Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 x Sim-Uol Pageant Days x Birthday Celebration (Sonar x Joo Bar x Staycation @ Jen x Praelum Wine Bistro)

Happy new year guys!!! Had a great x'mas and cny week, hope you guys did as well! 2014 passed too quickly in a blink of an eye (well, what I've been saying every start of the year) At least I didn't come up with useless resolutions that will never be fulfilled.

Ash green, supposed to turn out more ashy but yeah legit seaweed now.

2014 have been a great year for me as I got to travel to a few countries.. Korea, hk.. and twin escapade and malacca (if you count that as one). Something awesome happened to me as well, if y'all have been catching up on my instagram updates.. it's the Sim-uol pageant! Have been almost a month since it's over and I'm finally here for updates... Rly glad to have an awesome bunch of friends in addition to my life ;) Pageant training days have definitely make my year 1 life in Sim less mundane.....  Mixed feeelings ~~ Anyway! Here are some snapshots over the two months with them x

Our journey in the past two months..

It felt like just weeks ago when we just met for fitting for the casual photoshoot!!!

Our first few meetings were on photoshoot days. Beach photoshoot at sentosa!!!

My pretty bunch of girlies (missing my mirchelley)

Casual shoot~

Training days with mai healthy buddie whom influences me to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her pointers: Eat more fruits, greens and DRINK ALOT OF WATER. The amount of water she drank each day can be comparable to my whole week............wahaha

Free flow dominos before some of the guys and girls  go hardcore with their gymming 

Deon aka featherbullets (hahahhaha)~~ rmb she was the first girl I approached during the first meeting coz she look rly nice wahaha and friendly but things were different after we were close......nah just kidz :*

Jun qiang aka qiang qiang

Formal shoot behind-the-scene:
with ophelia~ whole day call me zhizhi *.*

Enoki and Jazz, our nice comm mems

Of course, not forgetting the six handsome guys

And girls :*

Bloop bloop whole day spamming selfies

Formal photoshoot turns out nasty, my hair were screwed up but nevertheless, being with them makes it up! Look at my makeup, semo lai de?!!?! Look like I cried for the entire month and my makeup got smudged badly i hate it

Treat you to some of our sexy backs

Not forgetting one of our CICs, kenneth!

Carnival Day 1 - where we get to "expose" our identity hahahaha.

Carnival day 2
With yuting, grateful to have "paired" with her during the actual event muack sexy


Sick also never fail to turn up for training~~

Look at the popz couple at the back HAHAHA

Doing the challenge with my partner Joash aka KFC tomyum crunch wangzi

First party together -went for Ub pageant tgt and aftermath party!

Actual pageant day - behind the scene lol
First look for grand entrance

 Second look for themewalk! My theme was ENVY- for those who went for the pageant.. we actually make our own costumes for our themes ok!!! Effort and moolah T^T

Last look for formal LOL sorry pics blurry coz I was taking a quickfie behind stage
(Casual and Swimwear I was too nervous meditating back stage)

And thank you to the awesome bunch of friends who came down to support x (some of y'all left and didn't managed to get a picture together)

 And great working with my partner in the past 2 months!!!!

Indolence, Lust, Envy

Casual walk footwear sponsored by: allsoleout_sg (insta)

You can go to stomp for more sim-uol pageant pictures lol. Anwy besides that, my birthday was a blast!!!!! Baby and nia did so much for me i'm so touched, and of course my fellow sonarians, tltbz etc I LUV U ALL

 And what's my favorite season????
A gingerbread house I made out of sweets x chocs

Christmas celebration at my godma's place as usual and flocked to queens~ Only took a pic that night with nutnut

25th night a.k.a night before my bday x christmas
Celebrated at Sonar with my fellow sonarians and the important friends in my life thanks for coming down you guys meant the world to me!!!! <3

Thank you dear :)

Missing my zj and jorgine whom are currently at UK :( Miss you babies

Bjorn the happy botak boy

Shiyun from la siao (using her own word on her) HAHA :*

 Had a great drunk night and the fun starts the next day which is my actual day!

Actual 26th dec
Apparently, Glen & nia planned a surprise for me (they created a groupchat with my close friends from diff clique inside) and ya of course I didn't know about it. Glen told me we were having dinner together so I thought that it might be some candlelit dinner...? LOL. 

