Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My 21st Birthday (2015) x to-do for 21st party

I've decided to relive this dead space of mine, which means more food and hk post will be up soon but I'm back now for my 21ST BDAY POST! - it's already last year It's a little late but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER RIGHT!!! hah! Yez, I'm finally 21, always being the last in my circle of friends.
Hmmm, what's so special About being 21 to me? .................

Nothing special but everything dreadful T.T cause it means more responsibilities and having to live  life out of my comfort zone I guess hahahhaha, orite it's not that bad after all.

Ps: (Scroll all the way down to check out my to-do list when planning a 21st party!)

Look of the day

A huge thank you to everyone that helped out for my 21st event and those whom manage to turn up despite their busy schedules

On a side note, special thanks to Pedestalworks for the huge 21st pedestal which liven up the whole atmosphere!
Quote <zhiyan20> to get 20% off pedestals for your birthday, wedding or practically for any occasions! Do look them up on their facebook & Instagram @pedestalworks :)

Feeling much gratitude towards my godparents for helping me with almost 85% of my decorations and to my cousins, family and friends whom were there early to make sure my decors were in place and everything look so beautiful :)

Those who came early were able to take shots with the pedestals coz there's still sunlight~ ☼ ☼
Thank u twinnie & erjie for their cams & helping me to snap gorgeous pics and of course my sis and steph sacrificing their dinner and helping me to take consecutive shots!!!



I've collaged the pictures cos there are way too many and sorry if I look stiffer with each picture you scroll.....IT'S SO TIRING TO SMILE THE WHOLE DAY.. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ face cramp like crazy. I love every single one of you below ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ

Asking the paggies to lai lai kuai dian *spot the featherbullet*

(some photos in the other camera...) And the last part of the day, the awkward cake cutting lol have to shift outside coz of limited space

Planning a 21st?
Here are some of my TO-DOs from my list~
  • Settle on your venue and caterer. <Prolly the most important in the list> Some resorts (the one I booked, d'resort) do not allow outside caterers so rmb to check before you hire one.
  • CAKE!!!! Especially if you're getting customized cake like mine, make sure the baker doesn't delay and double comfirm with him/her the day before
  • Decide on your theme so that you know roughly what decorations you want. I came out a draft of how I wanted my decors to turn out like.. Btw, taobao is a good platform for birthday decors, some of my friends got their decors from there cuz it's rly cheap! I got mine from IKEA, daiso and some shops in bencoolen cuz ya i'm a retard idk how to use taobao.
  • Get your nails, eyelash, hair fix!!!! Got my nails in theme:

And lashes fix (grab this from my Instagram coz I'm lazy to type lol hahahahahahhaa)

  • Settle your guestlists (here's when facebook event page comes in handy) - rmb to review the capacity your venue can hold though, you wouldn't want to have a super squeezy party with guests sweating and standing around. Lucky for me I've got the BBQ area and the area outside my room was quite spacious... but I went out to cut my cake ._. (It was all okay except the wind that's why I don't have chio pictures of me smiling but many many pictures if me trying to make sure the fire doesn't goes out....................
Erm it's quite sad when your hand is in this position most of the time LOL

Tbh, it's pretty tiring to hold a 21st birthday party coz there are SO MANY to prepare especially the decors. You will need to get your family and friends to help~~~ After all you will be 21 once in a lifetime so those contemplating whether to hold a party JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok thanks for reading this humble space of mine, will be back for more.

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