Sunday, May 31, 2015

+39 Gelato

Hey guys exams are finally over so i'm back!!! (yes, f-i-n-a-l-l-y)
Pampered myself with one of the best gelato in SG recently, Gelato lovers you're in for a treat!

+39 Gelato Bar 
No.29 Circular Road S(049385)
Opening Hours: 11am-11pm Mon-Sat
What is so special? Isn't all the gelato shops selling the same thing?!!!
They uses the IdeaTre machine from Carpigiani which produces savory & smooth textured gelatos. There will be different special flavors daily - kaya, goat cheese and even mashed potato, all sorts of combination that you could never think of. (Or if you do you can suggest it to the chef like maybe chili crab gelato? HM)

Really nice interior design and super good hideout to chill

The first gelato-boutique concept in Asia-Pacific!

Where the chef works his magic~

Pistachio, Hazelnut and Coconut flavors, my personal favorite will be PISTACHIO!!!

I love how they used the finest ingredients for their gelato and so, it doesn't taste artificial

Unique flavors you can find

Sorbet made from the alcohol "Aperol" served with vodka, purrrfect. The chef will customized alcohol cocktails as well all according to your preferences

Good news! Download the Grabz app on your iphone/android and enjoy promotions such as 15% total off the bill!! They even have lunch combo promo. Usual price at $18 but now you can enjoy it at $12.90. It includes one main (salad /sandwich /lasagna) with 1 gelato & soft drink. *only valid from 12-2.30pm what a steal!!
Go ahead and find a gelato that suits your tastebud over there! Pretty sure there will be more than a few.
Will be back for more updates :)


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