello aPm, doota!, Miglore

I prefer Miglore and Hello aPm as the clothes there are really affordable compared to Doota! which is like your normal Ion. Both Miglore and Hello aPm are like Fareast? But with 2x more shops.. ok like platinum mall in bkk. :) I skipped doota and head straight to the other two malls! Cos time is never enough when it comes to shopping.....

Good news ladies, they close at 4.30am! Shop till you drop, where got time for party?!

You can read more on myeongdong and dongdaemun in my korea trip 2012 post here (2 years ago tho) cause I was too busy shopping I didn't have the time to snap more pics oops

(o´・_・)っDAY 10, 28 JUNE (SEOUL)

Outfit: Unglam position with my mickey top/
Before heading out :)

 This trip to Seoul don't involve much of sightseeing or visiting famous tourist spots since I've been to most of it the other time, so we've got pretty much of free time left! Therefore, we decided to get our hair done!!!!! I wanted to dye + perm but 5-6 salons told me that my hair couldn't dye as I've dyed them black previously so i opt for perm only.

Did I regret perming it? At first, yes and I actually teared LOL. I was sad for my hair lor looks so smooth but after that it's rough and cripsy.
But after few months I'm actually loving it! Of course, you will have to maintain and take care of it, abit troublesome but it's worth it. My hair isn't as curly (which is good) and became smoother thanks to my hair essence oil and much conditioning.

If you intend to get your hair done at Seoul, you can head to Ewha woman university! You can find many hair salons over there, and Korea's hair salons are really good so anyone is fine unless you want well-known one will be Juno Hair Salon (it's like toni & guy in sg)
By Subway: Ewha Womans University Station (Subway Line 2)

Head out to get our hair done at chic salon! Feeling a little apologetic to my hairdresser, he was really nice but we were struggling with HUGE communication barrier we had to use google translate to communicate houmaigod. It was crazy but he was patient enough to hear me out wahaaa

Here's sil getting his hair permed, he look like kpop star after the perm ok HAHAHA it's damn nice!

Here's how my perm turns out to.... Conclusion: if you wna get a perm like this you can try the salon I went if not... there are alot others all over the streets of ewha. Curls came out small cos i've got thin hair :( So girls whom are thinking of perming your hair and thought it will turn out wavy and nice... give up that thought unless you've got really thick and volumize hair LOL

 There's a aPm store there so went for a lil' shopping and spotted this outside! MUST-TRY

Sorry this deserves another shot because it's darn good

Went to a random Omucurry rice restaurant nearby located at 2nd floor

With Sil after his hair permed 

 Surprisingly delicious~ slurps

Forcing out a smile when I hated my hair LOl

Head to another ladies's heaven after that...
It's a shopping paradise at Seoul express bus terminal underground shopping mall! Keep your cash ready, because the shopping here is endlesssss. I didn't even manage to finish it but shopped from 2-7pm my legs almost gave way

They've got a few zones for you to cover, there's so much shops that you can't even see the end of it...

(o´・_・)っDAY 11, 29 JUNE (SEOUL)
Outfit for last day at seoul!

Walked all the way to Dongdaemun area to have our lunch passing the famous cheonggyecheon stream. How it looks in the day, it look better at night tho

Had this at myeong dong station for the last time before heading to the airport :(

Last minute shopping around Myeong-dong!

Had milkybee and this is similar to the icecream shop that i'll be working in..It's called Honeycreme located at 313. Will be open next sunday!

Since there are many MANY cafes in korea, you might not know which one to go.. i'd recommend you to beansbin coffee! They've got number of outlets in Seoul, so it's pretty easy to locate! 

Famous for their ice-cream waffles and coffee of course!

After a good dessert it's back to reality :( BACK TO SG

BYE KOREA YOU'VE BEEN GOOD! Alright guys, wait for my next post on my recent hongkong trip! Till then,