Monday, May 30, 2016

Canopi we go!

Aloha guys! The past few months have been so hectic with all the ongoing exams and other preparations to be done. Well, at least lucky me had a mini getaway in the midst of all these. You need a breather no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!

To those who have been slogging away, whether in your work or studies, here's a place you might consider visiting to recharge your energy! 
Most of you ask where did I take this shot at, well here's the answer:
One of Bintan's newer resort.... the CANOPI!

Also known as Glamping aka Glamorous Camping. Given my knowledge of glamping back then was imagination of huge ass tents like maybe those that appeared in Harry Potter (y'know the scene from goblet of fire)
At least they exceeded my expectations!! There were tents with really nice interior, oh & I love the design of the toilet....ok to me having a nice toilet is really important.. like it's the place you keep your hygiene good and hygiene damn impt SO IT'S IMPT. To me. At least.

There were many activities to choose; from water sports to land sports and even massage. However our purpose of the trip was purely relaxation so we didn't touch much of the sports activities. Wanted to try the ATV but the slots were fully booked :-( 

Will let the pictures do the talking, they have different rooms with different views and we were lucky to have the tents facing the lagoon hahaha go check it out on their web!

Board a ferry at Tanah merah ferry terminal & did I mention I'll get sea sick
And when the ferry and the sea comes together, they never fail to surprise me... bring your sweets and sour plums along fellow comrades - I feel you

Breathtaking view once you walk in, you can spot the highlight of their resort (which was where we hang around most of the time) - Canopi's Lagoon


Spontaneous strangers smiling for a picture but ya, anyway they provide this ride which I think it cost around 5 SGD to go around the whole lagoon. If you aren't as fit as me to comb the whole lagoon then just give them the 5 bucks (do check with them again) and hop on it lah. HAHA juz kidding I wasn't the one who suggested the walk....It's a freakin' bishan park sized lagoon. Oh girls visit the public toilet, they have super nice public toilet with like one whole area juz for grooming purposes. go n see for yourself!!!!!!

Spot the tents! Yaz, you will be sleeping in it for your stay at Canopi

Look what I found, a great spot calls for a picture here I am

There will be a list of activities given to you so no fear... if it's your first time here.

Place you'll have your breakfast buffet and we had our lunch here, oh & bar for the night.
You can travel out to other places for lunch/dinner too, make sure you get the resort staff to get a car for you! (more trustable, and as it was pitch dark in the night I feel that it will be safer to liase with the resort)We got out of the resort for dinner tho, scroll down for more deets

Ordered pastas, pizzas and some local food like mee goreng.. and my verdict? Do order the local food as they tastes way better than the others. But the food wasn't fantastic overall.. they are rather pricey too, around SG's café price y'know! *whaaat* It's like I escape SG to evade the high priced cafés so I came to bintan and they gave me this. This part was rather disappointing but we were all hungry so...... we spend around 200plus on our meal, oh there's a total of 10 people

I was kinda excited staying in a tent........... but it's just the exterior, inside looks like any other hotel room. However, with pretty cool interior design and concept!

 Make - shift bed for the third party, hah!

View right outside the room

A panorama view

When the sun starts to set, it's even more beautiful

Underwater shot

We decided to be a tad adventurous, and headed out for dinner! Chose Kelong to have zichar as we heard they serve good zichar dishes.. the journey there was a lil' eerie though lol
Pictures a little blurry but we were fetched to some boat point?? (we got the car with the help of the resort staff) and waited for some mysterious boat to appear among the darkness to fetch us to our seafood restaurant

I on my flash to get this picture, but in real it's so so soooo dark you literally can't see anything beyond the waters

We took a motor boat looking similar to this.. just that ours have some make-shift shelter above our head. Look quite scary hor lol

After few mins boat ride, we arrived at the restaurant! The boat ride literally feels like the one shown in the movie "peemak" lor, was quite scared hahaha ok

Got welcomed by their traditional dance

Prolly one of the few up close I took coz I was dying of hunger.. who cares about pictures :/
The food there were really good, except for the fact that there are flies all around but when dining in boat houses what do you expect!!!

It was around $140+ for all the dishes we ordered ALOT (the above isn't the full picture) and like their portion damn huge so I think damn worth it :)
Our night pretty much ended up like this

And back to reality, had our breakfast buffet before heading back to SG the next day, oh before I forget they do really good in room massage and it's damn cheap!!! Regretted not doing a few more times :-(

Super comfy bed

Last solo picture before I leave this beautiful place, the sun was crazy


That's all! Leave a comment if you need to ask me anything ya



  1. Hi! Could I ask how much did you book your room for? And also if there were any promo etc? Thanks! :)

    1. 300++ for a night, didn't use any promo! :)

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