Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Brunch @ Atmosphere Bistro (East Coast outlet)

Aloha~  Had brunch at Atmosphere Bistro last Sunday Photobucket

Located facing the East Coast beach, Atmosphere café transforms from a family oriented bistro in the day to a chill out bar in the night - bistro and bar, definitely a best of both worlds!

Good news, they have a new outlet at Alexandra Central, which has a different concept from the outlet at ECP. The Victorian-themed interior design at Alexandra exudes a more luxurious vibe.

Outfit of the day
A totally mismatched outfit for a Sunny brunch day~

From what I observed, most families prefer the outdoor seatings though!

A wide variety of food choices in their menu, do check out their website to take a look at their virtual menu!
Calpis Kirin and Kirin, should totally try the Calpis Kirin!!! It's okay if you don't fancy beer because the Calpis taste overlaps a little! They just complement each other well :)
$13 each

Soup first! Chose Lobster Bisque and I love the sweetness of it alongside with bits of lobster

 Super adorable Latte with 3D art!! Can't bear to drink it....

My starter for the day~
Battered Mushrooms 

Had too much of these little fried goodness..

Now, what's a brunch without the highly raved/must-have-for-brunch eggs ben?

Prosciutto Egg Benedict 

I wouldn't usually order eggs benedict for one of my mains as I don't really fancy them. But, I did so since they were under the chef recommendation and to my surprise, I love them! The toast were not as plain as normal eggs ben served elsewhere, and the egg was perfectooooo

Here come's the highlight of the day, when flaming lambo gets too mainstream, you get yourself a

Here's a video I caught on my snapchat, click play to watch the pizza on fire

Yes, everyone deserves to take a selfie with a flaming pizza. How often do you see your pizza on fire without having it scorched. Photobucket

Of course, one wouldn't do! hehe

Awesome dessert to end off the meal, definite must-order
Their famous Atmosphere Molten Lava Cake 

Hope you enjoy this food post as much as I enjoyed the food there hahahaha will be back for more updates


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