Lil' did I know, when we reached the dinner place (ok it wasn't candlelit but it's my fav cuisine so you lucky boi HAHA) and tada! All my friends were there. It turns out nia planned the surprise dinner and called every single of my friends herself thank you babe I appreciate your effort :* And she chose the wonderful dinner place as well! Food pictures were taken from her since she got her trusty Dslr and sorry friends if my reaction was bad. HAHA I was surprised but I was too lag to react so I went like: "wa hello" or smtg more boring MY REACTIONS ARE BORINGG when i'm having a bad hangover forgive me
Had our dinner at Joo Bar 
Location: 5 Tan Quee Lan St
Nearest MRT: Bugis Mrt (5 mins walking distance)

You can find this 3-storey high chic looking korean restuarant opposite bugis junction lying among the row of shophouses (at the ritz strudel row) The food were surprising!

Pictures taken from nia's dslr since I didn't bring my cam along.. wheeee
1-5 are the different flavor of rice wine (1 of their specialty you might want to give it a try) I am ok with all the flavored rice wines except the original one... there's strawberry, lychee and can't figure out some of the other.

Seafood risotto which is superb!!!

Raw beef - didn't give this a try becuz it was too raw for me but the rest love it! They say it doesn't taste like raw beef at all ._.

Oh, and not forgetting to cheers with the rice wine!!! happy birthday to me wheeeee

Something interesting here, fried eels cracker. Tasted like salted chips

Beef (my favorite dish among all) alongside with seafood stew

You may want to have a close-up on my favorite dish!

Seafood stew I liked this too

Thank you all my dearest who came down for the dinner, I love you all :*

What's after dinner? Bb brought me to a surprise staycation at Hotel Jen! ^.^ Always lovin staycations

Got the biggest room, pretty decent but not very big afterall!!! Super convenient to stay in town tho

The toilet space was too.... tiny 

Mini-skypark on the top floor!

With a really cute bar :)

So if you guys are wondering on how did I celebrate my 20th, that's about it! A simple yet great 2 celebration with all my love ones! I'm was sooooo happy and excited then thank you everyone for your love!!!! I feel loved wahahha
Another mini post-celeb dinner with the pageant lovies, we went to Jq's work place at 
Praelum Wine Bistro
Location: 4 Duxton Hill, 089590
6238 5287
Open every 6pm-1am except Sundays!
Haven't been posting on cafes or food hunt posts recently, as I've been updating on previous korea trip and being bz lazy.. but this is a place I have to introduce to all of you!!! Super glad Jq got us all over. I can't find any food that I dislike over there and the service is soooo good. (oh, and they are open to private events booking as well!) Do rem to call for reservation :)

Awesome place to chill over a glass of wine, hang out with your friends/lover and a place for supper as well!

Interior of the bistro, cool wine cellar and design

Ps/ sorry for sucky pix resolution, taken with phone cam

Middle - Tarte Flambee - Classic Alsatian "Pizza" with portobello, onions and gruyere $18

Pictures doesn't do great food justice :-(

 Pan-seared scallops with almond-cognac cream $24

Salmon-En-Croute salmon loin with herb-butter and pastry wrap $28

Cripsy Fries & Mashed Potato $4each
Both tastes great, better than your normal fries and mash I guarantee you!

One of my favorite mains,
Grilled U.S. Angus Cubes with caramelized onions $30
Beef lover super satisfied with the juicy cubes

Canadian Back Ribs with honey-ginger glaze $18

Pressed Pork Belly with dijon and creme fraiche $28

There were 8 of us so we ordered 2 of everything above, so that we get to taste all of them. The above are some of the best mains they serve! (Recommended by Jq)

Not forgetting a groupshot :)

Lava cake prep for bday girl and boy ^.^ lol my candle falling

And selfie with ms popzz HEHEHEE mua x whom got drunk with mirchelley at zouk aftermath.....faints*
That's about it for first post of 2015, I promise hongkong trip post will be up I'm already halfway thru it!!!
once again,
HAPPY NEW YEAR (sorry if this came late....)

Spend my countdown squeezing through crowds at Esplanade just to get here...

 My first ootd for 2015, deserve to be posted lah??? hehe

and a picture with the girlies that night to end this post:*

Till then,


Ps: Sry to those that I've replied late on askfm becuz apparently I deleted it and I'm gna dwnload it back so... anw you can leave comments down on my blog comment box as well!